“Regular Guy” Tom Foley Launches First Campaign Ad For Governor

Campaign handlers for Republican-endorsed Tom Foley have rolled out the former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and 2010 GOP gubernatorial nominee as a “regular guy” validated by the words of his wife Leslie in the first television ad of his campaign for governor. Foley faces an August 12 primary from State Senator John McKinney. In 2010 Foley was framed by opponents as a cold-hearted businessman who blowtorched jobs in favor of corporate enrichment.

Foley will make use of a $1.3 million primary grant from the Citizens Election Program of publicly financed races on top of the $250,000 he raised to qualify for the voluntary program. The winner of the Republican primary will have $6.5 million to spend in public funds against incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy who has also qualified for public money.

Cities made the difference in 2010 for Malloy and this campaign is shaping up like the tight race four years ago. Foley says his campaign will focus more on cities he claims are being hurt by Malloy policies.



  1. The subliminal advertiser in me notices the use of bright red and yellow in the foreground of Tom Foley’s ad to show his faulty affiliation with a major “regular guy” burger stop noted for their kid’s meals.
    It’s the height of American socialism for TF to abandon a self-funded campaign for the public money he’s about to start using.

  2. Foley is a gutless professional politician. When asked about his stance on Federal Recognition of the three remaining tribes his toadies have no comment, this is for three weeks!


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