1. I read this white paper. A bunch of buzzwords and reads like an Urban Land Institute Report. The Working Families Party must be using the good Senator’s pod at the B-Hive. If you want Progressive vote for Moore but she equals Less. Even a Caveman couldn’t execute this plan.

    How is she going to address and reduce my property taxes?

      1. Ron-At least he is trying to right the ship with some moxieful plans. Marilyn is owned by the Anti-Bridgeport-Casino forces, SEIU, and Working Families Party. She voted for East Windsor in 2015 and 2017. Let’s not forget that Finch and Fabs hold equal weight in our problems.

        She’s a Cougar that drives a Jaguar. I don’t want her pimping my ride!

        Let’s keep her in the Senate where she can implement her Progressive Agenda.

        1. Keep drinking the Ganim Kool-Aid, the City is coming apart, we have a police department with no adult leadership, Mayor Ganim still haven’t paid Charles Ramsey the former police chief from Philly and D.C. for his study of the Bridgeport Police Department. Joe Ganim was running for governor for the second time right after he got reelected after his last election for mayor, his concern was for Joe Ganim and not Bridgeport.

          Bridgeport is a laughing stock all over America with Joe Ganim as the main player, thanks Joe.

          “An urban island of batsh*t crazy”: Welcome to the capital of crazy corruption — a Connecticut city which re-elects its felon mayors | Salon.com


  2. That is the essence of Ganim Economic Development plan.
    A casino 🎰 b the sky. If any type of gambling comes to Bridgeport it will be like New Orleans that have a couple of slot machines tucked away in alleys. Good luck with that Joe.

    1. Marilyn also voted against Sports Betting in Finance, Revenue and Bondng in 2018. That’s where the new casino in the sky will be with a mobile platform. How’s that Least Windsor pipe dream going?

      She’s like you, a real Trailblazer. See you after 09/10 to break some bread and balls.

      “Where there is no Vision the people Perish”

  3. Bob, Bridgeport has been locked in a twilight zone every since Steve Wynn , the casino owner of The Mirage Resorts and many other casinos, when Wynn gave his presentation at the Bridgeport Jai-alai and wine and dine everybody there. It was then that Mayor Ganim and Bridgeport saw “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” that would solve all of Bridgeport’s financial problems, then Donald Trump came into the picture and Ganim and Lennie became associates with Trump and his pie in the sky dream for Bridgeport with his casino. From that time forward Bridgeport has had no back-up plan for Bridgeport, Ganim 1, Fab, Finch and Ganim 2 there answer for Bridgeport was always a casino and nothing else, there was no vision for Bridgeport just a casino and when hat failed they pointed fingers as why not instead of what can we do now. “If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade.”

  4. In case you haven’t noticed Bridgeport OS PERISHING. Period. Your dead but you just don’t know it.
    All this is is the old four corner basketball before the shot clock.
    Keep passing the ball. Waiting for time to expire.
    Great plan Joe. You can use it again in four years. However by that time you will be former mayor again and the people will be really tired 😴 of this crap.

  5. A Solid Plan to right some wrongs, create real, transparent and visible change. An accounting of the ways and means of City Hall for the last ten plus years should be embraced by everyone without anything to hide. Yet, we know that there is plenty to hide, including the identity of the “all knowing” nay sayers who populate this chat room. Their agendas are so thinly veiled so as to be transparent. Those are their cobwebs, on their eyes. Not on yours or mine or anyone else’s that chooses to see through that nonsense… Sayeth the Bard, “Forgiveness is Divine, but should I hire the wolf to protect the sheep I would surely lead the lambs to the slaughter”. (again) (get a grip)

    1. “Marilyn is owned by the Anti-Bridgeport-Casino forces, SEIU, and Working Families Party.” Really? REALLY?! What public office holder isn’t “owned” by outside interests? Campaign cash doesn’t grow on trees, it comes with strings attached. Joseph P. Ganim used shallow trickery and stage craft to convince a majority to vote for him. that and twenty dollars, and the dead and infirm casting absentee ballots by the truckload. Ain’t politics great?

      Joseph P. Ganim promised the sun, the moon and a few stars. So far the only project completed under his watch has been Boca Oyster Bar. No aspersions on that establishment. From what I’ve heard it is an excellent restaurant. Also heard it is very pricy, out of the reach of many residents. It also has its own marina so that Joe Ganim’s well heeled friends and benefactors can enjoy a meal in a four-star joint without having to traverse the mean streets of Bridgeport I have to wonder how a high end seafood restaurant is benefiting the people of the city of Bridgeport.

      Joe Ganim has implied he would do a great deal good stuff for the city of Bridgeport. He has accomplished a great deal less. To his credit none of the projects have fallen through but they are moving forward at a snail’s pace. Once all the permissions have been obtained will there be a requirement for the contractors to set aside a percentage of jobs for Bridgeport residents? It doesn’t take a PhD to see the immediate impact that would have on the city’s economy. But noooooooooooo, that perspective is obscured by the mayor’s avarice and political debts.


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