Q Poll: Trump’s Poll Numbers Under Water

From the Q Poll:

As coronavirus cases surge and states rollback re-openings, former Vice President Joe Biden opens up his biggest lead this year over President Donald Trump in the race for the White House. Registered voters back Biden over Trump 52 – 37 percent, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll released today. This compares to a June 18th national poll when Biden led Trump 49 – 41 percent. Since March, Biden’s lead had ranged from 8 to 11 percentage points.

Independents are a key factor behind Biden’s widening lead as they now back him 51 – 34 percent, while in June, independents were split with 43 percent for Biden and 40 percent for Trump. There is also some movement among Republicans as they back Trump 84 – 9 percent, compared to 92 – 7 percent in June. Democrats go to Biden 91 – 5 percent, little changed from 93 – 4 percent in June.

“Yes, there’s still 16 weeks until Election Day, but this is a very unpleasant real time look at what the future could be for President Trump. There is no upside, no silver lining, no encouraging trend hidden somewhere in this survey for the president,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.


Voters now give Biden a slight lead over Trump in a direct match up when it comes to handling the economy. Voters say 50 – 45 percent that Biden would do a better job handling the economy, a reversal from June when Trump held a slight lead 51 – 46 percent.

Asked about other key issues:

* On handling a crisis, Biden leads 57 – 38 percent;

* On handling health care, Biden leads 58 – 35 percent;

* On the coronavirus response, Biden leads 59 – 35 percent;

* On addressing racial inequality, Biden leads 62 – 30 percent.


When asked about whether the candidates are honest, have good leadership skills and whether they care about average Americans, President Trump receives some of his worst scores ever.


Trump: 31 percent say “yes;” 66 percent say “no;”

Biden: 46 percent say “yes;” 42 percent say “no.”

Good Leadership Skills:

Trump: 35 percent say “yes;” 63 percent say “no;”

Biden: 49 percent say “yes;” 42 percent say “no.”

Cares About Average Americans:

Trump: 37 percent say “yes;” 61 percent say “no;”

Biden: 59 percent say “yes;” 33 percent say “no.”


Voters give President Trump a negative 36 – 60 percent job approval rating, a 6 point drop in his job approval compared to last month. In that June 18th poll, Trump had a negative 42 – 55 percent job approval rating. Trump’s net job approval is his worst since August of 2017.


President Trump’s approval rating on the economy is underwater as voters approve 44 – 53 percent, compared to his 52 – 45 percent approval rating on the economy in June. Today’s numbers are his worst net score on the economy since August of 2017.


On handling the military, voters give the president a negative 41 – 51 percent approval.

On handling foreign policy, voters give the president a negative 37 – 59 percent approval.

On handling health care, voters give the president a negative 35 – 59 percent approval.

On handling race relations, voters give the president a negative 31 – 65 percent approval.


Voters give the president a negative 35 – 62 percent approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus response, his lowest mark since the question was first asked in March.

A clear majority of voters, 62 – 31 percent, say they think President Trump is hurting rather than helping efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Trump’s strongest card, the economy, shredded by a killer virus, may have left the president with no go-to issue or trait to stave off defeat … not leadership, not empathy, not foreign policy, and certainly not his handling of COVID-19,” said Malloy.


For the first time, a majority, 53 – 46 percent, have either been or personally know someone who has been infected by the coronavirus.


Two-thirds, 67 – 30 percent, say they do not trust the information President Trump is providing about the coronavirus.

Conversely, nearly two-thirds, 65 – 26 percent, say they trust the information Dr. Anthony Fauci is providing about the coronavirus.

Roughly 6 in 10, 61 to 33 percent, say they trust the information the CDC is providing about the coronavirus.

“He may be out of the loop and in disfavor with the White House, but it’s clear from the numbers, voters would like Dr. Fauci back on call,” Malloy added.


Voters say more than 2 to 1, 61 – 29 percent, that they disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling the re-opening of schools.

They also say 2 to 1, 62 – 31 percent, that they think it will be unsafe to send students to elementary, middle, or high school in the fall.

A slightly smaller number, 59 – 34 percent, say they think it will be unsafe to send students to college in the fall.


Slightly more than 7 in 10 Americans, 71 – 26 percent, think everyone should be required to wear face masks in public.

They also say, 73 – 21 percent, that President Trump should wear a face mask when he is out in public.

A slightly higher number, 80 – 17 percent, believe masks or face coverings are effective in slowing the spread of the coronavirus.


Seventy-seven percent of voters say they are either “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about reports that Russia paid bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Twenty percent say they are “not so concerned” or “not concerned at all.”

Fifty-nine percent say they think President Trump is not telling the truth regarding what he knew about reports of Russian payments to kill American troops. Twenty-nine percent say they think he is telling the truth.

Voters say 62 – 25 percent that they are not satisfied with President Trump’s response to the reports of Russian payments to kill American troops.


Voters say 54 – 40 percent they support removing Confederate statues from public spaces around the country.

Voters support 51 – 42 percent renaming military bases named after Confederate generals.

A majority, 56 percent, see the Confederate flag more as a symbol of racism. Thirty-five percent see it more as a symbol of Southern pride.


Fifty-two percent of voters approve of the way the United States Supreme Court is handling its job. Thirty-seven percent disapprove.

While 36 percent say the Supreme Court is “too conservative,” 37 percent say it is “about right,” and 19 percent say it is “too liberal.”

1,273 self-identified registered voters nationwide were surveyed from July 9 – 13 with a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.

The Quinnipiac University Poll, directed by Douglas Schwartz, Ph.D., conducts gold standard surveys using random digit dialing with live interviewers calling landlines and cell phones. The Quinnipiac University Poll conducts nationwide surveys and polls in more than a dozen states on national and statewide elections, as well as public policy issues.



  1. Tuesday evening, 7-14-2020: I have opened the just released book TOO MUCH and NEVER ENOUGH: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man that tells a story about President Donald Trump from the perspective of his niece, Mary L. Trump PhD, a psychologist and family member who has observed him for many decades. She offers the reader a quote from Victor Hugo, Les Miserables: “If the soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness.”

    Wednesday, July 15 evening. Completed the reading and my sense of 45: The Donald Trump we experience in the office of President 45 did not change from the sibling, son, grandson, brother, uncle, father and husband whose life narrated by his cousin with emphasis on the obvious examples of psychology, singular self-concern, lieing, greed, failure to be responsible and absence of responsibility for that which he ran for. When he is out of office and a more complete story of his actual financial story is available, we are likely to see a major swing of public attitude towards the concept of his “branding” value.

    Those of us who have lived in Bridgeport for more than a few years and paid attention to the words and actions of local public figures, especially those from whom a practice of regular oversight is expected may find wisdom in these words of Victor Hugo for the dramas that are regularly played before the eyes of citizens by those in power. When the material actions are not in the open, when players fail in accountability, when they create opacity to their process and practices, and when they fail to be fully honest, we go beyond the obvious darkness we have become conditioned to, and ask, “Who took the bulb away? Shut off the lights?” Time will tell.

    1. She’s the daughter of the Donald’s brother who had a severe problem with alcoholism correct? Didn’t it kill him or at least contribute to his early death? The family did not entrust it’s fortune with him, the older brother, correct? Hmmmm.
      Instead the Donald took the helm at the familiy business, is that correct?
      Don’t you think that it is immaterial whether he had 10 billion or 2 billion? Really, who cares and what does it matter. What is known is that he IS the wealthiest president to date that this country has ever had. What is true is that he and his family do own properties all over the world. What is known is that those properties are top shelf locations and have top shelf accommodations. His golf courses, all over the world, are some of the best in the world. What is known is that his children are all highly educated and were brought up with an unbelievable work ethic. What is know is that his criticisms about how this country has done business, and about “the swamp”, have been the same for decades and people agreed with him and respected him for those views. I’m sure that many have seen his interviews on Oprah and elsewhere from decades ago. Everyone just really started to hate him after he announced that he was running for president.
      2020….. time will tell…..

      1. Rich,
        Disappointed in your “impressed” response, frankly. Older brother Freddy died at 42. He was never contemplated as a replacement for Dad, Fred, as he grew up and showed he marched to a different drummer. He was Mary Trump’s Dad.(Perhaps you should read the text on his descent into alcohol abuse)

        Perhaps you are as dazzled by dollar signs in the billions? His family training and values were just so and nothing else mattered. Is there a good reason why Donald took so many business issues to court rather than paying the bills? Is there any reason he still has not provided tax returns and is the only candidate for 50 years or more who did not provide such tax data. Will review of his financials find foreign financial support of any kind from Russia that would look like a “sweetheart deal”?

        The essence of my curiosity and skepticism about the story he has spread is that his Dad, Fred, controlled the funds for the most part while he was alive, but in his final years he was not controlling all of his “marbles”. (The book told a lot about trusts that were set up by the Grandfather for the five kids of Fred including Freddy and Donald.) Near Fred’s end there was an attempt to provide a codicil that would have put Donald in charge of all the funds, but Fred and his wife would not sign the papers provided by lawyers for the Donald, as his mother said, “something did not smell right”.

        Not only were the kids not treated equally, but no one can make an argument that they were treated equitably. Freddy demonstrated an independent streak turning college flying into a professional job that the family fought by denying funds to him (a pilot seen as a glorified bus driver, not as someone operating a highly technical aircraft responsible daily for hundreds of lives) and later his child William in medical peril. In the past decade, Donald has owned “brands” more than he has owned lands and buildings. I think that is what we will find.

        When the grandparents created trusts for all the offspring initially, the valuations were placed lower than fair market values; it is likely that gift taxes were not reported or paid as the family does not like taxes;, and because there was no debt, they were wells overflowing with millions of dollars, but those dollars could not be accessed except by the Trustees. Donald, who has claimed to be self-made depended on funds earned by father decisions in Queens, that he pissed away in Manhattan and Jersey casinos, could not own up to reality as disclosed in court records and likely must do so again, soon.

        Pure fancy on my part, but when the killer facts about Trump “forrtune” become available in future years, will it be that President Obama’s wealth trend line would be heading up while Trump’s has evaporated or flattened at some embarrassingly low amount? After all Donald could not handle all of his ” living expenses” when the bankers put him on an allowance of $450,000 per month while they attempted to settle debt of large amounts relative to then current valuations on property he did own.

        Glad to know that he has the support of folks who are not bothered to check out facts admitted and contested for court depositions and who have not yet reported on what “swamp clearance” projects were announced, funded and completed so far? My phone number still is 203-259-9642.

        Another book just out in June that has relevance to the US electoral process is Rigged by David Shimer, ‘ The subtitle is America, Russia, and 100 Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference. Lots of research, in-depth with players from multiple countries intelligence structures. (Then again Rudy Giuliani is not sourced in the INDEX.)

        As to the Donald’s wealth (or lack thereof), care about his fellow Americans, his scientific knowledge and its application to real world problem solving, understanding of the role that those who serve in the military support with their active service, his notions of genuine and legal philanthropy, and tolerance for blathering whatever comes to mind whether honest or deadly untrue (can he tell the difference), I have seen and heard enough to know that his “sell by date” is already on the calendar. My opinion and yours are currently opposed on the national scene. Where do you stand on the “Ganim brand” these days? Time will tell.

    1. You read the f’n book AND still didn’t get it right? Jesus.
      Well at least you qualified to be an attorney in the City Attorney’s Office.
      Congratulations. Don’t do anything but stall until you receive further instructions.
      Can you handle THAT?

      1. Bob, if you were addressing me, I did read the book, and then read my letter and made an editing correction. And that got you to use a word you do not use in polite company?, And then exclaimed the name of He who is used to being addressed with more respect?

        Students and others who read complete books and then are tested, most often score less than 100. Honesty, in a moment of reflection, called me to self-correct. Would you have felt better to tell me how wrong I was had I not posted the additional comment?
        What is your problem? Why are the comments directed to me by you NASTY? (Great word, often used in the dysfunctional Trump family, by the way. You may have heard that word more than once, I will guess, when you were growing, up?

        You have access to my phone number but do not call to see if I would have any interest in your opinion of my qualifications for the CAO or was waiting for instructions on any “action until further instructions”. Hilarious, not! Funny, perhaps to someone who heckles from the cheap seats? Revealing to a clinical psychologist? Probably, but I will wait for the answer when the book about you is written. Time will tell.

  2. “Outside Lawyers’ Raise Questioned” | New Haven Independent


    A request by the city’s top lawyer to boost the maximum compensation for the firm Howd & Ludorf from $99,500 to $167,700 sparked discussion about the cost of hiring outside lawyers to help New Haven fight lawsuits. Howd & Ludorf’s fees for legal work done in the last fiscal year has surpassed the $99,500 limit on compensation. They charge $150 an hour, which Corporation Counsel Patricia King called “probably the best rate we could get from anybody ever, given the competency of the lawyers at this law firm”.

  3. You know Ron I’m getting sick and tired of every opportunity that you have that you pick on the Office of the City Attorney.
    Can we help it if the other attorneys are better than ours?
    Can we help it if our attorneys are simply not trained properly?
    Can we help it it our attorneys are simply overworked on more difficult challenges like defending the mayor against illegal testing that resulted in his friend AJ Perez in being promoted to a position that his is clearly not qualified for?
    They’ll get it right sooner or later. Just give them more time and more help from better trained and clearly more competent outside legal help.
    Jesus Ron. Sooner or later they’ll get it right.

  4. I kid you not.
    In front of City Hall Annex is painted “L I V E S”.
    I guess they couldn’t be bother with spelling out BLACK LIVES MATTER.
    Maybe the city permit said only on word not three.
    If the city of Bridgeport cannot even get this right, how can we expect the Common Council to get the more complicated stuff right.
    And Marcus Brown thinks that this is good training to qualify him to be a State Senator?
    No thank you Marcus. Go back to go and try again later.

    1. Maybe they had an epiphany right in the middle of what they were doing and changed their minds???
      Or…..maybe they just can’t spell!!

  5. The current President of the United States can get reelected base on his fight for white victimization like a number of those who post on OIB, right Rich.

    1. I was relevant once??? Why thank you!
      I guess it’s a good thing to be so.
      It’s unfortunate that neither of you have ever been relevant. Lmao, bait takers!!!

  6. Don, no more dog whistle because 45 is using a megaphone to get his base out because those blacks have gotten some of their benefits. They need those Confederate generals standing tall to remind everybody how they took up arms to fight again America as traitors in their efforts to keep blacks as slaves. Make America Great Again, hmmm, Don, when was America great?

  7. America’s got problems but it’s still a great country. Curious as to what other country equals America.

    As to Q’s polling, not sure how they did in 2016 but pretty sure they did not pick the winner. But still no doubt Trump has a much tougher race between an incredibly biased press, Pandemic, resulting economic collapse, and the Floyd murder and BLM movement.

    While I agree with Trump on a lot of his positions, it can be very tough supporting him given his personality.

    Hoping that there are a lot of Undecideds in all these polls. If somebody tells a pollster they’re undecided, that translates to “I’m a Trump voter but don’t want to put up with all the crap in an overwhelmingly Blue state.”

    1. That hits the nail on the head. People hate his personality. They don’t like the way he says things. They hate him so much they won’t give him an ounce of credit for anything he has accomplished. If a person needs to hire someone to straighten out their business and found a person who could absolutely do it and fix many things for them that had been neglected for years, but didn’t hire the person because they didn’t like his personality or the way he operated, then they would be foolish AND they probably didn’t seriously care if their business survived in the first place.

  8. Dennis
    It’s a NATIONAL poll. Not a poll of CT. So you can drop that Blue State nonsense.
    CT would be 70-30.
    And what you do is add up Biden vs Trump and you get 89% so undecided 🤷‍♂️ and other is 11%. Not that difficult math to do.

  9. Denis O’Malley, America isn’t so great in the eyes of the world. May I suggest that you look at something other than Fox News.
    America’s status in the eyes of the world went from Great, to a laughing stock and all this in only 3 1/2 years! Every leader of every country in the world knows that you can no longer trust America’s word and that includes America’s staunchest supporters. Joe Biden’s campaign slogan should be, Make America Great Again, vote this fool outta office.

    1. Leaders of some, not all countries, are praying that Trump gets removed from office so that they can get back to taking advantage of our country as they have for so many decades.
      They can’t wait to get back to doing business the old fashioned way: getting over on many of our politicians who have no idea how to do business. They have always interpreted this countries kindness for weakness. Most of our politicians, especially the left-wing liberal ones, have only lined their pockets for themselves and their families and have done nothing to help this country.
      (Sound familiar Bridgeport!!)
      America has been continually disintegrating since the 60s when the Liberals started to take over in a more serious fashion. Those who believe that other countries view us in a negative light because of Trump are basing that on their personal opinion and not fact. Study your history and let me know when an attitude of appeasement with anyone has ever worked. It’s the old “give an inch and they want a yard.”

    2. Don, America has always looked great to the eyes of the world. America IS GREAT despite somebody of its own citizens AND elected officials denigrating their own country. The world was laughing for years as they were astonished by what happened inside this country over the past decades.
      Yes America has its problems as all countries do and they and we will always have our issues because there is no such thing as perfect.

  10. “Most of our politicians, especially the left-wing liberal ones, have only lined their pockets for themselves and their families and have done nothing to help this country.”

    Trump reported a yearly income of $362 million for 2014 and $611 million from January 2015 to May 2016. Trump and his family reported more than $500 million of income in mid-2018 financial disclosure forms.
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are tens of millions richer. Ivanka Trump’s assets last year came in at an estimated $55.3 million to $75.6 million, and Kushner’s between $179 million and $735 million.

    What the hell did you say again Rich? I’ll wait. Any Questions?

    1. If that’s true then ok, that’s right!!!!
      Under Trump, the economy, before covid, was the best it has ever been. So in case you didn’t know Don, wealthy people, AND THIER BUSINESSES usually do better as well. You have a problem with that I guess. People like you,…. you know, ….whiners, snivelers, and constant complainers, (people have told me about you, remember), never think about how that helps all of us “poor people”? BUT AGAIN YOU MISSED THE POINT!!
      The wealthy always get wealthier. You know what I’m referring to. The average politician who has relatively little wealth upon entering politics and then makes millions on a salary of less than 200 thousand.
      And people such as yourself keep voting for them. You know, to quote your words “The blacks and Puerto Rican’s with 1/2 a brain”!! You said that I didn’t.
      Any questions?!!!!!!!

  11. Don, guys like Rich just don’t get, what 45 is doing is helping those on the top and Wall Street. If you’re white them everything is alright because 45 won’t let blacks get anything because they have taken so much from whites and it’s payback time for whites for the 4 past years.
    As for what you said, Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives all have used blacks to for their own needs and not for blacks. I wonder how many times that Rich and Tom White had to talk to their children about the police and how many times the were that something happened to them with the police or how many encounters their kids had with the police when they and their friends were just walking. That’s an every day event with black parents, every day. Look what

    1. Yes Ron tell us about the conversations that blacks have in their homes. I’d like to be informed all about that. Especially the conversations that the families that live in all the large cities that have been controlled by mostly democrats for many decades now. Do they talk about the dozens of blacks being killed by blacks every week. I’m being kind when I say dozens . I suppose all those conversations about family values didn’t work for many of the killers and most of their victims. Tell us how all those conversations are working out? Do they tell their children to be wary of the police or their neighbors? Tell us how all those politicians have improved the lives of those people during the decades they’ve been in control. Go ahead , we’re wanting.
      That is….. if you’re still there…..I hope you didn’t keel over in the middle of your last post because your ending was “look what” and then there was nothing.??Hopefully Don will stop in to see if you’re ok!!

        1. Great! Does he answer the questions I asked you about? You’re rants never answer them. You only try to divert the topics by throwing curve balls into other issues or just chalk up all the other conversations you don’t like to hear to racism.
          The youths need to be told to follow the laws, act normal in public, get off the corners, get a regular job, get an education, listen to their parents advice and pull up their pants that they wear below their asses. You know why they wear them that way don’t you Ron?? Oh and hopefully the advice they get from the parents is all the above and more and not just to beware of police because that’s just stupid. Oh and hopefully BOTH their parents are in the home to give them that good advice. We’ve come a long way from the 50’s and 60’s. Stop living in the past with that shit. If the rules and laws are followed nothing bad happens. Don’t like the rules and laws, ok, see if you can lobby to change them legally, NOT BREAK them!!!!

          1. Rich, HYPOCRISY, that’s the face of you and white America because in this society that make the laws, they set the standards and they enforce all of it. Those who you ask about watch and the HYPOCRISY of those in power. Rich, you said, “The youths need to be told to follow the laws, act normal in public, get off the corners, get a regular job, get an education, listen to their parents advice and pull up their pants that they wear below their asses.,” Rich, those are your standards and you want blacks to follow your standards. John Lewis who who just died last night did everything you said and he got his head beaten by police in peaceful march. Diane Nash, Lewis and so many other blacks were the first in their family to attend college but they stop going to college and started Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to protest the unlawful laws against blacks so that someone like me would benefit from their struggle in trying to make America to live up to the promises in the U.S. Constitution. America didn’t to listen to a very educated black who had his pants pulled up his pants but that wasn’t good enough for white America so they killed him, how, they created a climate in America that he was an outside agitator.

            Rich, who do you think pack the rap concerts, young whites who don’t pull up their pants with tattoos all over their body and face with their hair all different color, I don’t see any of those whites being addressed with a cop having their knee on their neck, Rich, it’s call HYPOCRISY. Rich, trying listening to Marshall Bruce Mathers, (EMINEM).

  12. Rich, the largest racial group, whites commit the majority of crimes in America. In particular, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. Whites kill other whites 92% of the time a white is killed!
    Whites led all other groups in aggravated assault, larceny-theft, arson, weapons-carrying, and vandalism. When it comes to sexual assault, whites take the forcible rape cake. They are also more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, their significant others, and even themselves! They commit more sex-related crimes, gang related crimes, and are more likely to kill at their places of employment. Instead of trying to educate Ron and me you should be educating your brothers, cousins and other family members because white people are the deadliest species on earth and I haven’t even gotten into school shootings!
    An estimated 10,076 people died in the U.S. due to drunk driving crashes. Driving while drunk is almost exclusively a white crime. Oh by the way these are FBI and DOJ statistics. Any Questions? CHEERS!!

    1. Don, there you go again trying to confuse Rich with the facts and truth.

      Just look at a few key indicators in housing, health, justice, and labor.

      Wealthy black families are significantly more likely to live in poorer neighborhoods than their white counterparts. In some of America’s largest cities, black families making $100,000 or more a year are more likely to live in poorer neighborhoods than white families making less than $25,000 a year.

      Black people are more likely to experience discrimination in mortgage lending. On average, wealthy blacks have higher mortgage rates than their white counterparts who earn the same amount of money. Fictitious mortgage applicants with a black-sounding name are also less likely to receive follow-up contacts by mortgage lenders, roughly the equivalent to a having a credit score reduced 71 points.

      High-income black Americans face worse health outcomes. A new analysis of black people making over $175,000 a year found health disparities in 10 of 16 health-related outcomes examined. College-educated black women also have higher rates of preterm birth than white mothers without high school degrees.
      Increased wealth does not insulate black Americans from negative outcomes in the criminal justice system. Children from wealthy black families were shown to be more likely to go to prison than white children from poor families. Additionally, many famous and wealthy black men have discussed being stopped repeatedly for “driving while black.”

      Evidence reveals discrimination in the labor market. Graduates of elite colleges with black-sounding names are less likely to get job callbacks, and black people in the high-end service sector struggle to get ahead because of issues both real and assumed with attracting high-end clients.
      Success can be fragile. Compared with other ethnic backgrounds, black middle-class families experience more downward mobility than white middle-class families.

      1. I’m not confused about anything. There is a clear answer to most of your statistics. To long to bother with here one thing is clear however. Voting the same line has gotten you no where as is detailed in both if your constant complaints against whoever or whatever it is that you guys blame. I’ll stick to my mantra: there is no clearer path to success than hard work and education. Anyone who has attained that knows it. Try voting another party. “What have you got to lose?.” !!!!!

          1. You mentioned John Lewis before. I’ll get to him in a moment. Why should you vote for 45? Look at the statistics for black unemployment. He has done more for your people. To help them empower themselves- if they want to, than Obama did. You keep voting the same old same old and you keep getting the same results. And I remind you that all you have done is complain about everything so where have you been and where are you going? Again, what have you got to lose? As far as John Lewis is concerned, tell me what he has done for his district that he has represented for what, for four decades. It’s full of nothing but crime, litter,broken down buildings, in a black population that murdering itself. Tell me what he has done in the last four decades to help the people that he represented, who kept voting him in. Also tell me how wealthy he became, being that representative.
            Go ahead will all wait !

  13. Rich, are you as stupid as you write? The Atlanta region contained only 1.4 million people, not much larger than Birmingham. But over the next several decades, it exploded into a metropolis of nearly 6 million people. It became “the capital of the New South,” site of the world’s busiest airport, an Olympics host, and home to blue-chip corporations including Coca-Cola, UPS, and Home Depot. All under the leadership od John Lewis. Atlanta had a high-tech tsunami and a manufacturing resurgence, under the leadership of John Lewis. John Lewis put Atlanta on the global map and helped fuel a rush of foreign investment, and the establishment of the Georgia Lottery in 1992 to fund pre-K programs and the HOPE Scholarship changed the face of early education and post-secondary education.

    Now you know what he has done in the last four decades to help the people that he represented. Now crawl back into your Republican hole with 45 because you’re both assholes. CHEERS!!☻

  14. Don, I’ve asked Rich a number of times does he talk to his family and friends about racism, I’ve also asked him about these black police and firefighters who he claims he knows have they talked to him about racism and as usual but he never gives an answer. Rich does no research before he makes a comment like about Atlanta. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport which is the world’s busiest airport in the country and it employs over 63,000 people. During the civil rights movement there was a saying that Atlanta was to busy to riot because blacks were to busy working and making money.

    Don, this fool main answer is “I’ll stick to my mantra: there is no clearer path to success than hard work and education. Anyone who has attained that knows it.” This fool has obviously not had any conversation with blacks. Replying back to this fool makes no sense.

    1. Please do everyone a favor and keep that thought. Many of us are really tired of hearing your shit so it would be very pleasant to not here it anymore.
      Thank you for that in advance! Lmao!!

      1. Rich, please do everyone a favor and keep your thoughts. Many blacks are really tired of hearing your shit so it would be very pleasant to not here it anymore.
        Thank you for that in advance! Lmao!!

          1. You said you would no longer have dialogue with me?? And who is “they”??? Don’t think that highly of yourself.. It’s only the both of you!!!
            Lenny: stop rolling your eyes!!!! Lol.

          2. Rich, like I said, people realize that it’s cops like you who have that same mindset is why they had to support protestors, plus one person said, if he was asking about you and Don to other cops and some firefighters that they would have bought the the topic of racism in their department. Cheer.


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