Q Poll: Lamont Leads By 8

From Q Poll:

A 22-percentage point lead among women in the Connecticut governor’s race gives Democrat Ned Lamont a 47 – 39 percent likely voter lead over Republican Bob Stefanowski, with 11 percent for independent candidate Oz Griebel, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released today.

Women back Lamont over Stefanowski 53 – 31 percent, with 13 percent for Griebel. Men tip Republican 46 – 41 percent, with 9 percent for Griebel. This is the first survey of this race among likely voters by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll and can not be compared to earlier surveys of registered voters.

Lamont tops Stefanowski 87 – 3 percent among Democrats, with 9 percent for Griebel. Stefanowski leads Lamont 90 – 2 percent among Republicans, with 5 percent for Griebel. Independent voters go 42 percent for Lamont, 36 percent for Stefanowski and 18 percent for Griebel.

With 27 days to go, 21 percent of Connecticut likely voters who name a candidate say they might change their mind.

Connecticut likely voters don’t like their candidates very much, giving Lamont a divided 44 – 45 percent favorability rating and giving Stefanowski a slightly negative 39 – 44 percent. For Griebel, 72 percent haven’t heard enough about him to form an opinion.

“Ned Lamont is ahead in the Connecticut governor’s race, but with 27 days to go, Bob Stefanowski is within striking distance,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, PhD.

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  1. Polls are always amusing, given how they are tracking. The AARP poll focussed on older people, suggesting they are more likely to vote. They and Governing call this race a toss-up.

      1. Irregardless of age or race, Republicans offer a batter choice than the spend-until-you-drop Democrats who favor the few over the many and the past over the future.
        There’s only one thing worse than tax and spend and that’s BORROW and BUY. The facts prove it, every time Connecticut Democrats play borrow and buy, our liabilities increase. Vote ’em out!

          1. Andy, C’Mon Man, yax cuts means less money to run the federal government, the budget was never cut. Military budget is the largest in American history and how is that being paid for? Spending must be cut om order to cut taxes.

    1. That’s right, Tom. Polls are amusing. What is more amusing is the drubbing the GOP will suffer in less than a month. The Trump administration is following a fascist course. It is backfiring. A large number of women were deeply offended by the blatant misogyny of the GOP during Brett Kavanaugh’s conformation hearings. Environmentalists are outraged by the administration’s authorization of coal and fracking waste in public water ways. Earlier this year the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, were blessed with the thoughts and prayers of the United States Congress. Many of those teenagers reached voting age over the summer. They went out across the country to inform their peers that the Senators and Congressmen elected to serve the public’s interest stopped short on the issue of gun control. (After Parkland and Las Vegas the good old boys on Capitol Hill had the good sense to stop offering thoughts and prayers.)

      A blue wave is coming, Tom White, a wave that will route the Grand Old Party.

        1. By the way,

          It’s not a pseudonym. Everyone knows who I am. Everyone but you, of course. That’s to be expected of a Republican prone to disingenuousness.

  2. It’s not too late to change your mind.
    In 2018, Connecticut needs a spendthrift.
    VETO power in Stefanowski’s hands is the best way to limit, curb and reduce the short-sighted ways of Connecticut Democrats, whose lasting damage is visible on Connecticut’s balance sheet.
    The land of steady habits must find a new direction or face the fiscal cliff. The last (fiscal) tomorrow is within eyesight. Make the switch on Nov. 6 because Connecticut needs an aura to replace its stigma.

  3. Before the Kavanaugh fiasco, Stephanowski might have had a chance. Now, with Nikki Haley jumping ship and giving her boss the thumbs-down just in time for the election (no doubt, motivated by the Kavanaugh fiasco and looming collapse of the Republican Congressional majority, which was exacerbated by the Kavanaugh fiasco, Republican candidates — especially the ones that have endorsed the idiotic, pseudo-agenda of our would-be Banana Republic Strong Man, pretend-billionaire and tax-cheat, Donald Trump — are largely screwed, especially in Deep Blue States like Connecticut… Ned is clueless, the Wizard isn’t much clearer, and Stephanowski would lead Connecticut all the way into the Third World (we would become Mississippi North), as voters realize… On Election Day, we’ll see most voters stay home in Connecticut, while the ones that come out will be motivated mostly by anger and the realization that their choice is limited to the candidate that will cause the least damage — either the Wizard or Ned… Stephanowski will get an embarrassing percentage (30%), The Wizard will surprise everyone with a respectable percentage (25%), and Ned will slide through with an anemic win (45%), with state voter turnout at about 40% and Bridgeport voter turnout at about 20%…

  4. Jeff just how do you know Haley resigned because of Kavenaugh. Please did you see who she said she was backing in 2020? Write a column after the mid terms when you see Fienstein, mccaskill and other loose

  5. *** Raggedy andy talks republican politics then turns around & votes democrat? Like his usual OIB rants, says this but does that, no? And he’s not alone when it comes to speaking with fork-tongue on OIB. *** WHAT SAY YOU,”KEMOSAHBEE”? ***

    1. What are you the great Kreskin? You know how I vote? Sure i Bpt I vote Dem except when Panuzio ran as a republican. Nice racial remark using an american Indian name. You sir are a bonifide jerk.Practice you english dumb ass

      1. *** Hey “DUMB-DUMB”, Kemoshabee is not an indian’s name. In navajo, its a term of “endearment”; which sounds alot like the spanish phrase,”quien no sabe” or “he who doesn’t understand”! Which always fits you cause you very rarely understand,”KEMOSAHBEE”, no? ***

  6. “The poll released Wednesday morning finds that Democrat Ned Lamont leading Republican Bob Stefanowski 47 percent compared to 39 percent, a decrease from the double-digit lead Quinnipiac’s August poll gave Lamont.”
    CT Post, October 10, 2018

  7. There it is everybody, it’s official mark this date and time down because Tom White has spoken and by election day Bob Stefanowski will be elected governor and pigs will fly.

    1. Tom White, I’ve said many times on OIB that I have no problem voting for a Republican, I voted for Jodi Rell, Lowell Weicker when he was a Republican and for Chris Shays, in fact I always voted or Shays until he started to support Newt Gingrich. I would have supported David Walker if he had reach out to the black community to listen to their concerns and try to find a way to address those concerns.

      As for Bob Stefanowski, he’s a big time supporter of 45 plus Stefanowski has no blacks supporting him who would step up and tells us all of the good things he’ll do if blacks came out to support him. In fact when Rick Torres was on the City Council he decided not to run again for the City Council but to run for mayor, I said on OIB that he needed to run to keep his position on the council so that there would be a Republican representation elected in the City’s government.

  8. Tom white this poll is of likely voters not registered voters back in may that’s why it’s down. Anyhow lamont will win and Democrats will sweep all 5 districts in ct. I’m voting blue across the line. I’m pretty conservative but at the end of the day Republicans do not like people of my skin tone and I could never vote for them ever again!! This will be my first time voting democrat since 2012.

  9. This election is a testament to 2016 presidential election. Like 45 I think Stefanowski is a damn fool and like Hillary, Ned hasn’t done a damn thing to illicit my support or my dream for a better future for Connecticut. I’ll begrudgingly vote for Ned, but I ain’t happy with either choice.

    1. Don, that’s but oh so true. Stefanowski doesn’t give a damn about Bridgeport and Lamont takes Bridgeport for granted and won’t even come here. I don’t want to vote for Lamont but unfortunately I will. Neither candidate will do anything when elected and that’s where Ganim messed up, most people understand that these are two poor candidates who won’t do anything. All Ganim had to do was to be the best mayor that he could be and let some distance between his release from jail but no, not this ego driven man and his hitman Mario Testa.

      1. Ron Mackey.. I understand your cynicism about Lamont. I share it as well. Lamont has made promises to Bridgeport. The problem is that we have Testa/Ganim who really don’t care for BPT. They are only interested in their own little small-minded political games. I repeat. TESTA AND GANIM DON”T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT BRIDGEPORT.

        1. Of course they don’t care because they don’t live in Bridgeport. As for Lamont I’ll vote for him but I’m not going out if my to in courage others to do the same unless he comes up with a real plan for big cities.

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