Prostitution Intent? Or Was Ethics Commissioner Set Up?

CT Post reporter Dan Tepfer chronicles the bizarre story of city ethics commissioner Noel Kayo’s adventure at a Stratford hotel.

Ethics commissioner Dr. Noel Kayo has an ethics dilemma of his own after police said they busted him outside a hotel here for mistaking a local woman for the prostitute he had ordered online.

“I will not resign,” the 39-year-old cardiovascular researcher and member of the Bridgeport Ethics Commission, proclaimed Tuesday after it became public that he was charged Monday with patronizing a prostitute.

“… I was a good Samaritan trying to help this young lady and it turned out to be a set up to have her friend rob me,” Kayo said. “If you can’t help someone in distress and they use your good intentions to try and rob you what kind of world is this?”

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  1. I’m sure if Mario gives that young lady and her boy friend his apartment at Testo’s, Mario, Mayor Joe and Rich Paoletto would have very little trouble convincing her to join the Bridgeport Ethics Commission.
    She did say she has pictures?

  2. never knew who this guy was until i saw the pic in the ct post and i recognized him he goes to my gym and tons of people have said he is creepy he does these weird dances ect while there.

  3. I don’t know… Very convoluted, conflicting stories… Photographers arranging for payment for nude photography sessions through third parties at sleazy motels… A guy getting pepper sprayed in his car after being mistaken for such a third party by someone that he mistook for a happy-ending massage therapist… No blood drawn, thank God, so this story, to at some extent, can be thought of in a comedic context…

    But it probably wouldn’t be unreasonable for the imagination to conjure the scenario of the pepper spraying as having been the result of pimp and prostitute attempting to make sure that their “client” didn’t get a free happy ending at their expense…

    Although not (yet) explicitly covered in the city’s ethics ordinance, “fondle and flee,” just as “dine and dash” should be considered unethical behavior for city officials and a definite violation of the ordinance code punishable by double pepper-spraying and restitution, followed by a period of suspension from duties or termination (in the case of board commissioners) and/or community service (the latter in the case of elected officials and city employees)…

    (Dr. Kayo probably wishes that he would have opted for a cardiac massage at a local health center. It would have been covered by insurance and probably would have had a happier ending…)

  4. I have received several calls where I was told that Danny Roach was going to endorse “Dr.” Kayo to run with Scott Burns in the 130th.

    Two of those individuals stated that they had met with him because he runs a non-profit in Fairfield. He was also at Ganim’s fundraiser and apparently requested a $20,000 grant from the city but was given $2,000.

    One of them was a bit nervous so they emailed Dr. Kayo asking him to confirm he was a licensed medical doctor in the United States. “Dr. Kayo” never responded.

    Do you remember when Mayor Finch appointed a convicted sex offender to the Ethics Commission?

    Does it ever end?

    1. Danny Roach has given Black Rock some of the worst City Council people on the face of the Earth!

      Mulligan: The biggest YES man you can find, switched over from the city council to the BBOE, after two months sitting on the BBOE Mulligan became the so called expert witness and Finch mouth piece on why the State Board of Education should usurp and dissolve the powers of the BBOE.
      We know how that turned out.

      McCarthy: A total No Show on the City Council, it got so bad that Mario and Roach wanted to have the City Council meetings at McCarthy’s Fire House Pizza, just to bring McCarthy attendance record up.
      So when they had the first CC meeting at FHP McCarthy was a No show! Great Pie!

      Brannelly: She never met a Lie she couldn’t swear to!

      Burns: Moves into Black Rock Two years ago from Fairfield and Roach runs him for City Council.
      Burns help Ganim pass the biggest Tax increase in Black Rock’s history, and he’s proud of it!
      This guy couldn’t find his way to Ghetto Beach.

      Danny Roach our District leader and Mario Testa Chairman of the DTC wants Black Rock to support Dr. Ding-a -Ling Kayo, for the 130th City Council, he’s a member of the Connecticut ethics commissioner . Hide the Kids!!!

  5. Again just curious, why is Testo interfering with appointments to Boards and Commissions? Did he see a potential “yes” man if one of his minions eventually make it before that Board? Did the members of the CC go far enough in vetting him before approving his appointment? One disgrace after another and Testo’s always involved. My prediction is in this primary cycle, he will find himself arrested. Just a prediction!

  6. “they busted him outside a hotel here for mistaking a local woman for the prostitute he had ordered online.”

    I question the ethics (and intelligence) of someone who orders a hooker online. If your that hard up, go to Vegas!

  7. Ganim 2 seems to go out of his way to hire creeps and dumb asses. This latest Ethic commissioner getting cuaught with a dial up hooker is a joke. Ganim should have had him removed from the ethics commission already.
    Ganim is a joke to even have an ethics commission. If they were independent gamin would be in trouble.
    I have a question how much have the politicians made $ from their closed door meeting with the alleged developers of the Poli’s and Majestic movie houses.Joe you are heading back to camp lay around.

  8. ON a “dirty” side note,we have just learned that O&G has given up on their plans to move their Stratford Avenue rock-crushing poison plant to Howard Avenue(Cedar-Burr Creek,Black Rock Harbor).As far as I know,the Stratford Ave site remains closed to additional rock-crushing work. is it possible that the work of the NO TO O&G group proved that citizen involvement reall can work? ( I do have a cynical side and O&G (and all the other similar “construction companies) still need to be watched.

  9. *** The Police Vice know pretty much if this hotel/motel is a known Hoe-stroll area for drugs or prostitution business, going’s on? If it is, then there’s nothing more to say, the “JOHN” has to go! But then again, the city ethics committee has lost lots of credibility in its dutys, past & present! So news of this type really does not surprise me these days. Bpt. Politics in general has gotten worst over these years instead of better; just look at some of the people that have been voted into political office over the last 10yrs. Locally, State-Side & the Fed. Government. Good example, (TRUMP) ! ***

  10. Does anyone recall the efforts to establish the Ethics Commission during the Bucci years? That and the Management Advisory Committee stimulated my interest in Bridgeport city government.
    This is just another sad commentary on how the Democrat party machine has overseen the demise of a once great city.

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