Primary Possibilities: Banshee-Bobby II

1:30 p.m. update: Are you getting excited about the gubernatorial campaign? Yawner, you say?

We are just about a year away from a potential 2010 summer Democratic primary featuring Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz and Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy. Both have raised more than $two hundred thousand on their way to qualifying for public financing that would allow them to spend $1 million for a primary with the standard bearer receiving another $3 million to spend in the general election.

And then there’s Bridgeport native Jim Amann, former Connecticut house speaker, who’s so far behind in gubernatorial fundraising I swear that was him on Middle Street holding a tin cup. “Please give to the Amann Fund.” Well okay, the good news for Amann is that he doesn’t have to raise that much to qualify for public financing, but the feeble few grand he’s raised by comparison suggests voters aren’t doing cartwheels for his candidacy.

Meanwhile, Mother Rell moves along rising above it all, not even taking a body blow. Nice to transcend politics. That can change, but she’s in a pretty good spot right now.

The possibilities next year make for a lot of fun. Will Chris Dodd recover? Or will Dem primary challenger Merrick Alpert give him a scare? Dodd will have no trouble raising millions. Merrick will need a boatload more than what he’s reporting in his first filing, but it’s a start. See his news release below.

And locally all kinds of possibilities for Democratic primary challenges. Carlos Silva perhaps taking another crack at State Rep. Chris Caruso? And will Probate Judge Paul Ganim have a primary challenger? Paul will not be easy to beat in a citywide primary.

And I’m also hearing that bullet Bob Keeley, the longest serving legislator in Bridgeport’s history when he was knocked off last year by Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, is sharpening his teeth for a comeback. Grogins outworked Keeley in her primary win defeating him in Black Rock and running even in the West Side Central precinct.

Maybe Auden and Bobby will show up at our OIB party July 23, 5:30 p.m. at Taco Loco on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock. Never too early to start the needling.

News release from Merrick Alpert


New London, Connecticut – Merrick Alpert’s US Senate campaign reported today $44,315 in donations for the 43 days since Merrick Alpert announced his candidacy.

“I am very grateful to the 171 people who contributed to my campaign. One hundred percent of our campaign contributions came from individuals; not one penny came from a political action committee. I am honored that the people of Connecticut are funding a grass roots campaign to take back the US Senate seat from the special interest money in Washington,” Alpert said.

Merrick Alpert’s Senate campaign received 180 total donations averaging $246.19 each. 129 of the donations, or 71.7%, were from Connecticut citizens. 40% of the donations were made online through the campaign’s website at

Merrick Alpert’s Senate campaign has raised the majority of the campaign’s money in two ways. First, by having Connecticut residents host events called “Chats For Change” in their homes where voters assemble to meet Merrick Alpert and ask questions. Second, the campaign has been developing web-based donations at

Give Bridgeport The Money!

News release from Gov. Rell

Governor Rell Appoints Stimulus Ombudsman To Help Municipalities, Regional Planning Agencies

OPM Undersecretary David LeVasseur Has Extensive Planning Background at State and Local Levels

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that she is appointing a top Office of Policy and Management official to work closely with municipalities and regional planning organizations to help them expedite their stimulus-funded projects and navigate the regulations and tight deadlines required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

The Governor said OPM Undersecretary of Intergovernmental Policy David LeVasseur will serve a stimulus ombudsman to local and regional officials. LeVasseur has overseen the state Office of Responsible Growth since its inception in 2006. The former First Selectman of Killingworth, LeVasseur has an extensive background as a planner and a conservationist.

“David certainly understands the hurdles local governments and planning agencies must deal with on a daily basis,” Governor Rellwrote in a July 13 letter to municipal officials. “As we have discovered, utilizing Recovery Act funds comes with many challenges, and at times, some frustration. In particular, using stimulus money means applying the letter of the federal law in every step of the project. David’s duties will include helping our municipal partners navigate the ARRA requirements and deadlines and provide clarity every step of the way.”

Since President Obama signed the stimulus act into law on February 17, 2009, more than $1 billion in stimulus funds have been committed to projects and initiatives around the state. Additionally, the Governor’s staff and other Administration officials have held workshops, informational forums and have briefed numerous interested organizations and municipal representatives to assist them in identifying funding opportunities and understanding ARRA requirements.

News release from the Gallery at Black Rock

Please Join us for The opening reception for Peter Konsterlies, Directional Prada

This Friday July 17, 2009
6pm until 9pm
Peter Konsterlie: Directional Prada
Opening July 17, 2009 – August 22, 2009

The Gallery at Black Rock is pleased to present Directional Prada, Peter Konsterlies one man show opening July 17,2009. Konsterlies work in directional Prada explores the themes of branding and its relevance to contemporary artists and relates to the need for artists to have a “brand” to continue doing what they love. He seeks to delve into what a “Konsterlie painting” is about.

Konsterlie’s work blends figurative representational line drawing, with abstracted patterns and visual signposts. The power of pattern and repeated design are hallmarks of the Konsterlie’s paintings. He believes strongly in the visual power of repeated pattern. Gestural paint dripping and directional symbols draw the eye to real and imagined significant details.

In several paintings Peter uses anatomical figures derived from medical texts to create a dialogue with the viewer on the subjects of mortality and the medical experience.
Bring your eyeballs!

The show will have an opening reception on July 17th from 6 pm until 9 pm



  1. *** Governor Rell has nothing to worry about from the Dems wishing to run for her seat! It will be a slam dunk for her unless something negative or unusual happens between now & the election concerning her. *** Hope Keeley runs again too! *** And down with Dodd, he’s trying to make a deal with you know who, but is too old & already has 1 foot in the basement so to speak! ***

  2. yahooy

    Thanks for remembering Mario.

    The local restaurant community has lost some legends in the last 10 days.

    Arthur Yiotos of Famous Pizza. Mrs. LaConte, the 98-year-young matriarch of Conty’s fame. And now Mario Sacco, from Mario’s Place of Westport, and a Bridgeport resident.

    A pizza, hot dog and a perfect Manhattan served straight up, will never taste the same.

    1. Rest in peace, all departed restaurateurs. Now I’d like to take a moment to pip my favorite saloon in Black Rock, Little Joe’s Cafe. Chill ‘n’ Grill Sundays are the best deal in the ‘hood, with $1.00 draft Bud/Bud Lite, burgers and barbecued chicken on the grill for your comestible pleasure, and Tommy Crowley playing and singing his heart out from 5:00 PM ’til whenever. Come one, come all. It’s a come-as-you-are sort of place, corner of Alfred Street and Fairfield Avenue. See you next Sunday.

  3. The Banshsee and Bob are Loco enough to show up for a real chow-down. They both look like they are bulking up for this Thrilla ‘N Vanilla Part Deux.

  4. I just had 2 Jamaican patties from Golden Crust and they were so good. Golden Crust might just be my favorite restaurant in the city.

    As far as Auden and Keeley goes as everyone knows I voted for Keeley and he lost. If he does run again I will not vote for him; I will vote for Auden this time. I must say Auden is doing a better Job than I expected. I know John from Black Rock must be mad at me for that. John what is your View on Carmen Lopez?

    1. Judge Lopez is unorthodox, to say the least. Maybe hers will be the hand that steers the BOE out of the stagnant water it’s been trawling for too long.

    2. donj–As a matter of fact, I think Auden has been doing a great job and I’ve made a point of telling her so.

      As for Carmen Lopez, I’ve always had a high opinion of her and I think she would be an outstanding addition to the Bpt BOE.

      For the record, I also think Rob Russo would be an equally good BOE member.

  5. Bob Keeley wouldn’t have a rat’s ass of a chance of a chance at re-election anywhere else, but this is Bridgeport. If Ernie “Moses Of My People” Newton were paroled tomorrow he’d doubtless be re-elected. When Joe Ganim finally returns from his Club Fed vacation he’ll be re-elected.

    Auden Grogins AND Bob Keeley turning up at the OIB Taco Loco soirée? Oh please God, nooooooooo. I must purchase sage, palo azul and the appropriate candles to cast a protection spell.

    1. You’re quite right, I NEVER liked Bob Keeley. Nor do I care for elected officials that pursued office only to advance a personal agenda.

  6. *** Lately it’s been a bit quiet on OIB, no disrespectful bashing or stalking stories, etc. The usual stooges must be on a mini-vacation or just taking a break from being idiots! That’s a good thing; however, won’t last! ***

  7. Mojo guess who just showed up, Joel Gonzalez.

    Hey Joel are you running in the Black Rock District aka 130? If so do you plan on getting more than 34 votes at Black Rock like you did in March 2008? Danny Roach 179 Joel Gonzalez 34. I woudn’t mind you running this time because I’m not too happy about D Roach making his wife the city council member at all. And if that’s the Case I’m voting for you Joel.

  8. donj, one can’t compare a town committee race in the middle of the winter with a City Council primary in warm weather. 179 votes isn’t much when considering the long tenure of D Roach and his name recognition especially when they had other candidates like Mulligan who was also running for State Senate. I knew what the outcome would be as I knew that I was pretty much the only one campaigning the way it was necessary. One of the candidates on my ticket got 48 votes and not once did she do any campaigning. I decided that since Mulligan was on the opposing ticket and also poised as the State Senatorial Democratic candidate, I would cut him off there and help Russo the Republican. I don’t know how many Republican candidates if any at all are poised to seek the nomination in 130th. If there isn’t any, I will not allow the Democrats to go unchallenged. I served 3 terms as a Democrat from 1995-2001 and I’ll be able to hit the ground running. During the last 130th. City Council election, the Republicans came up 44 votes short of winning. The 130th has the most potential for Republicans to grab 2 council seats.

  9. If Bob Keeley has a chance of a comeback, the time is now. If keeley doesn’t make his move next year, He might as well forget about it. Keeley will find out that many of his supporters will distance themselves from his comeback attempt and avoid getting on the Banshee black book. Keeley needs to be able to keep his old base of supporters and increase his support by Blacks and Latinos. Keep in mind that the Banshee was going to do more in 2 years than Keeley did in 25 years.

  10. Joel Gonzalez
    That is true, nobody voted. 213 votes is nothing at Black Rock School. But the Republican was a strong one she won at Black Rock by 100 votes but lost Longfellow by about 140. Joel do you really think you will even win by 50 votes at Black Rock? It sure will be hard. Joel do you know will somebody step up and primary her in the democrat primary? If not why don’t you change parties to wage a primary against her? I will vote for you if you do go Joel. I hate to say that but I’m not Pleased D Roach is appointing his wife. Run as a Democrat Joel.

    1. Danny is very happy that I switched to Republican. I’m no different as a Republican and would vote and do things the same way I would If I were a Democrat. The Bridgeport Democratic Party is not interested in fielding independently thinking candidates.

  11. Joel why don’t you just switch to the Democratic side so you can wage a primary? I know I could get some people who would usually stay home in this election. Go switch Joel, you’ve got my vote if you do.

    1. Most voters think in terms of political extremes: you’re either a Republican or a Democrat, there is no middle ground. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There are moderates on both sides of the aisle. American political reality requires the moderates to sign on with one party or the other if they hope to have a chance at election.

  12. *** Rumors are some city employees phones & computers have been bugged, also a pink panther type is keeping an eye on these employees as well? No not C.H.S. however she may be one of the employees being tailed by the P/P. She has 20yrs. plus knowledge on city employee happenings so if it’s info they seek, she would know a few secrets or two! Also Yahooy’s been spotted in certain “red light” areas where many he/she’s seem to gather for tea? It’s under the covers of the night apparently in the Park City bloggers. Prepare for incoming! “BOOM”! ***

    1. Did you know?

      If we take the handle “MOJO” and split it into two syllables, we get MO and JO.
      If we reverse the two syllables, we get JO and MO.

    2. A very long time ago, the city did notify all city employee that all city phones and computers are monitored. Those with city vehicles are aware that they may be tracked via GPS. At the police department, the booking area has notices posted on the walls warning that all conversations in the booking area are monitored/recorded. It’s all legal.

    1. Can’t really say as of yet. I need a lot more information on the candidates before I cast votes. I’m certainly not going to follow the DTC line. Maybe that’s redundant to say; my contempt for the party’s apparatus and machinistic approach is well known.

  13. The Bridgeport Kid
    OK I hear that but my main question should have been Do you agree with Danny Roach’s wife getting that position??? I do have to say one thing, in the last 2 years Roach has done a good job getting out his voters. Black Rock School Roach Pulls off a upset giving Finch the rare victory at Black Rock. In the summer of 2008 Roach did great campaigning for Auden in 2 precincts Black Rock School and Longfellow. Black Rock School Keeley gets 231 Auden gets 282 and a great turnout of 513 at Black Rock. Then here comes the big surprise at Longfellow: Kelley 108 and Auden 154. Turnout was 262. and that surprised the Keeley camp who thought there was going to be a turnout of about 150 to 180. Ask Lennie that turnout was the huge surprise of the night.

  14. I was looking over the 2009 BOE Appropriations Supplement. At the bottom of page 68-6 there is a posting of a payment of $65,000 related to the New Parent Center.
    The Parent Center is located on Boston Avenue near the old GE plant. Last year, Councilmen Daniel Martinez presented a resolution intended to provide $650,000 for the completion of the Parent Center project. The resolution passed after an amendment that required that the Board of Education refund the city for the cost at $65,000 a year for 10 years.
    The BOE paid $65,000 and owes the city a balance of $585,000. Assuming that the BOE is serious about giving back $2 million to the City of Bridgeport, I’m left wondering why is the BOE giving back money to the city when they owe money to the city?
    If the BOE expects to have a $2 Million surplus, would it not be wise to pay the $585,000 Parent Center balance and then give the city the remaining surplus?
    Either way the city gets the money but the BOE gets rid of a large debt. Max are you out there?

  15. Yesterday I talked to Paoletto and asked him if it’s true that he is running and is poised to get the endorsement in the 138th. He reminded me that last month he told me that he was in and had never said that he was dropping out. Yes, Paoletto will seek the endorsement.

  16. Since this is a council election year does anyone mind asking the council candidates how much the Puerto Rican Parade apparently cost Bridgeport taxpayers? In a time when the City of Bridgeport is essentially broke we have money to throw parties.

    How much did the parade raise? We have city employees getting pink slips because the city dollars are not there.

    Okay, while this is probably a horrible use of taxpayer’s money during a fiscal crisis, the important thing to remember is at least nobody’s kids are getting touched. By Michael Jackson anyway.–Wow, I feel better already.

    1. I heard that the City of Bridgeport waived the $26,000 fee that the Parade Committee would have had to pay. If the city waived the fee for the other parades–I believe they did–it’s fair.

  17. Fairchild Squealer

    Get a life; if it were the Columbus or whatever his name is parade you would have no problem. I enjoy the PR parade even though I am not Puerto Rican. I can tell you this too I enjoy the Black Rock day Parade too.

  18. donj,
    The parade was a good time. I enjoyed it this year. I am just curious to see what the council candidates have to say to the overtaxed constituency who footed the bill while other parades paid in full.

    Did anybody see Santa Ayala’s daughter over the weekend? It’s painfully obvious this girl’s not going to age well. I mean, Christ, she’s in her 20s, and I already confused her for her 80-year-old mom. That can’t be good.

    1. *** Which one of the 3 daughters & why the interest in her like the Parade? Did the Barnum Parade pay the city anything for their day or the others; past, present, future? It’s the least the city can do for some of the citizens in Bpt, besides Finch needs all the votes he can get next time around! There’s always a message to the madness! ***


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