Political Lookback 2012: Christina Ayala’s Wild Election Ride

Christina Ayala
Christina Ayala.

Christina Ayala, part of a growing familial power base in the city that includes her mom Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala and cousin State Senator-elect Andres Ayala, certainly increased her name recognition around the state in 2012, but not in ways she had imagined.

Christina won Connecticut’s 128th State House seat in November. Prior to that she won a Democratic primary over community activist Angel Reyes and in a bizarre twist to their primary fight neither of them apparently lived in the district, something Reyes acknowledged during the primary but not something Christina revealed. State law does not, however, require a candidate to reside in the district for the legislative office sought, but mandates moving in if elected.

Angel Reyes
Community activist Angel Reyes, Christina Ayala's primary opponent, didn't reside in the district either.

Christina, a single mom of a young daughter, was charged twice in separate misdemeanor cases for fleeing the scene of an auto accident in August just a day after the primary and then allegedly engaged in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend in early December. These are not felony charges, but when a newly elected lawmaker, or any lawmaker for that matter, is charged with violating the law questions are raised about the ability to serve.

Tito Ayala, Andres Ayala
Christina Ayala's father Tito Ayala, who wields political clout on the East Side, campaigns with Andres Ayala on primary day pushing votes for the cousins.

On December 7 Christina Ayala broke her public silence following the domestic altercation in an email exchange with OIB. She politely declined to address any specific details regarding her latest legal challenges but indicated she was looking forward to serving in the State House.

“I am so eager and hungry to advocate for what is needed in my district,” she wrote … “Lord provided I will be able to advocate for the needs in my community! I have no ulterior motives for running other than being the humble voice of those that I serve.”

In November Ayala was elected to Connecticut’s 128th State House seat that serves the city’s East Side and Hollow neighborhoods. The Democrat is scheduled to receive the oath of office January 9 along with other members of the General Assembly. Some party officials have questioned her ability to serve in light of two separate misdemeanor charges since August while others have taken a wait-and-see attitude.

On December 19 the State Elections Enforcement Commission announced it was investigating whether Christina Ayala committed voter fraud and if her mother Sandi Ayala knew her daughter voted in elections with a false address.



  1. The Christina Ayala story is typical of Bridgeport politics today. She is not the only person who has run for office who did not live in the district. The Bridgeport Democratic machine really does not care about the candidates they put up. They are not looking for intelligent free thinkers to run for office. They want to make sure the person they are putting up for office will vote Yes on whatever is proposed by the administration whether it’s good or bad. Imagine this, we have 19 council people who vote on Bills they have no idea what they contain. The council (19) have no idea how our tax dollars are spent nor do they seem to care. The only council person who asks questions and fights on by himself is Andre Baker.
    These people in the elected positions could care less what the public knows or what the public wants. In today’s electronic age it’s more difficult to get to your councilperson than ever. There was a time a citizen with a problem could show up at the mayor’s office and in most cases could speak to the mayor and get action on their particular problem, today that is impossible.
    Here is an example. The council for the most part came out in favor of the Yes vote on the BOE. Did any of them poll their constituents on how they felt? In most cases they did not for if they did they would have known how the vote was going to go. Now if there were council people who privately were against the yes vote then shame on them for not having the courage to speak up.
    I will tell all of them this, there is a grassroots movement out here and we will be coming for their seats.

  2. Mr. Baker’s residence is Bridgeport and he has a business in both cities. Those who don’t like Mr. Baker will try to do anything to get him out but it won’t work.

  3. ginboom,
    Don’t know that we have been introduced yet. Happy the “Time will tell” signoff makes some sense to you. Hope you can assist in answering some questions as well as raising them in 2013.
    According to the City Council Roster (most recently updated 12/20/2012, probably to include info on newly sworn in appointee Jack Banta) Andre Baker is listed on Stratford Avenue, 06607 with a residence phone number. Is your information different than that posted on the City site? As Andy suggests, raise it and clear the air! It’s that simple …

    One idea I have considered for a long time is all City elected, appointed, or members by ex officio position be required to ANNUALLY or more frequently when conditions indicate, sign a statement that is witnessed attesting to their residence, phone and/or email information as well as members of household and all employment info of same. Included also would be a list of organizations, private and public in which memberships, board or committee positions have been held, or funds and/or resources have been contributed or received in the past 10 years anyway. Conflict of interest situations are so ignored and toothless in our City standards (relative to other communities in CT as well as Federal rules) that such an attestation becomes very important and a responsibility of the public servant rather than for the community to root out. (Take a look at the video of the budget approval meeting in May, 2012 to see how concerned Council members are when voting on Federal funds!!!)

    Andre Baker is not my district Council person but I have respect for the way he represents those within his District as well as the overall community with his regular questioning of financial, contractual and other issues where City provided info is not clear or clearly lacking. Another four or five such Council members, regardless of party affiliation, would begin to represent some rational, long-term and structured representation of Bridgeport interests at the City level. Time will tell.

  4. *** A Bpt Address is all you need and still remains the same to this day! Complaints to the SEEC will get nowhere fast as usual. And as far as Mr. Baker is concerned he has a few addresses, business and personal in Bpt, Norwalk and New Haven. Pick one, either way he’s too legit to quit, no? ***


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