Police Stomps Lead To Lawsuit

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A $10 million federal lawsuit claims Bridgeport police officials closed their eyes to a rampage by three rogue officers allowing them to leave a nearly two-year trail of abuse and brutality.

“This was a deliberate indifference to the rights of citizens,” said Gary Mastronardi, who with Robert Berke, filed the lawsuit Friday against the city, Mayor Bill Finch, Police Chief Joseph Gaudett and members of the city’s Office of Internal Affairs. “They didn’t protect the citizens, they protected these cops. Gaudett is going to have some explaining to do.”

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  1. Most likely the City Attorney will explain it this way, the poor suspect fell on a nest of fire ants, and thank Heaven the officers came by when they did to help this poor fellow. Everyone knows the only way to kill fire ants is to stomp on those dirty little bastards. If you listen closely you can hear the officers tell the suspect to roll the Fluck over so they can kill those awful ants. This video will show the officers were doing precisely what they were trained to do. Stomp!

  2. *** Being a cop in an urban environment seems to be quite stressful throughout ones career, and there are different ways cops seem to release off some job-related steam from time to time! Whether it’s going to the gym, mini vacations, reading, yoga, drinking and drugs, sports or professional help; everyone finds his or her way of blowing off stressful steam, however these cops have chosen a way that makes them the bad guys instead of the good. As professionals, which is how they like to be referred to, “They should be fired!” ***

  3. When you lower your standards you end up with inept unqualified incompetent ignorant poor performers, LOL! This is BRIDGEPORT, take the time and take a good look. It’s been festering for some time now. Demand change. All of us together can turn Bridgeport into what it should be! We have a voice, speak out and be heard! The time has come!

    1. When you lower your standards you end up with inept unqualified incompetent ignorant poor performers.
      In this context, “standards” might be based on initial and continuing training so a person who is to be subdued by a public employee is handled appropriate to the current training expectation, NO? Was the videoed material up to the standard or expectations? What does a $10 Million suit cost before a judge or jury renders judgment?
      Are all appointed members of City Boards and Commissions trained, provided a list of their duties, regularly evaluated for their attendance, participation and their developed expertise in their duties? NO!!! Then leaving them on these governance bodies merely means they have not upset the City ‘status quo’ that would prompt the Mayor to remove at term’s end. (Currently the City website indicates there is a member of a City body whose term ended in 1997. Look it up. Evaluations would hold those who serve to an expected standard independent of any sitting Mayor and allow for, and indeed support, a broader and higher sense of community service.)
      Finally, let’s look at our City Council persons. Where do they find a listing of their duties? A conversation with a couple who were recently ‘retired’ in the September primaries indicated they mostly knew how to represent their constituents who had questions or problems, but regarding Citywide governance all they understood was the responsibility for passing legislation (but not necessarily reviewing it to see that it is being followed later–SEE PUBLIC PURCHASING ORDINANCES). And they knew about Budget Planning annually (but not the oversight process that would see whether the plan and actuality were on target and eliminate major variances as they occur, not a year later as with Police Overtime excesses in the millions).
      Should be and ought to be are words often used. If it is to be, it is up to thee! Use your ears and eyes and then your mind first. Then use your voice to speak out. Please do not be silent, but neither need your words be strident. Call 203-259-9642 if you believe that “time has come.” please. Our fiscal watchdog group, Budget Oversight Bridgeport (BOB) is seeking some targeted public watchdogs currently. Time will tell.


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