Police Seek Assistance In Hit-And-Run Of City Firefighter

Camera view of hit-and-run car.

Police Department news release regarding off-duty firefighter Eric McCalla:

On June 28, 2019 at approximately 11:18 pm, Bridgeport Patrol Officers responded to the scene of a serious crash at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and East Main Street.

A pedestrian was crossing Northbound on Stratford Avenue from the southeast corner to the northeast corner within the crosswalk. As he was crossing the westbound lanes he was struck by a vehicle. The striking vehicle turned northbound onto East Main Street, stopped briefly on East Main Street, then fled the scene continuing northbound. Officers that responded to the scene were unable to obtain suspect vehicle information at the time of report.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene, provided medical attention, and transported the victim to Bridgeport Hospital. The pedestrian, a Bridgeport firefighter sustained multiple serious injuries.

On June 30, 2019 the Bridgeport Police Traffic Division was notified of the seriousness of the victim’s injuries. Due to the circumstances surrounding this “hit and run” crash the Bridgeport Police Department Traffic Division is handling the follow up investigation. The victim has been identified as a 46-year-old off-duty Bridgeport Firefighter and resident of Stratford CT.

The Bridgeport Police Traffic Division is working on several leads regarding this investigation. The vehicle has been identified as a dark gray Toyota Corolla; possibly 2015. This vehicle should have sustained front end damage and will be missing a drivers’ side rear-view mirror.

Anyone with additional information, related to this crash, is asked to contact the Bridgeport Police Department’s Traffic Division (Sergeant Gabe Meszaros) at 203-576-7640.




  1. This is but another failure of the leadership of Chief Perez and the BPD and the failure of Mayor Ganim in appointing this incompetent individual as chief.
    I said it once I’ll say it again,
    “Let me preference my remarks by saying I’ve never been a cop nor recieved any training there of, but I do have strong sense of common sense. A man gets run over by a hit and run driver and the cop on scene doesn’t ascertain the seriousness of the man’s injuries by, at the very least question the medics on scene. The cop on scene doesn’t go to the hospital to ascertain the Seriousness man’s injuries or talk to family members that may be there in support of their loved one.

    Two days later the BPD gets a call from whomever that says the Man that got run over by the hit and run driver is in serious condition and then and only then does the REAL INVESTIGATION begins. Now four days later it makes it into the paper with the BPD asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the vehicle that ran over this man who happens to be a Bridgeport Firefighter who puts his life on the line everytime he goes the work.

    I’m not saying that the Firefighter should have gotten better treatment from the BPD because of his chosen profession, I’m saying that no matter who he was he should have gotten better treatment from the Bridgeport Police Department in helping to capture the psycho who Ran him over and left for dead. Bridgeport deserves better than this from its Police Department, Much Better!

  2. This happened 2 weeks ago???????? This public press release should have been made at the latest the next day. How about three days after???? Two weeks ago????!!!!!!
    Citizens of Bridgeport: you get what you deserve.
    Come November, give your politicians what they deserve.
    Clean house and elect an entire new slate.

  3. The Officer who responded to this accident should have done more with the initial investigation. This should be looked into so there is does not happen again.

    We do not know what the medics or the medical staff told the Officer about the victims medical condition.

    This all would be moot if the operator of the striking vehicle stopped after hitting the victim.

    Yes the citizens deserve better than this any they need to do better too.

    1. Donald Day and myself knew about the critical condition Mr. McCalla was in on June 28, the fire chief knew and the firefighters who were on that evening of June 28 also knew how serious firefighter McCalla was in. There are a lot of unanswer questions starting with the action of the police during a hit and run crime. Was the area blocked off, what was the assessment of of the crime scene, we’re witnesses talked to, were videos from nearby bussiness looked at. What did the fire chief do to follow up with the police and with Mayor Ganim, did Mayor Ganim go to the hospital to check on one of his employees, what follow up did Police Chief Perez do to see that information that was needed was being sought from the public that night and the next day. These three blind mice, Ganim, Thode and Perez did nothing, saw nothing and said nothing. A change is needed now and answers were needed yesterday.

  4. “Trust but verify.” Only three words. And if we stop at one word…TRUST….we are regularly disappointed in the governance provided by most of the current office holders. All three words are necessary when it comes to Bridgeport process. But who provides oversight? Let me drop the name and title of Edward Adams, who is responsible for the Office of Public Accountability and Integrity a Ganim2 department. Is Mr. Adams still able, working and communicating with the public? As a lawyer and former FBI, why aren’t his talents called upon in “times of trouble”? Does he know more about investigating than others in City employ? Why is he not part of any City team? What are his observations, reporting, etc.? Time will tell.

    1. Ed Adams?? Is he still around? Getting paid no less?! What is his function? Oh that’s right. That’s what his title is.
      How’s that working out for Bridgeport?
      Yeah right.


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