Police Chief Search Reduced From 27 Applicants To 11, Three Finalists To Be Presented To Mayor In September

News release from mayor’s office:

Today the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) provided City officials with an status update regarding the Police Chief search for the City of Bridgeport.

Twenty-seven applications were submitted to IACP. Of the twenty-seven applications, nineteen were selected to move on the second phase. This phase involved an oral testing process designed by the IACP, where candidates were evaluated based on traits identified in the job analysis. A group of subject matter experts chosen by the IACP performed this evaluation.

As of August 10th, eleven out of the nineteen applicants had received an oral test score of at least 75. The third phase will be open to these eleven applicants. This will be a 100% weighted assessment center process that can involve different job-related exercises. The assessment center process will take place during the final week of August 2022. The preliminary results will be available by the first week of September.

A minimum score of 75% is required to pass each part of the application process. Candidates who pass part three will be listed in rank order on the established list. The top three candidates will be presented to the Mayor.



      1. Can’t disagree. If you recall I was shouting in the wind about that very thing every step of the way. I’ve always been troubled about the lack of process and have made it abundantly clear.

        That being said I’ll discount the fee for you 20% and throw in one question from the next round free of charge.

  1. Hey Pencil Holder. 🙂

    Quick question, Do Port’s school books teach about America’s greatest scientific achievement, landing on the moon to its students? 🙂

    Veering off, I see the Port is seeking 100 million of public funding for Majestic theaters. It would be a benefit/cool doubling as a movie theater for blockbuster movies while hosting plays, definitely financially, you would think. What say, you Steve?


    Movies like Independence Day. 🙂


  2. The search for an experienced, well-trained public safety career person with integrity has been made necessary by those who would use their POWER to get their way. POWER not rules or law.
    This morning we are informed that one of the important PERSONNEL offices, recently filled, is empty once again, without explanation. Why?
    Remember the days of Acting Civil Service for eleven years? Weren’t these the same years that Eric Amado worked in this area and learned ‘local lessons’? Is it time to retain ‘outside expertise’?
    Leaves Eric Amado in place, alone? And Labor Relations, empty at a time Police and other contracts are in negotiation. Police numbers decreasing so fast that taking on one class (with how many Bridgeport candidates?? likely to serve in Bridgeport when certified) is followed by advertising for another class? Desperation in Labor Land?
    And Mayor Joe, with one year to go on his current term, looks to show biz to float his career, if the legal reinstatement fails? What has local asset dedication to ‘show biz’ produced for taxpayers to date? Is it time for a BREAKING NEWS event on camera? Time will tell.


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