Petition Drive To Keep Harding High School Name

Harding petition
Harding High School.

A new school to replace antiquated Harding High is expected to be open for the next school year off Boston Avenue just blocks from the existing campus. Some sentiment exists to change the school name. A number of Harding alums, however, say hold on a minute, the school name represents a pride point. Don’t mess with it. The Board of Education has authority over school names.

Supporters of maintaining the name have started a petition, see here, Keep the name Warren Harding High School “Because it’s a legacy to the past, current and future students of Warren Harding High School.”

School board member Chris Taylor has loaded the petition on his Facebook page. So far it has hundreds of supporters.



  1. Most people never heard of President Warren Harding and those that know who he is dont care. Its a matter of pride I graduated there in 1961 and I am still proud that I attended Harding. There is no need for a name change

  2. Think about this, President Warren H Harding was out of office as President because of his death in 1923 and graduate in 1961, that’s 38 years when Andy left Harding nobody knew who President Harding was then but when students to know about this do nothing President and have pride in his name 95 years later instead of President Barack Obama who just left being President in 2017 who also was a basketball star. Now, why are we proud of President Harding again?

    1. Look Ron people like the name Harding High . Obama was a basketball star BFD I hope he was a better basketball player than he was a president . Why not leave the name in place a lot of pride and a lot of people who graduated and went on to big things. I asked my 2 granddaughters who attend Harding if they would like to see the name changed and they said NO Why?

  3. Assume the current building is repurposed and not knocked down – and you have friends from out of town visiting – are you going to drive by the new school and say I graduated from Harding or drive by the old building and say I graduated from Harding when it was in this building. My Dad and I both graduated from Central but his school was not the same as my school – just had a very non-descript name so it didn’t matter. Fresh beginning – its not the same school. I think I might feel different if named for someone who was held in high regard, but Harding was not a great president – naming the school for him was a knee jerk reaction to be first. Not saying Obama would be the only choice but we can do better than Harding – are we abandoning Hedges Stadium?

        1. Ok, so tell me something about Mr. / Ms Hedges and why it was named after Hedges? Steve Miska was a coach at Harding plus his son played center for the football team and he was very good.

  4. It could be worse. Children in New York City attend numbered schools. I remmber watching Sonny Barker interviewing kids on “Wonderama.”

    “Where do you go to school?”

    “P.S. 175 in the Bronx, YEAH!”

  5. President Harding had a lackluster record as President and a broad reputation for womanizing! This leaves a weak foundation for using his name for the school. Obama nearly doubled our national debt and he negotiated a bad nuclear deal with Iran (resulting in giving over $150 billion to the rogue nation)!

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