Pereira Threatens Court Action Over School Board Replacement

Democratic Board of Education member Maria Pereira is taking issue with the replacement process following the resignation of board member Dave Hennessey, elected as a Democrat in 2013 but switching his party affiliation to Republican early this year. A Board of Education vacancy posting declares the replacement should come from a registered Republican, per the Bridgeport City Charter.

It raises the question, must the replacement come from the political party from which the candidate was elected, or the affiliation at the time of resignation?

In a letter to Superintendent of Schools Fran Rabinowitz and school board chair Dennis Bradley, a candidate for state senate, Pereira, also a candidate for the state legislature, writes:

I am requesting an immediate copy of any legal opinion which states the vacancy must be filled by a Republican.

The BOE never discussed and voted on a “process” or set a “calendar” to fill the vacancy, therefore this entire process is illegal and unlawful. We are now an eight member board in which we do not have a Queen or King presiding. The eight member sets the process and dates together. I will be filing an injunction in court.

Please send me the requested information immediately.

And you have the nerve to send us this information at 9:55 PM on a the Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend.

This is deja vu of notice of the illegal takeover of the BOE on the Friday evening of the Fourth of July weekend. I remember how much the judge loved that.

What  follows is the Board of Education Vacancy Posting


Any individual interested in the recently vacated seat on the Bridgeport Board of Education must submit a letter of interest and resume to:

The Office of the Superintendent

45 Lyon Terrace, Room 203

Bridgeport, CT  06604

Attention: Dawn Cole,

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Or email:

If emailing, please call (203) 275-1001 to confirm receipt of resume.

The term of Open Seat will be from appointment/swearing-in through November 2017.

Deadline: Interest packets must be submitted by Monday, June 06, 2016 – 12:00 noon

Interviews will be held on Monday, June 13, 2016, beginning at 5:00 pm at Geraldine Johnson School, 475 Lexington Avenue, Bridgeport, CT  06604


middot; Resident of the City of Bridgeport
middot; Elector (Registered Voter of the Republican Party) *

Board Expectation:

middot; Advocate for the Bridgeport Public Schools
middot; Regularly attend evening Board of Education Meetings (Regular, Special, Emergency, and Committee) scheduled throughout the year
middot; Remain current on issues and policy changes being considered
middot; Read documents sent in paper form and electronically
middot; Actively participate in Board deliberations and votes
middot; Commitment of a minimum of ten to fifteen hours a week on board related duties
middot; Review Board Policy on Code of Ethics 9271


*Charter of the City of Bridgeport Chapter Fifteen, Section 1(d) & CGS 9-167a (d)



  1. Really, what difference does the party make? We have eight dolts and adding one more will not change anything. This board is a waste and the people on the board should be ashamed of themselves. Constant fighting.

      1. Most people vote by party first than by individual. I’d have to ask “Would Mr. Hennessy have been elected had he run as a Republican when he was elected?” In any event it has been my desire to be on the Board for over four years, each time being usurped by Our former Mayor and his boy (Wood). I am in the process of garnering whatever support is available to me, with the intention of getting that open seat. It is a shame the largest portion of students and parents are not fully represented by someone who shares their heritage.

          1. THANK YOU RON, I am going forward with it, in the past I was influenced by first the former Mayor (Wood and another), the second time I showed an interest the district leaders (in fairness not all of them are still there and there were some who supported me). The process this time is different. The decision is not up to the Town Committees or the councils. If I’m not mistaken it will be the actual sitting Board Members who will vote with the Mayor breaking any ties (if there are any). I will follow the rules set and interview (the last time I interviewed my competition didn’t even show up and they gave him the vote). With the hope the sitting members will understand my desire and my motives are simply to enrich the quality of education the many students like my 9-year-old daughter “London” deserve.

        1. Hector,
          Go for it. At least make the powers that be say you are not qualified because you are a Democrat. See how well the general population reacts to an individual with your credentials and a prominent family such as yours is told by leading Democrats they would rather a white puppet Republican.

    1. Ron,
      It’s an interesting issue because Hennessey did something unfortunately rare for an elected official in Bridgeport. He was elected as a Democrat and then switched parties.

      1. It has been done before, as recently as October 2014 when John Bagley resigned. He ran as a member of the WFP then later changed to Dem. Upon resignation, the BOE attorneys, the City Attorney and the Sec of State all agreed the vacancy must be filled by WFP (the party he was elected under).

        Why has Dennis Bradley decided on his own to rewrite this past decision? Why would he now be railroading an election to replace a Democrat seat with a Republican? These are compelling questions considering he is running for Senate as a Democrat.

        The Board of Education operates as a committee of the whole. The single divisive factor on the current BOE is a chairman who thinks he has unilateral decision-making authority. This is not so and the BBOE will continue to be divisive (dysfunctional to those who don’t know the difference) until the chair acts the facilitator rather than the dictator.

        1. We’re talking about an entirely different law and different issues from the Bagley case. I’ll be interested to see what the lawyers have to say about this one.

      2. The spot must be filled by a registered Dem. Regardless of the party affiliation of Hennessey currently, he ran on the Democrats’ line. Bagley was a registered Dem when he ran on the WFP line. Since the WFP didn’t require candidates to register with their party to run in a general election the only person to be a registered WFP member and serve on the board was Coates.

        Bottom line it’s a like for like replacement based on election day affiliation.

  2. Switching parties has been done before. It has not been done in Bridgeport. Switching parties has been done in Washington however. A senator or congressman was elected while a member of one party and after being sworn in he changed parties, served out the term and ran for reelection under his new party.

    1. Your argument has nothing to do with this issue. The issue is what party did he represent when he was elected, ergo what party should his replacement represent.

  3. Phil,
    I am not seeing where you think this is a different law/circumstance.
    Bagley was elected on the WFP line even though he was a registered Dem. He resigned and the city decided since he was elected as a WFP he had to be replaced by a WFP. The fact as to how he was registered when he resigned did not come into play.
    Hennessey was elected as a Dem but switched to an R. To me that is the same set of circumstances. Elected as a Dem must be replaced as a Dem.
    The fact the Superintendent’s office is involved simply raises the issue as self-serving.
    She is the one with a highly vested interest concerning issues about job performance and her tenuous position as acting.
    Go for it, Maria!!!
    And the city in its super silliness will end up getting you a lot of free press in your fight against Stallworth.

    1. Bob,
      The Bagley decision turned on a provisions in the minority representation law which applies when a candidate initially ran solely on the ticket other than the one that he was at the time a member of. Bagley did; Hennessey did not. That law does not apply to this situation.

      In Hennessey’s case the issue is the meaning of language of the city charter that requires the new member be a member of the same party as the person whose resignation created the vacancy. It is an entirely different question and a different issue.

      Like I said, I’ll be interested to hear what the lawyers decide.

  4. I have already left a message for the attorney who represented Bobby Simmons and me in the illegal takeover of the BOE. In addition, he was involved in the Paul Vallas case.

    We will be seeking an injunction in court.

    I assure every single person who reads OIB this plan was hatched right after the election in November. Dave Hennessey and Fran Rabinowitz told everyone who would listen if I won the election they would resign. He has repeatedly attended BOE meetings and sits there sulking and pouting because he could no longer serve as Chair. That’s what happens when you cut backroom deals with Mayor Finch and Kenneth Moales.

    I contacted the CT Secretary of State office last week after it was reported Dave Hennessey switched to a Republican. He filed a party enrollment on January 5th. There is a ninety day waiting period to change from one major party to another major party. He officially became a Republican on April 6th.

    There is no doubt Mayor Ganim, Danny Roach, Fran Rabinowitz, Dennis Bradley, Joe Larcheveque, Andre Baker, Mark Anastasi and Chris Meyers were all in on this.

    We will have to wait to see what a judge has to say about this.

    When John Bagley ran he was a registered Democrat, however he was elected on the WFP line on the ballot. Voters have no idea what a candidate’s personal party affiliation is. They vote based on the party they run with and consider that particular party’s platform and the candidate’s platform.

    I was an unaffiliated voter when I was elected on the WFP line in 2009. During my term I switched to a Democrat because I wanted to participate in Democratic primaries. What does my personal party affiliation have to do with being elected as a WFP candidate?

    In the meantime, we are an eight member BOE with a four-four split.

    These idiots have on the timeline the vacancy will be advertised in the CT Post on June 5th, and any candidate has to submit a packet of requested information to be submitted to the Superintendent’s office by 12:00 noon the next day to be considered.

    Do you think their Black Rock replacement candidate has probably been handpicked by Danny Roach? I honestly cannot think of a more appropriate last name for Danny.

    They want a fight; we are more than happy to give them one.

  5. The good news is one down and one to go. Let’s hope Fran Rabinowitz resigns next. Her only strength is instruction. She is an absolute disaster when it comes to following CT state statutes, FOIA, Board Policy, etc.

    Parents are really starting to turn on her, too.

    1. “Her only strength is instruction.” It must be stated you have given Superintendent Rabinowitz credit for something after her years of educational service to the Bridgeport District, the State of CT Education Department and the Town of Hamden most recently before returning for a final stint in Bridgeport.
      A strength in instruction is certainly what those parents should be looking for in a Super for their children. Keeping it really simple how many of those parents who you suggest “are really starting to turn on her, too.” understand what it is like to have the daily operation of a learning system for about 22,000 youth from a poor urban district (where you are fiscally disrespected by a Second Chance Mayor and only slightly supported by a few Council members), as your responsibility? And your trustees cannot set their personal agendas aside for the sake of the children either? Why can’t you keep your mind on what others can do, rather than their abject failure in your eyes, that gets coupled with constant verbal opining?
      By the way, where were all these parents, active or not in school organizations, when the school budget for next year was scuttled by Mayor Ganim? Why were school supporters not at more than one of this year’s budget hearings? It is true City Council members for the most part give no indication of listening to public comments, but they can do rough body counts of who has come out? Time will tell.

  6. I agree 100 percent with Maria Pereira! The man was elected as a Democrat and should be replace with a Democrat period!!!

    Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, trying to be elected as a Democrat and then will become a total socialist again! 🙂

    I disagree regarding Fran Rabinowitz. “An absolute Disaster?” I have yet to meet one individual who does not hold Ms. Rabinowitz in very high esteem. I mean other than Maria Pereira. 🙂

  7. Steve, she has top administrators who are fed up with her. I already had a principal, two teachers and several parents calling me because they are hoping she will resign next.

    Unfortunately, this is going to sideline two other legal actions in progress while this urgent matter is dealt with.

    1. Could you identify the principal or school? That should be public information. Those principals contacted all board members? I am not buying that at all!

  8. Pereira is correct, the replacement has to come from the party under which the member was elected irrespective of what party he or she transferred to. It’s what the voters decide that counts! Unfortunately, Pereira is one of the BOE members who is more interested in throwing bombs than in working through problems. That’s the central dysfunction of the BOE. Many of the members are more concerned with scoring points for Bridgeport’s crazy political parties than in educating children. Her letter to Rabinowitz shows her true colors. “To hell with working together for our kids, I just want to get even and get my way!” Bridgeport’s going to have a challenged school system until the voters elect BOE members who really want to focus on education.

  9. In Bridgeport, everything is political. No one is interested in working differences through. Not one faction. If you are on a different side once, forget it. People spend more time keeping score than they do governing and trying to progress. This is why nothing changes. Any type of kumbaya is always conditional, temporary and phony. The only peace there is comes with opting out of politics and accepting what is chosen for us. AKA: IGNORANCE IS BLISS. Or move. If you can sell your home and can afford to take a bath on the price.

  10. Assuming Phil Smith is correct and the legal opinion the board previously relied upon was written to address a very unique set of circumstances, then this can create politic headaches for Dennis Bradley.
    If Bradley want to remain true to the party he should ask for a legal opinion that allows the board to name a Democrat.
    If the fix is in and Mario and Joe have already selected a Republican they can work with then it could be problematic if Dennis plays along and ignores a plethora of qualified minority Democrats with a vested stake in the school system.
    We know Mario and Joe want a board that will play follow the leaders when it comes to selecting companies to contract with and individuals to fill jobs.
    Dennis may have a difficult time trying to explain to Democratic voters why he entered a Republican.

  11. It’s borderline unbelievable the powers that be of a Democratic-controlled municipality would advocate for someone from the Republican party for any seat.

    1. Exactly, Hector. Voters need to be educated about Dennis Bradley, the endorsed Democrat for the 22nd State Senate District supporting a Republican filling a vacancy in which a Democrat was originally elected.

      1. Maria, I haven’t spoken to Dennis directly about this, I’d be very surprised to hear he would support a Republican over me. In a bit I guess we will all see.

  12. Bob,
    I think that is generally an accurate analysis. Hennessey’s resignation has created an interesting situation with lots of potential political implications.

    I think, based on the plain language of the charter, the question of which party the new member must belong to can reasonably be argued either way. The decision and the fallout will be intriguing.

    1. Phil,
      I agree with you. It would have been nice if there had been an opportunity to argue either way. The biggest dysfunction with the BBOE is a chairman who thinks the democratic process does not apply to him. He knows he is in violation of FOIA. He knows he has broken every rule Robert ever wrote. He knows he really has no authority to act on his own. Bottom line, he does not care.

  13. In the last few weeks, all of us have been a beneficiary of an up-tick in discussions about the Bridgeport BOE. I will admit I have been late getting into this discussion but the election of Dennis Bradley and the circumstances around that activity certainly piqued my attention. But even going further back beyond that, I have serious misgivings the present circumstances concerning the Bridgeport Public School System are benefiting the students-who really should be the focus of all the administrators. On top of that, we have elected officials who have decided substandard levels of financial support are to be accepted under what we can call very significant and serious issues, MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF AN URBAN SCHOOL SYSTEM.

  14. Maria Pereira is a dirty no-good politician, she speaks about everyone but herself and what she does. Notice how history repeats itself with Maria Pereira, everyone she works with sooner or later turns on her. I guess it’s my turn and I’ll explain. Last week going out and working for Ed Gomes and Charlie Coviello I went out and got four sheets of signatures supporting Charlie and Ed, in the process I also got 67 ABs and new voter registrations and 10 new change of address, being that I wasn’t told I had to go and get my own AB sheets, Maria Pereira and Eric Alicea lent me some of their AB sheets until I got mine, I used 10 AB sheets from Maria and 15 from Eric, until I was able to get my own, I was on a hot streak 67 ABs in four days, so she convinced me to leave them in her headquarters so believing and trusting I did, recently she wanted me to help her brother with a situation on trying to convince a unit owner who was against voting in a meeting to over run the board in his community, so as a favor I volunteered in which I drove all the way to sleepy hollow and helped convince this person and obtained a proxy. I was asked the next following day to come to this meeting to vote on a short notice, and when I said no because I had to work, she wanted me to allow Eric Alicea to appear in this meeting as me with the proxy, I said no and when I did, she retaliated by keeping all 67 of my ABs, new voter registrations, new change of addresses and all four sheets of signatures, this is who this back-stabbing dirty corrupted witch Maria Pereira is a double-crossing blade, now I’m publicly saying I am her worst nightmare and will use this information to affect her campaign in any way I can, and anyone who can use this information get a hold of me, I’m sitting with some people already and want her to answer to her actions.

  15. She also gave Charlie Coviello one out of the four sheets I gave her, telling Charlie this is all she had. She’s a deceiver, a manipulator and when you don’t do as she says she turns on you, this is Maria Pereira, yet she cheats on the money she gets for her Campaign, by making up people who supposedly gave her donations, she’s dirty and uses tactics to break the rules to her advantage, that’s Maria Pereira, she talks about everyone but doesn’t speak about what she does, well that just changed.

    1. Angel, I’m shocked by all of this. I thought you were one of her biggest supporters after her slate won all nine DTC members for your district.

  16. Well Mr. Ron, I’m man enough to admit I was wrong, but it should have hit me when everyone from all district town committee can’t stand her, and she is never wrong but everyone is never right.

  17. Plus Mr, Mackey, when you have to steal ABs from your number-one go-getter to use for your own Agendas, it speaks on who that person is. Maria used me and when I finally saw the light she turned and retaliated on me, but one thing she forgot, I’m twice as bad as she is, and when you double cross me you mess with the best of the worst person you could ever mess with. That’s why I will publicly announce, anyone who needs me for anything pertaining bringing down Maria Pereira please reach out to me and I will help.

  18. Two other district members from this slate turned against her earlier because they saw her shady ways, and that’s the Fonsecas who I will reach out to and apologize to for not seeing who this backstabbing witch is, can you believe this, she retaliates because I wouldn’t agree to have Eric Alicea use pass as me with a proxy to help her brother bring down a board in his complex, how shady and corrupt is that, she talks so much about other people and now this, she steals my ABs and doesn’t return them to me when I asked her for them.

  19. This will be the only comment I post regarding Angel Figueroa.

    We have all tried to be understanding of your untreated mental health issues. You have been given many passes by both myself and the remaining six members of our 138th TC coalition.

    Your repeated eruptions and SEVERE mood swings are unprecedented, and quite frankly frightening. Your barrage of insulting, foul, abusive, threatening, aggressive and incoherent text messages are unacceptable. The majority of your fellow female TC members and some female volunteers are frightened of you and do not want to be in your presence.

    You physically threatened one of your colleagues and you appeared at my front door this morning aggressively knocking on my front door, ringing my doorbell, and calling my phone.

    We have agreed no matter what the state of your mental health is; we can no longer accept your conduct, aggression and behavior. Therefore you are not to contact any of my volunteers or TC members by text, phone, email or in person.

    You are either suffering from PTSD due to your military service, or you are simply severely bipolar.

    We wish you no harm, however we do wish you would seek the medical help you clearly need.

    Good luck, Angel.

  20. And don’t speak for people, you always have a habit of speaking for others when they never agreed to what you’re saying, again dictating and yes I was knocking on your door to get the ABs you stole from me and never gave back because I refused to join in your little agenda on using my name illegally, and truthfully I’m going to find out if this meeting took place and my name was used even if I have to knock on every door to find out, but know this if you did, trust me I’m using the proper authorities to bring you down because that’s illegal, and you want to represent this city of ours with this type of corruption, please I’m going to be the one who’s gonna put a end to your nonsense and illegal tactics in politics. Remember, I know your game.

  21. You speak so endearingly on this comment, yet you have the biggest truck driver mouth I ever heard on a female, because I can’t call you a lady ’cause you’re not, and a woman has morals and ethics and you don’t, so I’ll call you a female, aside from your bad breath you really have no right to speak of anyone, you talk about Fardy on him being your neighbor and living down the block, that’s why you were having me attack him on this blog, because you have a problem with him and his wife, and I fell for it, so please accept my apologies Mr. Fardy, you also had me annoy Mr. Mackey as well to see what he would say. You spoke about Lennie Grimaldi and how he was involved in things I don’t care to repeat here, but Lennie call me and I will tell you. You spoke to me about Mario Testa on how he’s the machine and how he controls politics here in Bridgeport and you were going to get him removed one way or the other. You had me run against him for your own agenda. You speak about Ganim and how he’s bisexual and goes both ways, these are things as a beginner I wouldn’t know but because of my passion you set me up for defeat. I trusted you. I looked up to you. I would have gone to the end for you, but I’m glad I saw the light, now I tell you, like the saying goes the pot calling the kettle black, you are nothing worthy of representing this city, you are a dictator and those who don’t follow you and your will face repercussions. The money on your fundraiser that you lied about fabricating donations given to you so you can meet expectations, that’s illegal. Using my name illegally without my consent is illegal. Stealing my ABs is illegal. So who’s the corrupted one, Maria the tyrant Pereira?

    1. Angel, during the back and forth with me I was always trying to pull your coat and share some advice with you because I don’t know you but you were trying to get involve which is good. You thought I was going after you but I was just trying to slow you down from a lot of things you were writing. Angel, the bad language will cause people not to listen to you and don’t let people bait you into fights you don’t need, Maria is easy to bait and then she keeps on and on not knowing she’s being played.

  22. I am a little disappointed Lennie allowed this to go on. Angel, I understand you are pissed. I do not think it was acceptable on a blog to publicly humiliate Maria. The good news is Maria is a quick wit! She knows how to go for the jugular. I prefer that to not be in writing. Maria has a lot to offer a novice in politics. You do not need to take all of her “Wisdom” as Gospel and I and Maria go at it politically often. We most times do not agree. I just honestly could not imagine doing such vile character assassinations. Words once spoken, more so even written are tough to take back. It’s sort of like standing on the mountaintop and emptying a pillow with feathers, then trying to pick each feather back and put it back in the pillow. When working on a campaign it is teamwork. It really doesn’t matter who takes the credit. People notice. It’s just a job that needs to get done, like passing the baton. I would hope all your hard work is accounted for. I am sorry Maria has let you down. Get over it! Seriously Angel, I am not minimizing your angst. It just isn’t worth it. Good luck though. Personally, I like my battles with Maria, though they have become few and far between since she pissed off the owner of the ’50s Diner. 🙂 I still go there as well as White’s Diner. If you like grits and waffles you go to Newfield Park and Jefferson Street. A small hole in the wall. I like taking my political bullshit sessions there.

  23. Mr. Mackey you are 100% right and at the time I knew no better, but here I am putting my ego to the side, I’m just glad I found out who she is before she continued to use me as she did. Lesson learned.

  24. As far as the ’50s Diner what she did to those people was cruel, they have been in business there for many years, she would walk in and take up a corner of the diner as if it was her own, disrespectful and arrogant as she is, talking down to people as if she were some kind of important person. She got kicked out for trying to tell the owner what to do in his own store, then using politics as a intimidating factor to scare people. Now she hangs out at Tony’s across the street, people in ’50s Diner can’t stand her and it goes to show because they stood up for themselves she decided to try to affect their reputation by fabricating stories about them, that’s her MO.

  25. I need Charlie Stallworth’s number or means of contact if anyone can send me that info I would appreciate it. Oh wait, he’s listed!

  26. Angel, there are now four TC members against Maria. You, the Fonsecas and Helen. If you can get one more TC member you will have control of the TC and Maria will be a paper tiger. Good Luck.

    1. Ron, the intent of your advice is correct. This is an unfortunate situation, and not one person can dispute we live in a culture where a lot less than this exchange led to tragedy. This has gone far beyond everyday bickering in politics. I have no opinion regarding this situation, but I caution all of you to drop it now, because God Forbid if this escalates to a level of harm, you will all question why you fed into it. The First Amendment was not intended to instigate harm. Lennie, my dear friend, stop this now.

          1. No Andy, ask the survivors of those left behind why their loved ones asked for what they got. You’re going into territory that involves human nature and behavior. You’re an adult with a lot of life experience, you should be discouraging this.

          2. Lisa, you are way off base here. I never talked or blogged anyone should be hurt or worse killed. You are blowing things I said out of proportion. Here is what I said. “Sometimes people bring things on themselves with their behavior” and if you don’t like it, Oh Well.

          3. Andy, I don’t for one minute think you would want anyone hurt or worse. Maybe you misunderstood my original remarks, there’s obviously serious contention between two people that shouldn’t be encouraged. They would most likely work it out if they were ignored and left to figure it out. Fanning the flames in this instance could go either way. You’re not the only one on this blog I’m sure innocently participated, but sometimes reasonable adults should know when to zip it.

          4. Lisa, don’t waste your time. Based on their mentality, they believe if a women dresses provocatively and is sexually assaulted, she deserves it.

      1. Lisa, as a City we have too many problems to be getting into a piss war, we are majoring in minor issues. Like Andy said, “Sometimes people bring things on themselves with their behavior” and they won’t listen to anyone.

  27. Angel, you can reach Charlie Stallworth at the City Of Bridgeport, Minority Business office or on Facebook. I am sure as his campaign is heating up you could probably call Mario Testa. You are on the Democratic Town Committee. If you have a political question, I’ll assume Mario is your best choice. If you cannot figure out how to contact an individual running for office, that is a problem, no?

  28. Angel, I read your responses on OIB and I find you reprehensible, not because of what you said about Maria, but the fact you put Andy Fardy, his wife and Ron Mackey on blast because Maria told you to. You don’t know anything about these gentlemen or Mrs. Fardy yet you didn’t hesitate to assassinate their character based on advice from Maria.

    Now you find out what every single person on OIB knows, that being Maria is a vindictive, mean-spirited lady and you now offer apologies to these people. SHAME ON YOU. Over the last 40 years I’ve had my differences with Andy in this forum and in the BFD, but my observations were based on my beliefs, not those of any other person and what you did to him and his wife and Ron are without redemption. You need to be ashamed of yourself, you self-serving weenie.

  29. Angel, DO NOT do anything Steve Auerbach told you, don’t ask Mario anything because you are being set up. You MUST watch what you say, you just can’t let people use you, take a step back and slow down before you speak or write.

    1. Ron Mackey, “Do not do anything Steven Auerbach told you.” Ron, are you an idiot??? Is there anything I said to that individual that was wrong? Incorrect? Questionable? Misguided? or exactly on the money??? Set up??? Set up? WTF are you talking about???

  30. Mr. Day, I have NEVER directed or asked Angel to post a single comment about anyone on OIB. In fact, I asked him to tone it down and to stop using foul language.

    If it is not obvious to you; he is manic and experiencing a psychotic break.

    Four of the TC members strongly urged me to call the police yesterday and two have urged me to call the police today.

    You are inciting a mentally unstable person. He texted Lennie 12 times yesterday in seven hours, he started texting me at 10:30 pm on Friday and he has been texting seven of us incessantly since yesterday morning. His messages and phone conversations are threatening, foul and at times completely incoherent.

    Please do not encourage him because there are those who are completely frightened.

    This is not funny or a joke. Unless you have dealt with him personally and regularly; you have no understanding of his explosive anger and SEVERE mood swings.

    1. Maria, it would be wise for you to stop posting as you are the target of his diatribe. Calling him mentally unstable is just wrong. Please, Please, Please stop posting. Take a breath and relax. You are running for office. Chill! You are asking other people to not comment, yet your comments are pretty potent and could incite violence. Knock it off.

      1. Steve, why is it okay for you to tell Maria to back off but there’s something wrong with me telling Angel the same thing? Angel really doesn’t need to talk to Mario because he ran against Mario and Mario doesn’t like people who challenge him. I hope Maria keeps on talking.

        1. Ron, I didn’t ask you not to tell Angel anything. Your comment was about Mario. He is the head of the Democratic Town Committee. If Angel had a question regarding anything, Mario would be the number one person to go with. I do not think Mario holds any grudge against Angel. It wasn’t as though he took any votes from Mario.

          1. Steve, you’re wrong. Everybody knew Angel couldn’t win but Mario Testa doesn’t like to be challenged.

          2. Ron, I do not think Maria or Angel expected to win at all. I think they accomplished exactly what they set out to do. A protest vote. They wanted to be accounted for. I do not think if Mario were asked a question by Angel he would avoid him. That is petty!

      2. She isn’t wrong. Angel is a person who cannot control his rage. There are people in Success Village who will back that statement up. I also have messages Angel has sent me threatening me.

    2. Maria, why would you have Angel run against Mario Testa for chairman of the Democratic Town Committee when you knew all along these things you say are wrong with Angel, why?

  31. Donald Day all I can say is you’re right. If I could change back time I would have done things differently. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. I apologize to Mr. Fardy and Mr. Mackey.

  32. Mr. Fardy thank you for your advice and Mr. Mackey thank you as well. Right now Im going to focus on helping Mr. Stallworth and find a way where I can be of help in helping him win.

  33. Biting my tongue real hard right now! Just glad the “crazy” continues to be exposed and to expose herself!!! Another lawsuit to a broke Board of Education, yet she “cares” for the children. Keep redirecting the money where it doesn’t belong! Bridgeport needs to seriously step it up together!

    1. How are you biting your tongue when you are missing your front teeth?

      “Crazy” is we have approximately 25,000 BPS parents and the only parents our DPAC President can get to support her at BOE meetings are charter school parents.

  34. Lol. Maria, you are incredibly sad. I’m sorry you can never measure up to my beauty. But since you seem to enjoy throwing money around you can definitely seek medical help for plastic surgery! However, my beautiful gap that is a part of my heritage and passed throughout several family members, continues to be your comeback as a statement being that the fact you do NOT hold true substance or facts on any real issue or concerns. You seek out those targets who do not agree with you and waste your sad personal life on focusing on other people. While we lead amazing lives, filled with love, happiness, loyalty, family, success … the list can go on and on. Sorry you cannot buy those things that make life real.

    DPAC elections were held in November 2015 and what a historical, record turnout! Over 2300 parents voted and to be exact 1,575 Bridgeport “traditional” public school parents voted for Jessica Martinez.

    Stop continually spreading LIES, you know when it is about me I will set the record straight wherever we are. Traditional public, charter public, private, parochial, they are ALL Bridgeport parents, they are all Bridgeport and they are all voters.

  35. No, Jessica. It is you who are sad. Clearly, this man is in need of mental health treatment, and you choose to use it to call me “crazy.” No one asks to be mentally ill no more than someone asks to be diagnosed with cancer.

    Your “gap” is a result of a lack of orthodontist services. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The DPAC is a complete disaster and in chaos under your lack of leadership. The DPAC Executive Board does not support you in any way.

    I doubt you are very knowledgeable on any particular topic, but am 100% positive you don’t possess a wealth of knowledge around public education. I am more than happy to debate you on national, state and local public education policies and issues. You set it up and I will be there. I will work to get every public school parent, grandparent and teacher out to our debate so they can hear their DPAC parent leader for themselves. You can even ask one of the millionaires and billionaires who fund Ex$ell Bridgeport or Charter Schools to fund it.

    I have had several mutual associates and parents tell me you are “obsessed with me.” You regularly bring me up at your executive board meetings, I have received a good amount of screens shots of your postings about me on your Facebook page. I find it so puzzling because I don’t spend my time on you at all.

    I hear you’re running for the BOE with Claudia Phillips, the paid parent organizer for Familie$ for Ex$ellent $chools. I hope it’s true. I know I am looking forward to educating the public about your candidacies.


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