Pat Fardy Yearns For “Thoughts And Prayers” For Husband Andy, Retired Firefighter

Pat Fardy, wife of OIB charter reader Andy Fardy, is “asking for thoughts and prayers for Andy at St. V’s hospital. He cannot take any calls. Just good wishes. Thank You.”

Andy Fardy has been battling a series of health issues for more than a year. A retired city firefighter, he served on the Parks Commission as well as the Democratic Town Committee for many years representing the Upper East Side.

Now he struggles for life, in St. Vincent’s Medical Center, according to his wife.



  1. Friends of OIB,
    Within the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know and respect Andy Fardy. Tough, irascible at times, plain spoken at all times and sure of his position although his mind was always open for a new and better understanding. But until it settled upon him he has been happy to maintain his own viewpoint. How much different is that than many of us? He really cares about other people from those he helped by running towards the fires rather than away from; from those he served as a younger man in military uniform’ and from the youths he worked with as sports coaching filled many years. He does not suffer fools and phonies.
    And while he has been hospitalized for weeks now and breathing remains difficult, he was strong enough to tell Mary Lou and me to “Go home”, tonight when we visited him. Now he asks for us to remember him and his family, especially Pat, his wife. If you pray, add the Fardy family to your prayer list. If you don’t pray, perhaps you will just reflect on a good man who has lived three quarters of a century served his country, city, family and still cares. He has an American spirit, that speaks to “Only in Bridgeport” in simple language. He is a friend of mine. I care about him and love the man he is. About the future, as always, time will tell.

  2. Pat, I am only a few doors down the street. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help.
    I am truly sorry that you and your family are facing this difficult period, but especially during a time when family should be enjoying the holidays together.

  3. Andy is a staple, Bridgeport, political curmudgeon that will have critical input during this important election year… We can’t afford to have him sidelined — especially this year, when change in Bridgeport City Hall is so strongly indicated.

    Hang in there, Andy! Get better in time to offer necessary perspective on the line of candidates that’s starting to take form for the 2019 race…

  4. Pat, my thoughts are with you, please take care of yourself as you lovingly care for my friend, the funniest guy I know, Andy. Please tell him he has to rally back to post again, not only is he the only one who really calls it as it is, he’s the only one who makes me laugh so hard, although I know he doesn’t realize the wit and humor he delivers. He can “poke” with the best of them, but his heart knows when to act. I will have a heart to heart with God and ask Him to please give all of us more time and laughs with Andy.


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