Pass The Stuffing Please, Turkey Of The Year Nominations

Time for the annual Turkey of the Year nominations. So many choices, so many pols stuffed with everlasting narcissism, excuses, whining, bewildering actions, statements and despair. We at OIB are equal opportunity chestnut crushers so we invite your nominations for local, state and federal office. It’s hard not to close nominations right here and now and declare Mitt Romney the winner.

Does Romney’s 47 percent revelation behind closed doors represent the ultimate birdbrain nomination or was it his latest whine that Barack Obama won reelection because of “gifts” to African American, Hispanic and young voters. Even Newt Gingrich called Mitt’s observation “nuts.” Makes you wonder how nuts a Romney administration would have been. Don’t ya just love a “man of faith” who blowtorches half the country?

But hey, we won’t close nominations at Mitt. We’d love to read your nominations because after all politics is game to get even. So let us know if you prefer you favorite pol baked, deep friend, smoked, roasted, grilled or stuffed with an endless dose of reality.



  1. Our current POTUS should be stuffed with his fake birth certificate and roasted over an open fire! Asking a Monk for prayer while visiting Thailand? How this man was given another four years I will never understand! Our country needs prayer for a lot more than his jacked-up budget!!!

    1. I never thought I would see a teabagger commenting here. And what is wrong with the Pres asking a monk for a prayer … and BTW we all know the pres was born here. If you have that much of a problem with our election maybe you can join Mittens on his home planet of Kolob.

  2. I have a few nominations for TURKEY of the Year
    1. Council’s Budget & Appropriations committee
    2. Charter Revision Committee
    3. Members of the Yes group
    4. Bill Finch, Adam Wood and Andy Nunn
    5. Police chief Joe Gaudett
    6. Connecticut Post Editorial Board
    7. The entire council with the exception of Andre Baker.
    8. Democratic Town Committee
    Just to name a few.

  3. I would like to nominate a few of the following:
    Carl Rove
    Dick Morris
    The entire staff at Fox News
    Sarah Palin
    Michelle Bachmann
    Mitt Romney
    John McCain
    Rupert Murdoch
    Linda McMahon
    The editorial staff of the New York Daily News
    Peg Noonan
    Paul Ryan

  4. Christina Ayala because clearly she does not know the rules for hit and run Politicians:
    1) If there is no bridge over a river handy to dump the victim’s car in, then you must eliminate them and the witnesses another way. The most efficient method is to immediately shoot them as there is no time to beat them to death.
    2) “Hit and Run” should not be taken literally. Use a getaway car.

  5. *** Turkey of the year goes to the Charter Revision Committee for “putting & pushing” the Finch BOE question and all their charter changing ideas in one basket! *** FOR FURTHER INFO. GO TO THE CITY’S WEB SITE, NO? *** (wink) ***


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