Park City Wind Project Up In Air

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Eighteen acres of vacant waterfront property is hard to come by in Connecticut, so the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry company’s lot along Seaview Avenue on the harbor stands out.

Based on prior announcements, that prime land is supposed to house a staging area for the construction/maintenance of the off-shore Park City Wind project while the ferry, located across the harbor, prepares to eventually build a new terminal on a portion of the site.

But as the ferry company’s environmental cleanup of its acreage–dubbed Barnum Landing–drags on, the two sides have yet to finalize a lease agreement, even though one was announced in spring, 2021.

… “I’m fairly confident that we will at some point have a deal,” Fred Hall, the ferry company’s general manager, told Hearst Connecticut Media. “We continue to talk … to try to define what exactly the relationship is going to be between the two entities in terms of space utilization.”

Full story here.


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