1. All Covid related expense ie: PPE, Cleaning supplies etc are being closely tracked and are to be charged to the emergency block grant provided by fed funds.

  1. Thanks for running this Mr. Grimaldi. It’s important that the district get this feedback. Schools will be reopening (under current circumstances) for in person or distance learning at the parents choice. This information will allow us to plan for the best possible social distancing and to coordinate bus schedules and distance learning opportunities.

    I’ve been troubled by some parents lashing out at others and bashing each other’s for their choices. One group says “you’re sending your child to school?” Don’t you care about his/her safety?” And the next group saying “oh don’t you care about your child’s education? Don’t you know in person instruction is far superior to distance learning and your child will fall behind?” Here’s what I’d like to say to both of these groups. Both your choices are ok! Neither choice is wrong.

    Some parents will choose distance learning out of an abundance of caution and that’s ok.

    Some parents will send their children to school because the only other option is to either leave their child home alone or quit their jobs. (Not all jobs can be done remotely). Some parents, like myself, with the luxury of choosing either option will choose in person learning after weighing the risk reward ratio of an in person education.

    I understand that these are trying times in the community and many different groups are effected, teachers, parents, children and families. It is through cooperation, community and working together that we could get the best education possible for our students. This can be done while keeping everybody safe as possible from our awesome essential teachers and staff to our most precious children.

    Remember to fill out the survey the option you choose should best fit YOUR circumstances and YOUR comfort level. No decision is wrong, nor is it set in stone. You will have a chance to change your mind.

  2. Joe, the problem with the education of Bridgeport’s children, parents have to choose between a better education or the possibly of killing their children sending them back. A helluva choice for a parent to make!

    1. Mr. Day, I agree with you; it’s one helluva choice for parents to have to make. Where I disagree is that it’s an educational problem. It is more a societal problem that forces parents to choose (in a distance learning model) between working and leaving their children home alone, or forcing them to choose in-person learning.

      The reality is that thousands of Bridgeport parents are going back to work with no place for their children to go, no affordable child care, many children are homeless, or in otherwise impossible situations where school is their only refuge. In-person instruction is also the only place where children can be socialized; especially important for children on the autism spectrum, some who’ve lost years of integration progress in these last few months.

      Until such a time that society provides all workers with affordable childcare, schools will have to fill that role along with many others.
      Now is it fair that schools be responsible for a child’s whole well being and solve societal shortcomings? No, it is not, but it is the current reality we face.

      Now can this current reality be changed by the school system? Yes, it can, but at great cost. If schools refuse to open in CT, this will cause working parents, especially those that cannot telecommute, to either leave their children home alone and in jeopardy, or quit their job. Either way there will be a period of extreme suffering and pain for a whole generation of children. This, in turn, will force the people to rise up as one and demand action. I, however, think the cost of this course of action would be too high to a generation of children; a choice I am not willing to make for them.

      I opt to give parents the right to choose and, hopefully, within this generation of children a group of young minds will rise up and lead the next generation to the equity that has been sought for generations.

  3. Mr. Sokolovic, , please don’t kill your kids. Donald day knows EVERTHING about everything. Translation for what Don Day said is that YOU have a choice and others don’t and Donald day doesn’t like that.

  4. Rich, I know a little about a lot and I know you don’t have a kid, a niece, a nephew or a grandkid that goes to Bridgeport schools so if the children of Bridgeport die after catching COVID 19 they’re just a bunch of Black and Latino kids to you.

    Joseph Sokolovic knows you’re a damn fool and will do what most of us to for you, Pay No Damn Attention To You! He understands it’s a difficult choice for the parents of Bridgeport school children, in fact everyone understands that except your ignorant ass. Any Questions?


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