Parent Advisory Council Hires Pattis In School Board Battle

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

The executive board of the district’s Parent Advisory Council has hired legal counsel to ward off any attempt by the school board to interfere with the organization.

The move to hire Attorney Norman Pattis–who three years ago was successful in reversing a state takeover of the city school board–comes as the board is waiting to hear from its attorney on whether it can do anything about a conflict-of-interest clause written into the parent group bylaws.

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  1. This controversy is being spurred by the usual suspects. Ex$ell Bridgeport, Families for Ex$ellent Shysters, etc. Two charter school parents who are community organizers spoke at the BBOE meeting. Claudia Phillips came to the microphone and announced she is a Bridgeport parent. When she left the microphone I told her, “you forgot to say you are a charter school parent.” She followed up with “we can take this outside.” Her Ex$ell Bridgeport entourage had to tell her to stop. She is fortunate I did not file a police report against her. They brought out at least four other charter school parents. There was a woman walking in with three little children who I had never seen before. I said your children are adorable, what school do they attend? She said “Achievement First.” I asked her did she know the BBOE has no involvement with charter schools. She looked confused and stated she was asked to come because of some parent issue but really didn’t know what was going on. She was gone by 7:00 PM.

    The Bridgeport Public School Parent Advisory Council represents BPS parents exclusively. They receive federal Title I funds to promote parent engagement in the BPS. Charter and parochial schools receive their own Title I funds for their parent organizations.

    These millionaire, billionaire and Wall Street funded organizations have created nothing but problems since they began infiltrating the Bridgeport community in 2011.


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