Paging Jasper McLevy! Chris Taylor’s Socialist Goodies For The Peeps

Taylor mailer
Taylor mailer

Bonanza is a favorite television show of petitioning candidate for mayor Chris Taylor and if you elect him he promises to lavish a bonanza of goodies such as a free laptop, a credit card with $300 limit, free cable and free bicycle for each child and guardian. Quick, get in line for Election Day Nov. 3.

Taylor and Kennedy
The homepage of Chris Taylor’s website features a picture of State Senator Ted Kennedy, left.

Bridgeport hasn’t had a Socialist mayor since penny-pinching Jasper McLevy, 1933-57. McLevy was actually more reformer than Socialist; he was extraordinarily cheap with taxpayer dough. In this bizarre election cycle Taylor has added a folksy peculiarity to forums. He sometimes introduces himself “I am Chris Taylor and I am not perfect, I have done some things in my life” without specificity. He says he will “gladly present my plan for Bridgeport in a Powerpoint presentation to any group of ten or more registered voters.”

From his website:

“Idle time is the hand of the devil.”

I will bring an abundance of fun and interesting activities to Bridgeport. These include:

· Dirt bike track

· Bicycle trick team

· Race track & drag strip

· Deep-water fishing boat

· Hot-air balloon festival

· Tour de Bridgeport

State-of-the-art · senior/community center

· Bridgeport Marathon

· Major League Soccer Team

The idea is to create a fun but safe environment for the people of Bridgeport. Let’s take the exciting stunts performed by the talented people of Bridgeport and give them a safe outlet of expression. We don’t need to sacrifice fun for safety. I am excited to hear about your ideas for Bridgeport’s activities. There is no limit to what we can do.

Torres on bike
Enrique Torres on his bicycle built for two.

Republican mayoral candidate Enrique Torres has a bicycle built for two. Maybe Taylor will hand those out to multi-voter households.



  1. Brilliant, very clever, he is going to get the majority of Ganim supporters! That was brilliant!!! Free laptop, cablevision and bicycle. He is definitely using the Ganim playbook. How about free sneakers?

    1. A promise to hope to give the city a rebate is different from lying to the city, the courts and using taxpayers’ money to buy a million dollar insurance policy sent himself and friends to jail. Which is worse? A parent hoping to buy his child the best education but says he can’t afford it or a man who robs a bank and sends his kid to the best schools and buys him a Porche. Hmmm, I think the $600 rebate would have been nice if the city was not in such bad shape. I think it would have been nice if Ganim did not destroy the reputation of the entire city, retarded economic growth, betrayed the constituency when he swore to uphold the oath of office. What do you think was worse, Hector???

      1. I’M BIASED BUT ANYTHING DONE BY THIS ADMINISTRATION WAS WORSE, you yourself wrote if “Finch drops out you would favor Ganim over the other candidates.”

          1. Hector, leave SA to his prediction. I’m sure his second one will prove to be as accurate as his first.

          2. Lisa, your comment the other day that you only wanted to make Brantley and Olson work harder and that is the only reason you ran is bullshit and I am sure Halstead your partner is also glad he lost because you both only care about Joe Ganim to get him elected. Well Joe won and you both lost. Coincidence? Hardly! Backroom political deals are always painful. Publicly assassinating MJF for Joe is not endearing you to him or anyone. So let me get this straight, when you were door knocking with Halstead you said please vote for Joe but not for myself or Bob?

            My predictions should not concern you on this blog. I think the Finch/Foster combination is a winning one. I cannot even imagine how you can excite any voters who have not already supported Joe. His redemption and forgiveness story is as redundant as convict and Bridgeport is getting better. The voters will get the facts and decide. I am certain you are working as hard for Joe as Carolanne Curry and I am certain Joe would take care of you as he should. But how many jobs can Joe give out if he were in a position to do so?

            Lisa, you and your constituents who voted for Brantley and Olson are very curious as to why you are such a Ganim supporter over Foster, an upstanding, taxpaying, honest and well-connected candidate.

            News Alert News Alert

            Any truth to the rumor Frank Recchia of Channel 12 news is under investigation for his Ganim connection as a candidate for his communications director? I knew it was stranger than normal for News 12 to always be there when Ganim repaired a fence or strolled “The Gardens.” Everywhere Ganim goes, there is News 12. There is more to Bridgeport than Trumbull Gardens, “The Terrace,” to us Bridgeporters, I am not sure how wealthy Easton residents refer to that place. But give them a hamburger and a hot dog and get their vote. I wonder how that area made out under 12 years of Ganim? Obviously, it doesn’t matter!

          3. Lisa, if Ganim wins I will congratulate him. You lost so you would not be a winner and unlike you and Ganim’s supporters, I would not be disrespectful of the sitting Mayor because I care about the city. I believe once Foster starts walking every day for hours and hours she will get her message out. Your assaults on her really speak to your character Lisa, and there is a difference between trash and class. I couldn’t even imagine Foster making a public comments about you the way you did about her. Just plain pathetic!

        1. Hector, if Mary-Jane Foster did not get back in the game, a woman I worked for four years ago and my candidate did not wholeheartedly support her, I would have definitely weighed Ganim over the four other candidates. But alas, fate did not work out that way. How fucking lucky am I, Hector? I have a fusion of Foster and Finch. Two individuals I hold in very high esteem. I care about the future of our city and with the dynamics changing it is clear. If anyone was deluded that the Foster/Finch connection would have me defect, you are crazy! This is not a race about personalities.

          1. SA calm down, you’re going to have a heart attack. Unlike what you claim you did for Bill, I never knocked on one door or made one phone call for Bob or me. I think I can say the same for Bob because I only saw him twice during our victorious primary. As I said, I had no intention of going backward, only for Joe would I do that. What’s amazing is I came within 40 votes of winning a seat I never campaigned for. I know that pisses you off, SA. You can’t stand the fact you’re a loser who backed a loser, and is now backing another loser. After Joe wins in November, what will you do with yourself? I guess you’ll keep up your character assassination against us winners. Alas, we can take it!

          2. Actually Lisa, it doesn’t piss me off. I get the impression Halstead really wanted to be reelected. I can not imagine any just wanting to be on Ganim’s ticket and wanting to lose. I really just cannot imagine and for months you were talking about how bad you wanted to get back on the council and four years ago you wanted to clean house on the DTC. Now forgive me Lisa, I am not a politician, but if my name were on the ballot I would be working my ass off. So just to be clear. Ganim won and you lost. How in hr=ell did that happen? I do not think Halstead shared the same sentiment and if neither of you were out there campaigning, just what were you doing? I mean it doesn’t matter, I feel bad you lost your bid, but now I do not feel bad because losing was your intention. Unlike other bloggers, my goal is what is best for Bridgeport, it doesn’t take an idiot to read the paper and see the concerns of the entire state. I am glad that doesn’t affect you!
            It is all about Bridgeport’s future, not second chances for Bridgeport Kid’s favorite convicted felon. Tells us more horror stories about Mary-Jane Foster and her cracker friends circle. May I remind you, you are white! Ganim’s ability to connect with the impoverished of the city only because the term convict was used 1 million times instead of identifying exactly the lifestyle Ganim made for himself while betraying the city. He affected the lives of many people the least of whom were the taxpayers of the city of Bridgeport. Has Ganim paid any taxes in the city of Bridgeport over the past decade plus? The answer is no.