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 Monday June 25, 2018

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Paging Christina Ayala

December 7th, 2012 · 65 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics, News and Events

Christina Ayala

Christina Ayala, talk to us.

Christina Ayala needs to make a statement. The political jackals are already sniffing around to replace her. The longer she waits to issue a statement the more questions she fields from friends, co-workers and the people from the East Side and Hollow who elected her to represent them in Connecticut’s State House. She’s expected to receive the oath of office as a lawmaker in four weeks. It’s a particular problem when a lawmaker is charged with breaking laws.

This story is not going away. In her defense, she’s been charged twice in separate misdemeanor cases for fleeing the scene of an auto accident and then allegedly engaged in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend. These are not felony charges. She’s put herself in a political pickle, however, that will intensify if she doesn’t speak. There will be court appearances and more questions raised.

Tito Ayala, Andres Ayala

East Side District Leader Tito Ayala, father of Christina Ayala, and Andres Ayala, Christina's cousin, campaign on primary day in August. Andres will receive the oath of office for State Senate in January. Photo by Jim Callahan.

In fact, the political jackals, as well as city scribes, will poke to see what else in her past can be added to the pile.

Even if she declares publicly she’s looking forward to relentlessly representing her constituents, it erases the question so many have raised: will she serve?

OIB has put in a request to Christina for a comment. Christina?


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  • Joel Gonzalez

    Paging Americo Santiago.

    Americo Santiago is full of shit. On June 21, 2012, Andres Ayala contributed $100 dollars to Elect Christina Ayala Committee 2012, as shown on her committee campaign filings under contribution ID #0008.

    “…His campaign manager, Americo Santiago, said Wednesday Andres over the past several months has kept his distance, politically, from Christina, allowing other party leaders to determine whether she would be his successor.”

    “He did not endorse her as saying, ‘Christina Ayala is the candidate I would love to have replace me,’” Santiago said.

    Read more: www .ctpost.com/local/article/Arrest-raises-questions-about-Ayala-s-ability-to-4094781.php

  • Chosen 1


  • Jimfox

    Another great pick by Mario (Clarabell) Testa and the other DTC clowns who picked this jerk!
    It’s funny how Testabell goes silent when it’s time to answer for his party.
    Hey Testabell! Communicate by honking your horn for “yes” or “no.”
    Oh no! Here comes the spray of seltzer right in my face!
    Who’s the funniest clown we know?
    Who’s the clown on Finch’s show?
    His feet are big, his tummy’s stout,
    But we could never do without,
    Testa, Testa, Testabell!

    Who has fuzzy-wuzzy hair?
    It’s partly red but mostly bare.
    And since the day that he was born,
    He’s honked and honked and honked his horn.
    Testa, Testa, Testabell!

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Jim, I get it. You don’t like Testa but where is your anger at John Stafstrom? Stafstrom has more to say in the Finch administration than Testa has.
    Testa did not pick Christina Ayala to run her district, the town committee did. There was nothing in her background that would have given a warning to her present antics. BTW the poem sucked!

    • Jimfox

      Thanks for the information Andy, I was a past member of Faifield DTC for over 25 years and also a district leader for 10, I know how it works.
      What pisses me off is how great Bridgeport would have been if the right people were in control.
      I look at Stamford, Hartford and New Haven all building their futures, all with cranes in the sky.
      We can’t even get Steelpointe up and running.
      I look back on the past 30 years and what have we to show for it? Not even a box store, not even a grocery store in the 138th.
      We need a five-year Master Plan for Bridgeport. We have to stop living hand to mouth.

  • Black Rockin

    If this C. Ayala does not live in the district she represents, is that on taking the oath of office for said representation is she breaking the law?
    She seems to be good at that.

    • Andrew C Fardy

      She has three months from the time she is sworn in to move into the district.The last one I remember who ran and won and did not live in the district was Bob Keeley who beat Gabe Biafore. Keeley never moved into the district but later had the district lines change so he was then in the district. To me it’s simple and the law should be changed: if you don’t live in a district at the time of the election you should not be able to run in that district.

  • Black Rockin

    Thanks Andy, I have another question.
    Is 1106 North Ave. in her district?

  • Up On Bridgeport

    Miss Demeanor needs to change her demeanor.
    She should come out with a statement that acknowledges her alleged misdeeds. Ask for the people’s understanding and seek some type of help. Jutting her chin out and chewing gum in front of a judge is not the Fifth she should be taking.

    • The Bridgeport Kid

      To Lennie’s credit she has been charged with two misdemeanors but they both reflect poorly on her character and morality. Leaving the scene of an accident and smacking her boyfriend (a man with a criminal record of drug convictions) does not look good. She needs to make a statement and/or resign.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Another political mess. Mario Testa is conspicuously silent on the issue but his minions have been speaking up.

  • Jim Callahan

    Years back there was a state representative who had his home address in the Hollow on Grand Street, Catherine Street–something like that. I checked. A teenage girl who was mumbling probably in Portuguese let me into an apartment and showed me a room with a beat-up bed in it.

    “Here. He lives,” she said with her hand out at the disheveled mess.

    It looked more like her younger brother might have been living there and was absent at the time. The young lady wasn’t sharing much. “Here,” she kept saying to my questions.

    Perhaps the rumors were true that the state representative was living at Fairfield Beach. But, you know, he was a statesman. No one cared. And he had a flop someone was willing to speak for.

  • Up On Bridgeport

    Vinny Row Birdie!

  • Hector A. Diaz

    If we started verifying addresses there would be some empty seats, Senate seats included. I know Tita to be an intelligent young woman.

    • Grin Ripper

      At least she lives in Connecticut!

    • Bob

      Doesn’t Mario live in Monroe and keeps an apt over his restaurant including having had one at the old location near Capital Ave?

      • Sonny

        Wow Bob, I’m happy you said that about Mario. I’ve always wanted to say it, but I was afraid of a “Mob Hit.” This Christina Ayala fiasco has brought up something I’ve been curious about for a very long time. However this blog is about Christina. I’m going to write about the suspected politicians who don’t live in their districts. As for Ms. Ayala’s misdeeds and the shadow that has been cast on her relatives, in particular Andres, that’s a family matter. As for Christina’s expired registration, unpaid property taxes on her automobile might also be a problem for her. I’d say to Christina don’t let politics cause your life to become an open book, bow out. You have become yet another chink in the armor of Bridgeport.

  • Mojo

    *** What is the big deal concerning this young lady? Her district town committee recommended her and she was endorsed by the 90-member DTC. She ran with the machine and won the primary and then the general election by many votes. She showed poor judgement during her fender bender, then months later she and her boyfriend were arrested due to a domestic dispute where she called the cops. No one in the Bpt Democratic party has really stepped up to support or condemn Ms. Ayala; also, she’s innocent ’til proven guilty! None of this is really new to Bpt politics where most of our local representatives are poor legislators let alone any type of so-called role models. Other than an overkill source of local news, it’s just another day in Zombieland, no? Oh, did anyone catch the editorial section in the Post today about the coal-burning factory in Bpt? I wonder who really wrote the article; any ideas OIBers? *** THE BEAT GOES ON! ***

  • Hector A. Diaz

    She was voted in by her constituents, all she owes us is to go Hartford and bring back whatever $$$ she can.

    • Godiva2011

      Mojo and Hector A. Diaz–while I am inclined to say slapping a drunken boyfriend isn’t exactly a heinous crime, let me ask both of you a hypothetical question if I may. If the young woman in the vehicle she splattered all over the road (who could have been severely injured or even dead) was your daughter, would either of you have such a cavalier attitude about Ms. Ayala’s negligence?

      • Hector A. Diaz

        I was not present at any of these situations. I am not and will not condone the actions of another, as much as I will not sit in judgment of another. It’s not my place, was merely stating a fact. It is totally up to Christina to decide what she will do. I do know and care for the young lady who was involved in the prior situation. I resent your characterization of me and Mojo as cavalier. You don’t know us. Mojo and I post in our names, we don’t hide behind any handle. Until you do the same you should refrain from personifications, it’s not really a good fit.

        • Godiva2011

          You evaded my question quite adeptly, if I do say so myself! If you and Mojo (a name or a handle?) choose to post in your own names, well then far be it for me to judge–or do likewise if I don’t choose to. You stated you do not sit in judgement, but you did pass judgement on me rather quickly. My point was all you thought was important is for her to go to Hartford and bring home bucks to Bridgeport. If it were my choice to make in this situation, I would certainly require my state rep to exercise better judgement and respect for the position, rather than attempt to use it as a bargaining chip when being placed under arrest.

          • Booty

            With Mojo, it’s more of a nickname. Mojo has never hidden who he is. In case you’ve been reading with your blinders on, he is Rafael “Ralph” Mojica, a past (and maybe future?) city councilman and a frequent contributor to OIB.

          • Joel Gonzalez

            Get your booty in bed.

      • Joel Gonzalez

        Now you are thinking logically.

      • Joel Gonzalez

        Touchdown, Godiva2011!!!

      • Mojo

        *** Let’s not forget Ms. Ayala had her children in her car. Also you can paint the picture any way you want and it would make a difference if someone got hurt but that was not the case, was it? So it makes it a poor driver judgement fender bender at the time by trying to beat the light and panicking and leaving the scene. Let’s stay with the facts and also remember Ms. Ayala is not officially a State Rep yet. It is human to err and learn from your mistakes and become a better person for it. If Ms. Ayala messes up while a State Rep, she’s already got two strikes against her in the public’s view which maybe her undoing. *** TIME WILL TELL ***

    • Godiva2011

      Perhaps you should set the bar a little higher. The constituents who voted for her have every right to expect better from someone they placed their confidence in.

    • Joel Gonzalez

      The problem is just that–getting to Hartford.

  • Mojo

    *** Almost forgot, she does not live in the district she will represent, not the first time nor the last, no? There are pols now who don’t even live in Bpt let alone the district they represent. What else are they going to dig up on this young girl they don’t bother to do or have done in the past on others? How about starting with Finch and the 90 members of the Bpt DTC when done with Ms. Ayala! *** HERE WE GO! ***

  • The Fixer

    The young lady has a bad attitude. She showed no remorse in either case and acted like a spoiled brat in court. People are fools if they think she will behave any differently in Hartford. She doesn’t deserve the seat and only got it due to her name recognition and the power of the machine. The last thing Bridgeport needs is this arrogant kid representing us. Dottie Guman was interviewed on WTNH today and said how disappointed she was with the Ayala kid. Dottie is the first disappointed Bpt pol to speak out. There should be more. Many more.

    • Godiva2011

      It’s reasonable to say most reasonable people feel the same way, and more will be speaking out against this matter. If she does end up in Hartford, exactly how little credibility will she have among her peers, not just the Bridgeport delegation, but the entire state? The brash behavior she demonstrated towards the judge would indicate to me she has little or no respect for the laws of the state she was chosen to uphold, let alone make future decisions on passage of new laws. I find that very disturbing.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    “… She’s put herself in a political pickle …”
    The problem now is the CT Post and those waiting to take the seat will slice the pickle she is in. After what I heard and saw this evening, it’s going to be very difficult to roll the pickle up the hill.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    I finished writing an analysis and sent it to Lennie and after I saw this article from Keila it’s right down the alley of my piece. Lennie, YOU GOT MAIL.

    “No one answered the door Thursday at the Noble Avenue address Ayala listed as her residence on the campaign committee report she filed in June. Two women, who drove up and parked their car in front of the multi-family house, rushed, ignoring a reporter. A man living in the house next door said he knew who Ayala was, but hadn’t seen her since she knocked on his door asking for his vote earlier this year.”

    Read more: www .ctpost.com/local/article/Voters-divided-on-Ayala-s-fitness-for-office-4098285.php

  • Zena Lu

    Christina has effectively made a cartoon out of her election to public office. I myself possess no tolerance for reprehensible behavior such as this, exhibited by an elected public official. She is not in my district, for this am grateful, as I am quite satisfied with the State Rep we elected over in this neck of the woods.

    I stand by the opinion there is no substantial reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has done nothing to earn it, but conversely, has earned two big demerits on her report card even before she is sworn in.

    I agree she needs to make some kind of statement to squelch the noise in the court of public opinion. Although I am convinced she is a bad fit for the State House, I am also of the opinion every coin has two sides. We have seen tails; heads, Tita?

  • Ernie Newton

    Ms. Ayala made a mistake. Everyone is so fast to judge. Half the people in elected office don’t live in their districts, maybe Christine could slap some of the OIB members making these comments. lol.

    • yahooy

      Not surprised.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Ernie, some people forgive people like you because you paid for your mistakes. Coming to the defense of people like Christina Ayala makes it clear where your head is at. I agree with Zena Lu. I am glad she is not in my district. Her familial relationship hurts the credibility of Andres Ayala. I believe Andres has a big future in politics. A respectable voice for Bridgeport as a whole and the Latino community. His cousin is like a huge weight around his neck. She needs to go. She needs to go now! She is not worthy of the office she was elected to. The DNC should demand her resignation immediately!

  • yahooy

    Word around the BPD is one of the arresting officers allegedly wanted to add a felony charge of obstruction because Miss State Rep elect belligerently demanded she should be immune from the assault charge because of her election to the State House. Cooler heads prevailed realizing all the noise coming from this spoiled brat with a big mouth and a little brain was just that … noise. Much of what we can expect when she takes her seat in the house; and she will.

  • Ernie Newton

    Steve, I don’t agree it was rumored Andres didn’t live in his Rep district. We are so fast to judge others. People make mistakes in all walks of life, we never look at the good people do in their lives. JUST SAYING! Make one mistake and that’s all we remember.

    • invincible

      People wake up! There are a few “politicos” who do not live in their district. Go knock on their, supposedly, address. You will surely find out they do not reside there.

    • Joel Gonzalez

      I’m not too sure he (Andres) can explain the evidence that exists that shows he has lived in countless addresses in the district. He–nor his campaign manager Americo Santiago–are in no position to criticize Christina Ayala. I hear a few elected officials are starting to change the utilities and phone record addresses to reflect their residential addresses.

  • Ernie Newton

    I’ll be at the OIB party, hope to meet Mr. yahooy Mr. Perfect!

  • Ernie Newton

    Piss you off! lol.

  • Mojo

    *** Once again OIBers should stick to the “facts” instead of their “assumed personal opinion guess” as to what the young lady demanded or said to the officer at the scene, no? It’s bad enough this young person who’s interested in serving her district, etc. has two strikes against her even before she actually has the job and it brings back black-eye negative gossip about Bpt politics in general. *** FACTS ***

  • Ernie Newton

    I’m still here, yahooy! Not going anywhere. Just remember, 1700 plus.

  • yahooy

    Still here doing what? With cheap-shoe politicos like you, the city isn’t going anywhere either.

  • yahooy

    BTW. You got 1700 votes. The other guy got more. Dummy. The people did speak. What’s next? Pope?

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