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 Sunday August 19, 2018

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Paging All Fashionistas–Check Out Pol Apparel

December 7th, 2017 · 20 Comments · Analysis and Comment

Newton maroon

Ernie Newton marooned on City Council never disappoints in threads.

The comments section of OIB often takes on a life of its own, given the nature of critical thinkers. The other day the threads of public officials dominated a thread so we figured why not showcase a number of pols for fashion plate nominations. Suit up and let us know your thoughts.

Maria Pereira

Maria Pereira, The piranha look.

Ganim, Mario, St. Pats

Mayor Joe Ganim and Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, the St. Pat’s appeal.

City Councilman Marcus Brown. Did someone say GQ?

City Councilman Marcus Brown. Did someone say GQ?

Moore senate Dems

State Senator Marilyn Moore class in glass.

The no dealy Bob Keeley  style.

The no dealy Bob Keeley style.

City Council trifecta look, Alfredo Castillo, Maria Zambrano and Council pres Aidee Nieves.

City Council trifecta look, Alfredo Castillo, Maria Zambrano-Viggiano and Council prez Aidee Nieves.

Lauretti ringmaster

Gubernatorial candidate Mark Lauretti Barnumesque look.

Mickey Herbert, Brewport

BRBC prez Mickey Herbert salute

Lee red boots 2017

Government watchdog John Marshall Lee red booted look.

Kayo Stamford

Former Ethics Commissioner Dr. Noel Kayo living-it-up look.

Jim Fox

Jim “Sonny” Fox radio ga ga  persona.

DiNardo, fundraiser

Legendary city developer Sal DiNardo let’s-cut-a-deal  style.

Jimmy Honis

Former Deputy Chief Jimmy Honis Kid Rock look.

Tom McCarthy St Pats

Former City Council President Tom McCarthy sayonara attire.

Maritza Bond

City Health Director Maritza Bond pearl wisdom look.

Kimberly Staley

Chief Administrative Officer Kimberly Staley’s pearl wisdom.


Former mayoral candidate Mary-Jane Foster “glory be, glad they didn’t elect me” look.

John Weldon

John Weldon, “Do-I-really-wanna-be-school-board-president?” wax.

Av Harris

Mayoral aide Av Harris “oy vey!” look.

Dennis Bradley

School board member Dennis Bradley schmooze look.

David Walker

Gubernatorial candidate David Walker bomber jacket stylin’

Torres tattoo

Former City Councilman Rick Torres’ solidarity look.

Herron primary day

City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron I-was-robbed look.

Himes, Finch trunks

Congressman Jim Himes and former Mayor Bill Finch freezin’ for a reason skins.

Gomes cigar

Deputy Chief Administrative Officer John Gomes, “yeah-I’m bad” profile.

Stafstrom on camel

Ex BarFest ringmaster John Stafstrom riding in style look.

Aresta Johnson council

School chief Aresta Johnson “the-students-need-more-money” apparel appeal,

Speedy Gonzalez

Former City Councilman Joel “Speedy” Gonzalez threads.

Trump Pinocchio

Need we say more?



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