Oops! Lamont: Shipment Of At-Home Covid Tests Delayed

From Hearst CT Media:

A plan to get 500,000 at-home COVID-19 tests kits to state residents before New Year’s Eve appears unlikely after Gov. Ned Lamont acknowledged an issue with the deal made to purchase the kits from a California company.

The state had promised the tests to towns and cities for distribution to residents as early as Wednesday, but the timetable was pushed back to Thursday and then left unclear.

When asked, Lamont said Thursday: “That particular shipment is not on its way. Other shipments I believe will be on their way, subject to enormous caveats … I’d like to say we are going to have more testing coming in the next 72 hours.”

The message from the governor ends about two days of confusion over when the tests would arrive and be ready for distribution to residents. The governor’s office provided few details about the situation throughout the day Thursday until the governor addressed the media just after 5 p.m.

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  1. I still don’t understand the concept of testings without systems. At least now they are saying you only need/should be tested if you have systems.

    On the bright side, based on the date, Google, we had three-ish waves, and the deaths have decreased substantially in each preceding wave. As of now, in this wave, in CT, starting in Nov and Dec we have close to 100,000 new cases and 350 deaths. That is a .0035% death rate. So the survival rate is 99.9965%.

    Now there’s a matrics to those numbers, vaccinated, unvaccinated, age, health, and so forth. The is good news, those are influenza viruses’ numbers, however, it seems highly more contagious and crosses over the flu season. Which mean the death will be more than the influenza viruses.

    If this thing doesn’t fad out the Spanish Flu pandemic, and this waves continue we will see if the decrease in the numbers of deaths was because the vaccination rate high and had an effect, because the vaccinating rate is going to be nowhere as it is now. Even those the booster vaccine is very slow 10%. We know the vaccinated is neither being prevented from cathing the Covid viruse, nor dying from it. To the extent, Google not saying.

    I guess the rubber is going to hit the road in the coming year. But the Covid Pill will be out. JS

    Any rate, I depart with the Prophit Eminem. Peace out OIB


  2. Bottom line,we have to deal with this on our own,Biden isn’t competent enough to handle this,and state gov’t seems to depend on the fed gov’t,so here we are…Take care of ourselves,and each other, is our best path..

  3. How the hell do you announce that the state is getting 500,000 at home tests,direct each city/town to have people sign up quickly for them so they can be distributed quickly, when you haven’t even secured the tests??.., It’s mind boggling,You don’t announce anything till the dam test kits are actually under the state’s control, in a warehouse.In the corporate world, this would grounds to be fired… And I’d be willing to bet that Biden’s big announcement that everyone in the country will be able to go on a website( that has yet to be developed btw)and order tests to their house, won’t be up and running till the Spring,if at all…

  4. Happy New Year to all readers of OIB, especially those who can find the “good news” of each day among that which is often presented to us that is critical of all leadership in chaotic times.
    As Robert T tells us, the death rate seems to be low at this moment, and from other sources we learn that hospitals are less than 100% utilized. After the news of the past 22 months, even if the COVID numbers are increasing, why get upset with announced but unfulfilled testing material when we have not had a broad testing and tracking process in place as a State or nation.?

    A century ago, when the so-called Spanish flu, attacked the world , ill prepared for such a pandemic as it was gearing up for US military entry to WWI, our mortality rate among the young, healthy, military trainees was about 50% of out national total of flu deaths and war deaths from the book The GREAT INFLUENZA by John Barry, a worthwhile read. Most recent is Michael Lewis with The PREMONITION which is a factual counter to much of what was initially put out by the President in the White House at the time.

    When folks run around finding fault with anyone and everyone with an opinion to share, we face an angry world unfortunately. Searching for our own way of maintaining our health and that of those around us, doing our best to maintain basic health, with nutrition, hydration, sleep and some vitamins perhaps as RT suggests is a steady approach that leaves the world around us better off it seems to me. As ever, time will tell.


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