One’s A ‘Baby’ The Other Throws ‘Tantrums’–A Trump Blood Transfusion

As a long-sought state budget deal appears headed for a legislative vote, there’s still time for some last-minute barbs between Governor Dan Malloy and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides. Could a blood transfusion from Donald Trump be far behind?

From the Hartford Courant:

Klarides added, “I do not understand how the person that is supposed to be the leader of this state just sits in that office or wherever he goes and throws bombs at people. … The second that we went off and met on our own, he acted like a baby. There is no place for a baby leading the state. So unfortunately, we had to take over.”

Kelly Donnelly, Malloy’s chief spokeswoman, offered an angry rebuke, comparing Klarides to President Trump and accusing her of political posturing.

“Rep. Klarides is channeling the language and tactics of President Trump, which is fitting given her support for him,” Donnelly said. “She’s clearly upset that the governor’s strong advocacy against stealing from our pension funds forced Republicans to abandon that bad idea. We can only hope that her tantrums are an indication that she had to give up on other budget gimmicks and phony math in order to come to a budget agreement.”

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        1. Come on,Ron,what kind of question is that? Knocking doors,talking to people. I have two signs on my property. It’s called getting Pete Spain and Christina Smith getting elected to the City Council.

  1. “We must never regard as ‘normal’ the regular and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals. We must never meekly accept the daily sundering of our country — the personal attacks, the threats against principles, freedoms and institutions, the flagrant disregard for truth or decency, the reckless provocations, most often for the pettiest and most personal reasons, reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the people that we have all been elected to serve. . . .

    “If we simply become inured to this condition, thinking that this is just politics as usual, then heaven help us. Without fear of the consequences, and without consideration of the rules of what is politically safe or palatable, we must stop pretending that the degradation of our politics and the conduct of some in our executive branch are normal. They are not normal.

    “Reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as ‘telling it like it is,’ when it is actually just reckless, outrageous, and undignified.

    “And when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else: It is dangerous to a democracy. Such behavior does not project strength — because our strength comes from our values. It instead projects a corruption of the spirit, and weakness.

    “It is often said that children are watching. Well, they are. And what are we going to do about that? When the next generation asks us, ‘Why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you speak up?’ — what are we going to say? . . .

    “I rise today to say: Enough.”

    Senator Jeff Flake, R-Arizona

      1. Frank, my questioning you about the election in the 130th district was my way of seeing how strong your committed is to Pete Spain and Christina Smith getting elected to the City Council. Frank, your reply was right on point. Frank, you, Bob Walsh, Bob Halstead and Derek all came out if good comments about getting involve and giving support even a candidate is in another district. This must continue all the way to March 2018 for the election of entire 90 member Democratic Town Committee and their elected officers.

  2. Get me the dem voting list please. I will call and visit anyone I know over there. I wonder which way the St Augustine Alumni Association will be leaning. Or have they all moved out?

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