One Day Until Tsunami Tuesday–Pick Your Horse

The last mail pieces are dropping. Phone lines have hit a feverish pitch. Campaign operatives have identified their votes. Now it’s just a matter of yanking them out the door. That’s what you do in primaries.

In most of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford Democrats will decide if Ernie Newton cements his quest for redemption, incumbent Ed Gomes solidifies warhorse status or State Rep. Andres Ayala makes history as the first Latino to represent Bridgeport in the State Senate. All the campaign camps say they have enough votes to win, it’s a question of dragging them to the polls.

The Ayala camp will likely start the day with the most votes judging by the return of absentee ballots. That means Ayala just needs to stay close on the machines. The Gomes camp hopes its ground operation and name recognition of their candidate will provide a machine-count cushion. The Newton camp says it has the most passion and it’s passion that goes to the polls. Gomes has been endorsed by the Connecticut Working Families Party so that means he has a ballot spot in November. Will he keep the November ballot spot if he does not prevail Tuesday?

Callahan, Gomes, LeBeau
State Senator Ed Gomes, center, yucks it up with State Senator Gary LeBeau, right, and at left OIB special correspondent Jim Callahan Monday afternoon at Gomes' headquarters. LeBeau and Senate Leader Don Williams were in the city Monday to help Gomes' campaign.

The city’s East Side and the Hollow provide the added dimension of the State House battle between endorsed Democrat Christina Ayala and challenger Angel Reyes who will appear on the ballot on Line B right after Andres Ayala who relinquished his seat to run for State Senate.

Oh, did we forget about the statewide races? Fifth District Congressman Chris Murphy, the endorsed Democrat, faces a challenge from former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz for U.S. Senate and Bridgeport resident Chris Shays is challenging Linda McMahon on the Republican side for U.S. Senate. The respective winners will face off in the November general election.

(Note about video above: Newton campaign strategist Vinny Mangiacopra’s having some fun with Gomes Campaign Manager Marty Dunleavy who Vinny says was talking trash. Video has a few naughty words. Those words are never used in political campaigns, are they?)



  1. #1. Remember, you cannot ‘redeem stupid.’

    #2 None of the candidates show a record of accomplishment that improved the lives of their constituency. Newton, if you will recall, actually stole from them in addition to doing absolute nothing for them.

    #3. I have it on good authority LOCAL EYES is actually Lennie in drag.

  2. *** Not for nothing but just the fact Newton’s got Vinny as his campaign strategist gives him a big up in the ‘hood with the younger voters, no? But still, ABs will decide this primary when it’s all said and done; who will it be? As for the rest running, it’s been a bit of a sleeper in Zombieland. In ending, I wish I could vote for Shays in the primary but can’t as a registered Dem, but I wish him “good luck!” ***

    1. Hello Denise Merrill! You clearly don’t have the guts to come in early–any chance you’ll have the guts to nail these snakes on their ABs and polling place shenanigans tomorrow??? My bet is no. Go be a grandmother, it becomes you. SOS, not so much.

  3. In terms of the election, whoever does win and takes the majority vote of the district, I hope they keep in mind the qualities of a good politician, which are to have good reasoning skills and an ability to act in accord with virtue. Self- serving politicos need not apply … The people will assert their rights and assert their power. Zombie coffee anyone?

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