OMG! Time For Blackmail Photos

Get a load of this from city Dems:

Please join

Democratic Candidate for Governor

NANCY WYMAN State Comptroller
Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor


DICK BLUMENTHAL Attorney General
Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate

to kick off the general election campaign in Bridgeport

Monday, September 27, 2010
7:30 p.m.

Democratic Headquarters
1332 North Avenue, Bridgeport

Refreshments will be served

Please bring your family and friends!

Hosted by:

Mayor Bill Finch

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa

State Senators Anthony Musto and Ed Gomes

State Representatives Chris Caruso, Jack Hennessy, Andres Ayala, Auden Grogins, Don Clemons, Ezequiel Santiago

Imagine the photo possibilities? The mayor making nice with the Big Wave? Priceless. Mario and Dan Malloy in a big embrace? Could a stiletto be far behind? Dan, make sure you have a campaign aide taste-test those refreshments! Can’t ya just feel the conversation, the bubbly, the love, glasses caressing?

Malloy: “Here’s to the greatest town chair in the state of Connecticut, Mario Testa!”


Malloy: “Mario, please lead us in a salute.”

Mario: “Dan, no you please drink first.”

Malloy: “No, Mario, I insist. It would not be gracious of me to lead in a salute. Please, drink up.”

Mario: “Well, Mr. Maybe Governor, maybe we should allow our former town chair Mr. Stafstrom to lead the toast.”

Stafstrom: “Certainly, Mr. Chairman, I would gladly lead in a salute if we were toasting from the law offices of Pullman and Comley. Maybe we should ask our esteemed State Representative Chris Caruso to sip the first taste.”

Caruso: “I don’t drink. That’s the trouble with this party. Too much drinking. Not enough ravioli. In a gesture of goodwill I say we allow our honorable Mayor Bill Finch to tongue the first spirits.”

Finch:  “Screw this, I’d rather be flyfishing the Pequonnock River.”



  1. Politics make strange bedfellows, such is true.
    But these people make me sick.

    Think Malloy really will forget Bpt didn’t back him? If he does I hope he loses as he is dumber than dirt. There will be a lot of dirty knees, get the stomach pumps ready.

  2. *** Is it going to be a political halloween party with masks, candy & dunking for apples too? Wish there were enough “caring voters” in Bpt to picket across the street & send a “real message” to the Dem Party in general. *** FORGETABOUTIT ***


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