1. ***This women’s not looking for money, & the statue of limitation time has past. So why bring up these personal accusations after such a long time? Maybe to get back at him after all these years of dealing with these deep emotions; since he’s in the process of maybe going into the political judicial history books of the U.S. Supreme Court? I tend to believe her rather than him, especially since he’s already been lying to the commission about other past issues! He’s like most of the other Trump staff in general, standing on shakey ground with a fork-tongue & a bag of tricks that has a hole in the bag? ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

  2. Watched a ton of news coverage on this and it seems incredibly unfair and suspect.

    First, this takes place 35 years ago, described as a drunken assault where she feared for her life. Never told a girlfriend or family member which I find doubtful, she can’t remember many of the specific details, The two boys absolutely deny this happened.

    Second, it seems to have come out in couple counseling many years later, kind of a repressed memory. Who knows how things have transpired in her life, her marriage and what tricks the mind and memory might play?

    Third, the timing seems incredible as does her wish for anonymity. She brings the story to a Dem Congresswoman and then retains a Democratic activist lawyer who suggest a polygraph. She passes the test but all that proves is she believes what she says.

    Fourth, Sen Feinstein enters the picture and this shapes up to be a calculated political ambush. She leaks the name, knowing the press would out the women just prior to the vote while she had everything for three months, met privately and publicly with Kavanaugh and never said a thing?

    If Kavanaugh was the predator that many of the talking class and political class suggest, logic dictates that there would have been more than one incident. This seems even more likely when he truly had risen to powerful position that were he a snake, he could have exploited.

    How often is a sexual exploiter One and Done? That certainly was not the case with Weinstein, Moonves, Rose, O’Reilly, Ailes, Lauer etc. Absolutely no pattern when it comes to Kavanaugh. I’ve known a couple of guys that were not in the limelight and their sexual harassment was a pattern, not an isolated incident.

    Over the 35 years on the other hand, Kavanaugh has risen through the ranks without any hint of this. He’s also been investigated a number of times as he rose. Crickets.

    Sorry. It doesn’t add up to me. Certainly not

    1. Denis OMalley, let me ask you a question and I mean no disrespect, ask women in your family if they have ever felt threatened or violated by male of any age in their life and how did they feel and did they make a report to the police and did they tell anyone?

          1. Well summarized by Denis OMalley, although there are additional reasons to believe this is just a last-ditch effort by the obstructionist democrats to derail the confirmation.

            President Trump, in a rare example of calmness and composure, has endorsed a hearing by the senate committee to address this unsubstantiated eleventh-hour allegation and proceed to confirmation.

      1. Ok..Tom White,, Give us a break. Trump has no credibility on issues of misogyny. A proven adulterer. A proven sexist who looks at women’s bodies for his own personal titallation. Trump..”Grab ’em by the pussies.” Tom White, you say “Donald trump.in a rare example of calmness and composure.” Come on ,Tom. Every White House Aide is tying Trump down from a twitter orgasm. And it just may happen. Donald Trump is the best student of Roy Cohn.

  3. Ron Mackey – From Matt Walsh’s column today: “But if we are playing the “What if it was your child” game, why don’t we consider it from the other angle? Why are we only ever encouraged to put ourselves in the woman’s shoes or the woman’s father’s shoes? Why don’t we try to empathize with the other party concerned?

    What if your son was on the cusp of some huge achievement and a woman came forward with no evidence and no witnesses and accused him of attempting to assault her years ago? What if your son’s life and career were being ripped to shreds because someone said he did something some time in the 1980s somewhere in Maryland? What if your son was subjected to unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, unproven, yet disprovable, allegations?

    What would you do then? Would you assume he’s a rapist? Would you automatically take the accuser’s side? Would you throw him to the wolves?”

    Or would you demand that he be treated as innocent until proven guilty?”

    1. Denis, again it’s a white male position of power that makes the decision of a women body. Denis what federal or state law regulates a man’s body? Denis do the women in your life feel that President 45 has been honest about his relationship with the women who have charges against him?

  4. Ron,
    Judge Kavanaugh has said he wasn’t at the party. That should be good enough for you. Mind you and Ford said that she couldn’t remember when exactly the party was but none the less Judge Kavanaugh remembers he wasn’t there no matter when it was. His lips a moving.

  5. Ron – Not sure that we disagree on this all that much. Yes, the women in my life thinks Trump is a philandering jerk as do I. But for me, that was long ago baked into the cake. That does not make Kavanaugh a bird of the same feather. My point to you earlier, unless there is really demonstrable evidence that Kavanaugh did what he is accused of, I do not see how a last-minute accusation that has all the earmarks of a political hit job, sprung at the 11th hour should disqualify the guy.
    Does this not look a little bit like a set-up to you? All the other recent high profile casualities all had repeated pattern of behavior yet Kavanaugh is one and done?
    Frank, we don’t know each other but you seem to demean everybody that does not hold your position. That’s a frustrating way to go through life.

    1. Denis, I know a number of women who have been traumatized by sexual assault that happen when they children and as adults and they have that pain and experience their whole life. Some of these women are firefighters and police officers. They blame their self, they feel embarrassed, some are scared to come forward to talked about what happened because they feel that their husband or family and love ones will reject them. Man can be a outstanding person but that doesn’t mean that they can do something out of character. American society stills doubt women when they come forward to speak out on anything and especially a sexual assault. “Me Too” movement is here now and they are speaking out. Those 11 white male Republican Senators will look like bullies next week.

  6. Trump’s approval rating is hovering around 30%. More than half the country wants him impeached. Tom White, like any good little worker be, is following orders.

  7. Just a reminder that only a few short months ago the woman who publicly accused Roy Moore of assault while she was a teenager had her house burned down. HAD HER HOUSE BURNED DOWN.

    But yea, sure, women love to go through this. They benefit so much by making stuff up.

  8. Now that President Trump is advocating for a hearing as Democrats have demanded, Ford’d lawyer is saying her client should not be thrust into the public spotlight without (another) investigation by the FBI prior to the hearing.

    Delay. Distract. Derail.

    Has Ford and her attorney been booked for an appearance on ‘The View’ yet?

    Ron Mackey has his fingers on his computer keyboard, ready to type, thinking, WWWS (What Would Whoopi Say)

    1. Tom White, I wasn’t going to reply to your wise ass comment, “Ron Mackey has his fingers on his computer keyboard, ready to type, thinking, WWWS (What Would Whoopi Say).” But I’m not going to let you be white and use your dog whistle about Whoopi Goldberg. Here is just a little something about her.

      (“Whoopi Goldberg”) Caryn Elaine Johnson is an American actress, comedienne, author, and television host. She has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards and is one of the few entertainers to have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award. She was the second black woman to win an Academy Award for acting. She is the recipient of the 1985 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding One-Person Show for her solo performance on Broadway. She has won three People’s Choice Awards. She has been nominated for five American Comedy Awards with two wins (Funniest Supporting Actress in 1991 for Ghost and Funniest Actress in 1993 for Sister Act). In 2001, she won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

    2. You need to wean yourself from the pablum the GOP offers. The woman claiming Kavanaugh molested her is not making this up. We’re not talking about Stormy Daniels. The victim is a university professor.

  9. *** Granted Bill Cosby is black,has alot of money & had over a dozen female accusers, yet it was 35-yrs. ago. This guy is white, got money & going for the biggest law job in America with Trumps blessings. This supposed to have happen what 35 to 40yrs. ago? So whats the difference other than Kavanaugh has never been charged? ***

  10. Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill Clinton…How are they different that Kabanuagh? Many, many accusations, criminal charges, court settlements, lawsuits over their behavior. Prior to his nomination, nobody ever heard of Kavanuagh…Nor have all the many women he accosted in the intervening 36 years popped up yet. Political hit job. No more, no less.

    1. The difference is this: Kavanaugh is a sitting federal judge. He has been nominated to SCOTUS. Donald Trump probably wouldn’t know him from the doorman at Trump Tower in Manhattan. The name was handed to him by a subordinate. Kavanaugh’s personal life and legal decisions are fair game. If appointed he would sit on the bench for LIFE.

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