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  1. JimFox, why do you ask? I know that Oktoberfest is being celebrated as we blog, however I am unfamiliar with OZ as a brand. IPA? Spaten? Stout? Help us out. Which keg are you indicating? Time will tell.

      1. And Bob, Since you need to create an enemy to write, even though I am not your enemy and have not been, though also not in agreement with everything you say, why do you persist?? If you were to visit one or more food and beverage establishments in BRIDGEPORT, you would find that my statement about current celebrations is not in serious error. My wife and I visited the Harlan House for a pint and some wursts and sauerkraut. Oom-pah band was a bonus….

        So, I had not stopped to understand JimFox’s message, but in time he informed me and without your aggressive salutation. What is it that causes you to name-call? Was it bad time in the sandbox early in life or were you bullied at some point and feel the need to get even?

        I have a button that may work for your emotions and public attitude, pre-Election Day if in doubt. By Election Day 500 of them should be in circulation in Bridgeport. The NAACP message is DEFEAT HATE – VOTE. People can see HATE and negative emotions a mile away. How do you rid these from the public place when you slip into the format easily? Time will tell.

        1. As always you twist the facts to make your point and if someone points out the error in your ways you attack in a smug way.
          And you assume many things that are not true. I’ve been to the Harlan House many times. But I guess since you did not see me there it did not count.

  2. Ned give Oz a job??? You must’ve advising the Wizard on issues.
    Keep Oz in the race and he will be puling from Republicans not D’s.
    He sounds more like a Republican than a Democrat. Although his stand on the issues sounds more like a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

  3. As best as I can tell Oz is pro tolls but he will exempt people from paying for tolls if they use the HOV lanes.
    He is for nonprofits paying property tax but he will encourage a pro business approach that has businesses buying property from nonprofits and leasing it back to them. What???

  4. granted this is an unscientific poll, but if Stefanowski can pull 42% in Bridgeport, he can win the election. And the DTC does not seem to enthusiastic to get out the vote.

  5. Stephanowski’s new TV ads are excellent — strong, relevant, positive, mass-appealing, to-the-point messaging… Lamont’s ads are pretty bland and cliché… Truly, B-L-A-N-D is the one word that can describe the whole Lamont campaign… It really contains nothing new or believable that speaks to the distressed cities and distressed suburbs (the critical electorate of potential Lamont voters) of something hopeful and positive — beyond the pale of the Connecticut status-quo — that might give voters a reason to get out and vote… The “scary Republican” isn’t enough to motivate unmotivated voters to get out and vote (even if it should be)…

    The D’s shouldn’t forget how potent Stepanowski’s TV ads were in the primary… If Connecticut is to avoid becoming a new province in the surreal, scary, dysfunctional world of the “Donald Zone,” governed by one of his far-right surrogates, Ned had better get his act together and come up with a plan and some messaging that moves his base off of the couch on Election Day… So far, he hasn’t said much to elicit any excitement from his base — let alone the at-large Connecticut electorate… He has three weeks to come up with something to avoid a possible humiliating continuation of his record of electoral defeat… Stephanowski is doing a good job at Photo-shopping his shylock horns and tail out of the Stephanowski portrait that his is distributing to the Connecticut electorate… His new ads are really excellent and effective — Lamont should try to poach his publicity people or hire some new ones that have a clue…

    1. Lamont’s Stefanowski+Trump=doom ads are rather compelling. Trump never took hold in Connecticut. Not in a meaningful way. His behavior is appalling to all the Yankee bluebloods here.


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