OIB Poll: Your Choice For Governor

Two Democrats and five Republicans will appear on the August 14 primary ballots for governor. Who is your choice?

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  1. At this point in time one would think Tim Herbst and Joe Ganim that these two local candidates for governor would be ahead but instead Ned Lamont is way ahead of but of these candidates.

    Ned Lamont (28%, 62 Votes)

    Tim Herbst (22%, 50 Votes)

    Joe Ganim (21%, 47 Votes)

  2. Ganim2 has provided the City of Bridgeport with plenty of info about his priorities, his learning while a guest of the Federal government, and any behavior he may have decided to change from those years when he made poor choices.

    45 has many people embracing their emotional feelings and when things are not so awesome that brings forth much acknowledgement that many of those in office need to be out with the help of the vote. 45 also has created the sense that government needs to be more like High School pep rallies with chanting, team colors and accusations that cause trust and integrity to appear in very short supply. Look deeper. Ask questions of a more diverse group of folks. They are taxpayers, working to serve others in our economy, and most are not finding fault every where else but in themselves. Ganim2 behavior has tracked that of Trump on too many occasions. What type of action does he embrace when the voters retire his dream? Time will tell.

  3. I tried to vote but was blocked for having already logged a vote in this poll… Is this the same poll from two weeks ago? If this is a new poll, I shouldn’t have had a vote registered… Is this an old+new data mix? “Poll-sausage/poll-scrabble?… Interesting… A data-hybrid conceived on OIB! (This would make Barnum proud and would give Mark Twain more great fodder for commentary on “statistics”!)

  4. *** Bpt. needs either “Fed. Aid” after a natural disaster, or a God giving Bpt. resident that wins the largest “Mega-Money” jackpot in history & decides to invest & make Bpt. a must see city in New England!!! In coming/out going, highway/parkway vehicle’s toll; Southern Fairfield County MGM-Casino; After Ct. debts are paid, economy is good, etc… Then its time to invest, overhaul & improve big-time into education young & old in Ct. Free public schools for Ct. residents from grades (K thru 14th grade). Also new tech. science/vocational high-schools; 9th – 14th grade. free to Ct. residents. Bring back a prayer & the American flag pledge of legion in school, Physical Ed; studies of world religions, music classes, school (in good taste) uniforms, school sports, etc… ***DREAMING I KNOW***

  5. *** Or I’ll settle in reality for just a “good” Ct. State Governor, that will get this State moving towards bigger, better, positive independent financial status towards a good economy, lower taxes, little State debt & vast improvements towards education in general for the young & old in Ct. ***


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