1. Joe, the only reason your as high as you are is because this is not the primary vote. When you loose the primary to this pseudo patrician, what then. Maybe a place in his administration? Maybe this is what you’ve been aiming at all along?

  2. Care to comment Maria???

    The embattled Path Academy Charter school has voluntarily surrendered its charter ahead of a state Board of Education decision on whether to revoke its ability to operate.
    In May the state board of education began the revocation process and late last month held a day long hearing on the situation. Problems with the school included discrepancies in student records and enrollment, operating unauthorized satellite schools, and the implementation of unauthorized school policies.

    1. Gladly.

      There are only 22 Charter $chools in CT, and this is now the second major scandal in three years.

      They falsified their enrollment numbers and collected over $1.2 million in taxpayer funds they were not entitled to. They had an horrendous attendance rate and were teaching students part-time while reporting to the state that they were full-time students.

      There is a national epidemic of fraud and embezzlement occurring at Charter $chools with many having abysmal performance and attendance rates.

      It’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  3. I will vote for Ned in the primary,however,I’m undecided in the general election.I was intrigued by Herbst till I read he too is kissing Mario’s ring.No way can I vote for someone who Mario has his influence over.We’ll see I guess.

  4. Let’s define the players:

    Ned Lamont is the entrepreneur who got the the no-risk, tax break and
    Ganim is the underdog with an advantage.

    The Tipping Point is still ahead. Since later is only six weeks away, now is a good time to begin the process.

    1. Members from both parties are encouraged to post here. You know that.

      Back to the Dems.

      Lamont was endorsed by his party. But more recently, Ganim had a petition victory that adds friendly, new voters to the ranks. He might set primary turnout records. He already holds elected office and he’s a proven campaigner. He knows how to lead and the engineer said he’s got more momentum that a loaded freight train headed downhill.

      1. Sorry, Local…..
        These petition signers are NOT new voters, To put a valid signature on a JG petition you had to already be a registered Democrat.
        Joe’s machine was busy working the big cities getting established Democratic voters to sign the petition.
        Are you going to say that the BDTC members such as Steve A. who signed are New voters?

        1. Ganim is so charismatic he attracts “overflow” that exceeds active
          Democrats. Your knowledge of statutes overlooks the power of personality.
          Ganim produces new voters in places he visits.

          1. Some of the people who signed the petition but were declared unqualified for the list, are now qualified to vote.

  5. I see that on July 6, 2018 Need Lamont has more votes than all of the Republican candidates for governor put together, Republicans 112 votes and Lamont 125 votes and Lamont has 20 more votes than Joe Ganim.

  6. This gubernatorial election is like the last presidential election for me. I didn’t like Hillary and couldn’t or wouldn’t vote for 45.

    I hate the Republican candidates and can’t stand the Democrats running, but I have to vote for someone. None of these fools running give me hope for a better Connecticut, especially Mayor Ganim.

    Nelson Mandela said “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. Right now my choice for governor reflects my fears for Connecticut with very few hopes.

    1. Don, who ever wins will be one and done, there is no way things can be turned the state around unless there are huge layoff and huge budget cuts along with raising taxes in an effort to balance the budget.


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