OIB Poll: Will Congress And Trump Do Something?

In light of the latest Florida shootings, will any meaningful action come from Congress and Donald Trump to curtail gun violence?

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  1. Given the National Rifle Association’s ability to bribe the GOP with huge campaign donations it is highly doubtful Congress andthe White House will do anything more thn offering “thoughts and prayers.” Incumbent Republican members of Congress ought to not the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, shooting will be headed to Washington DC to march in protest. All of them will be able to vote in a couple of years. Just sayin’…

  2. Again, after the 20 white babies were shot dead in Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, in Newtown and U.S. Congress and the Republican Party did absolutely NOTHING, so why would they do anything in 2018 especially with the money that National Rifle Association. We’ve always known that black lives don’t matter but now we see that white teenagers and white babies don’t matter as long Republicans can still get paid by the NRA.

    1. Ron,

      To Wayne La Pierre and the National Rifle Association’s dogma the victims of mass shootings are chattel, just so much collateral damage. The GOP made a deal with the devil; the American people are paying for it.

  3. According to the Los Angeles Time Rick Gates will please guilty to financial crimes and testify in return for a reduced sentence. The house of cards is beginning to tumble.

  4. Mackey, you’re an asshole on this one. To even try to equate the slayings of 20 innocent souls into the discussion displays what a warped mind you have.

    I guess you have never heard of Ana M. Marquez-Greene.

    1. Grin, are you for real? Tell me, what type of weapon was used in both of these mass murders and what type of health issues did both of these killers of children have?

        1. Grin, let’s be real, people are always talking about the strong control laws that Chicago has but Chicago has all of these shootings and murder from guns and Chicago is a mostly black city. Well, there is no outrage about those shootings. By the way, most of guns that are killing people in Chicago are bought legally right across the state line in Indiana where Vice President Mike Pence was the governor.

          Twenty white babies in America were shoot and killed by a assault weapon and there was NO outrage in America to do something about gun control. Gun control laws became no problem in California and in America when in the late 1960’s and the 1970’s when the Black Panther Party were carrying legal weapons.

    2. The AR-15 is the weapon preferred by mass murderers, from Nikoas Cruz to Stephen Paddock to Adam Lanza to Kip Kinkel to whoever is next in the bloody parade, not to mention the Irish Republican Army. That rifle was designed and engineered to kill humans. The AR-15 has no applications for game hunting. The bullets do too much damage to the animal.

      Tell us why civilians ought to be allowed to possess military assault rifles? It only takes a skilled machinist a few minutes to convert it to fully automatic, capable of rapid fire.

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