1. Where are the pressure points in this “shutdown”? Does the President suffer any loss of power or financial distress? Reps and Senators lose any income or benefits? Where is the pressure? When there are no consequences at this point in the game, there is no real respect, I suggest. When they get back to serious business like forming a budget, maybe they will deal with rules changes that puts them at risk? Get their attention? With all the power should go some pressure to fight their momentum….inertia? Time will tell.

    1. She’s down south making personal appearances at strip clubs frequented by Trump supporters. You know, guys with names like Bubba, Hoot and Curly. Guys with a plug of chewing tobacco the size of a golf ball bulging one cheek. Makes the zbudweiser taste better.

  2. “Eric Trump: The government shutdown is ‘good for us’ politically”
    By Julia Manchester – 01/20/18 10:32 PM EST


    “Trump Official in Charge of Government Shutdown: It’s ‘Kind of Cool”


    “What Trump was saying during the last government shutdown”


  3. The whining Democrats of Bridgeport have their heads so far up their own asses that they don’t realize that the Democrats in the Washington swamp are the ones to blame for the shutdown this passed weekend. They put illegals DACA ahead of you the citizens. Ahead of our men and women in uniform and ahead of having a secure border. You dumb asses know that Mexico has a wall on their southern border and deports the South Americans who try to enter illegally faster than you can say asylum. Just saying.


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