1. A nail biter? I’m inclined to disagree. After all the WWE smackdown braggadocio exhibited by Smokin’ Joe Ganim and Tax Bill Finch and Mary-Jane Foster weighing in with “Boys, boys!” like a cafeteria monitor, the primary is going to be anticlimactic. There will be some reasons to celebrate but cold duck will be the appropriate sparkling beverage, not champagne.

  2. I’m only posting the following here because I need to get something off my chest.

    One of the big points MJF and Bill Finch keep saying is, “I believe in second chances for felons, but not as mayor.” “I believe felons deserve second chances.”

    It’s been said a million ways. Whether I agree or disagree is not the point. But do they realize how stupid they sound saying that over and over?

    What’s the difference between saying “I believe felons deserve second chances but not as a mayor,”
    “I’m not racist but I don’t want my son/daughter dating that black guy/girl.”

    There’s no difference, both sound stupid!

    1. You sound stupid. If you had a president of a bank who stole all your money, while being bribed with suits and wine, would you hire the person back in the same exact position?

      1. In what position did I say I agree or not, Frank the Cabana Boy? Please point that out to me. All I said was you can’t say I have nothing against … BUT … NO NO NO you can’t, either you’re for or against.


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