1. While the Republicans are in “circle the wagons” mode, the more astute and conscientious among them know that following their “leader” over the Kavanaugh cliff (love mixing metaphors!) isn’t in their long-term best interest… The D’s are ready to take a stand. Kavanaugh will be rejected by a significant majority who can see the massive Trump sh$#-storm brewing and turning things upside-down for anybody standing near him presently — all the way into the unforeseeable future…

    Trump’s fate is sealed. He’ll be gone before the first big winter snow-storm of 2019…

  2. That’s a hell of a price to pay just to control the House.
    You are not guarantee the Senate and once the Supreme Court weighs in on redistricting, control of the House might on last two years.

  3. Without a doubt Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the SCOTUS. It didn’t matter what did or what he was accused of doing, the Republicans wanted him and the only thing that matters is a win.

    Former Justice John Paul Stevens said Kavanaugh’s behavior during his confirmation hearing should DISQUALIFY him from being on the Supreme Court. Republican appointed, Conservative leaning, right wing Justice Stevens.

  4. *** After its all said & done, the republicans are going to realize that in the best interest of the entire proceeding’s this FBI investigation should of been called for & done 3-weeks ago. It was obvious that the Kavanaugh complaints were not going to be enough to dismiss him as a candidate & the hard-head republicans knew this but still wanted to ram this through! By all accounts this entire debacle could of been done & finished a week ago. The commission hearing Dr.Ford in private & calling for the follow-up FBI investigation with the findings & moving towards the final vote without all the circus type coverage that seems to be a usual with anything that has that Trump smell on it in D/C, no? ***

  5. Considering the whole picture this Senate vote Saturday(?) is BIG for politics, specially because how much work the Democrats put into
    delaying/stopping it. What is even BIGGER is the elections in 30 plus days, state and federal.

    Could you imagine Judge Kavanaugh being confirmed, Republicans maintaining or gaining seats in the house and senate, Connecticut electing a Republican Gov. and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring next year? OMG

  6. OIB has made me a political know-it-all. Here’s what I know: Evangelicals have rejected Kav. There’s always another pony. One will be found and installed. But this gift horse has been looked in the mouth and refused.

  7. Bart O’Kavanaugh, The American Paradox: a committee and a Senate stand 100% in bias as they select a lying, Meat Head to fill a position that’s supposed to be the objective standard of the great American Exceptionalism Philosophy. LONG LIVE THE CORPORATOCRACY!!

  8. After Kavanaugh is confirmed, I hope a conservative think tank conducts a thorough study of the smear campaign orchestrated by Democrats in Congress and ‘the media’.

    It could be a best selling book and a movie staring Tom Cruise.

    1. Tom White, it’s already in placed with 45 the head smearer plus with Kavanaugh sitting on the Supreme Court they will do away because with Affirmative Action and all is well for you, Andy Fardy and the other angry white male victims. But when you really look at American history white males have always been in power of everything, America has had only 45 Presidents and 44 have been white males, of the total number of Supreme Court justices in American history there have 101 justices and only 2 blacks, every form of American government and businesses has always been in control by white males so Tom White don’t worry things are still white.

      1. Mackey its people like you who expect things for the fact that you are black that make me an angry white male. You went along with these liberal democrats who went after Kavanaugh with out any visible truths.
        I think Kavanaughs accuser was a plant and full of shit. Show me one thing just one thing that she testified to that was found to be correct/
        Ron there is one thing you have to come to terms with and thats the fact that you are Black. Your problem not mine. I am going to take my privileged white as out to diner qith my wife.

  9. It’s all over but the shouting: There are two likely GOP ‘no’ votes, Murkowski of Alaska and Collins of Maine. And that’s the end of Trump’s attempt to pack the court.

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