Offshore Wind Project: Powering Connecticut’s Future With Bridgeport As Host City

Declaring “This is our chance to re-invent Bridgeport and the whole region” a new video highlights the economic benefits of Park City Wind, a proposed offshore wind project under consideration by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) in response to its clean-energy solicitation that could generate upwards of $1.6 billion in direct economic benefits and create as many as 12,000 direct and indirect job across Connecticut. The project also proposes to save Connecticut ratepayers up to $1.1 billion in energy costs, while delivering a reliable source of fixed price, low-cost renewable energy. Bridgeport would serve as the host city.

For more on the project see here.

The proposal to the state has been advanced by Massachusetts-based Vineyard Wind who will partner with McAllister Towing and Transportation Company, operators of the city’s ferry service, to redevelop Barnum Landing, an underutilized 18.3-acre waterfront industrial property on Seaview Avenue in the East End.

A renovated Barnum Landing property will host hundreds of local workers hired to do critical foundation transition piece steel fabrication and final outfitting, according to Vineyard Wind CEO Lars Thaaning Pedersen who adds the labor-intensive work will create new, good-paying union jobs and build valuable Connecticut-based offshore wind capabilities along with a trained workforce prepared for future offshore wind projects.

“Park City Wind is a tremendous opportunity to revitalize Bridgeport by creating thousands of good paying jobs with good benefits in both the wind industry and throughout the local supply chain,” says Pedersen. “By selecting our project, the state will help make offshore wind a statewide industry, similar to aerospace, and tap into the innovative roots that have defined Connecticut for generations.

“Our commitment to Connecticut is significant. We see a future with thriving ports in both New London and Bridgeport and manufacturers in every corner of the state working to literally lift this industry off the ground in the US. If Park City Wind is selected, the jobs and economic opportunities created by this project will be available in the region for decades to come.”

DEEP is expected to issue a decision about proposals before the agency in November.

Pedersen adds Bridgeport will be home to Park City Wind’s operations and maintenance hub for the life of the project bringing many long-term jobs to Bridgeport and generate direct expenditures worth several hundreds of millions of dollars.

Parts and services from local suppliers.

“McAllister Towing and The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company have been a part of Bridgeport’s maritime community for many, many years,” says Buckley McAllister, President of the companies. “We believe that the addition of a thriving offshore wind industry, with its beating heart at the center of Bridgeport Harbor, will lead to jobs and economic benefits for generations to come. We wholeheartedly support the Park City Wind project and look forward to many years of partnership with Vineyard Wind.”

In the video above city stakeholders declare abandoned Bridgeport lots will be transformed into high-tech manufacturing and state-of-the-art operations, delivering clean low-cost energy to homes and businesses with parts and services coming from local business, investing in technical education for local young people to be prepared for those jobs.

“It’s a game-changer for this whole area.”



  1. If only half of this is true, it puts Bridgeport at the center of a new industrial revolution where the power source is renewable and limitless. Everyone who reads OIB can benefit from this.
    Bridgeport is where the winds of change will bring jobs, money and notoriety.
    Restore those brownfields because Mother Nature is making a comebacki

  2. I’m 100% behind this proposal, but keep in mind it’s above our pay grade locally. This is an RFP on the state level and its up to the state legislature to approve and award this deal over the 2 or 3 others. We just have to lobby and see where it goes. People critique Casinos, well here is something different. AT some point we have to support any project that infuses capital into the city, grows the tax bases, creates jobs, and removes blight.

    Park City Wind, if you’re reading hire me ====>>>

  3. So, why the pitch?
    Does it need City of Bridgeport approvals of any kind?
    Does the City get to tax the equipment?
    Does Bridgeport get a cut of the revenue from power generation?
    What happened to plans to move the Port Jeff Ferry terminal to this property?
    ‘Park City Wind’ has committed to work with building trades members. Why is someone with a ‘LIUNA’ hat prominently displayed?
    Not to worry, the geniuses on the city council will sort everything out, or maybe just serve as props for Ganim publicity announcements.


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