Nuts! Martha Dean Needs To Grab A Couch With DebraLee Hovey

Martha Dean
The Dean of screwballs

What’s wrong with these people? First Republican State Rep. DebraLee Hovey tells shooting victim Gabby Giffords to stay out of Newton on her Facebook page after the former congresswoman offered some comfort to Sandy Hook. And now former GOP Attorney General candidate Martha Dean promotes conspiracy theories including the shootings were staged by actors. Grab a couch ladies. Ad some meds too. Thankfully, there’s some sanity in the Republican leadership ranks.

From the Hartford Courant:

House and Senate Republican Leaders Larry Cafero of Norwalk and John McKinney of Fairfield today denounced the posting of a video by former Republican Attorney General candidate Martha Dean that promotes “vile” conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook School shootings.

Dean, on her Facebook page, linked to a video composite which involves conspiracy theories, including the allegation that the tragedy was staged by actors.

DebraLee Hovey
DebraLee Hovey has some crazy company.

“The victims and families of Newtown and Connecticut as a whole have been devastated by this horrible tragedy, many of whom may never recover. We do not need to hear these vile conspiracy claims,” Cafero said. “I have no idea why she would call attention to this by posting it on her social media page, but it would be best if she takes it down.”

“The information put out by so-called ‘Newtown Truthers’ and other conspiracy theorists is disgusting and despicable. Their conduct and actions are not only an insult to our intelligence, but also hurtful to the people of Newtown and disrespectful to the families of the victims and the memories of their children. Reposting, or in any way furthering the legitimacy of these groups, is grossly irresponsible and equally wrong. Anyone who engages in such behavior owes the families of the victims and the people of Newtown an apology,” McKinney said.

State GOP Chair Jerry Labriola added:

“While it is certainly the right of all Americans to express any view they may hold and while Connecticut and the nation continue to struggle for answers regarding the Newtown tragedy, the posting of the conspiracy video by Martha Dean was, in my opinion, ill-thought and highly insensitive.”



  1. I am thinking these ladies may be ready for prime time on Fox news with Hannity and O’Riley. They can join the ranks of Karl Rove and Dick Morris. Maybe an interview with Rush Limbaugh? Lunch with Sarah Palin? Their future is bright in the party that is making its way to oblivion.

  2. Insensitive? Is that all Labriola thinks? Their comments are disgusting and all GOP people should want nothing to do with these two women whom I can only characterize as amoral pigs.

  3. I must say I’m glad to hear what House and Senate Republican Leaders Larry Cafero and John McKinney said when they denounced the posting of a video by former Republican Attorney General candidate Martha Dean that promotes “vile” conspiracy theories surrounding the Sandy Hook School shootings. But State GOP Chair Jerry Labriola’s comment is a joke.

  4. Gun control; when our forefathers as every gun owner claims is their Second Amendment right placed this amendment in our constitution the guns they were to bear were single-shot muskets and flint-fired front-loaded hand guns that were not the mass killing weapons of today with 30- to 100-shot clips. If they want to live by the Second Amendment try a front-loading musket because our forefathers did not envision weapons of war as we know today in the hands of today’s farmers and merchants of 2013 as in the hands of the same people in 1776.
    Also their argument that cars kill more people, well at least you have to take a drivers test and pass, if you need glasses it’s on your license, if you have a medical condition it is on your license, if you drive impaired you go to jail, you have to register your car, you have to have insurance, and until you are of legal age you cannot drive at night or drive without an adult in the car. But if you have your Second Amendment rights anyone can buy a gun, if you’re mentally unstable it doesn’t matter because you can go to a gun show and drive away with your assault weapon. Also today’s sane person is tomorrow’s mass killer. The person who sold you that 30-shot assault weapon is not going to give you a test to see if you even know how to use it nor test you for mental health, my first real job at 18 years they sent me to a psychiatrist to look at ink blots to see if I had any propensity for crime. I was only going to read meters. The salesman just got handed some money with the picture of someone who signed or crafted the constitution on it so if it was good enough for him in 1776 it’s good enough for the person who sells the assault weapon in 2013. Maybe some of our forefathers were a little crazy too for putting the Second Amendment in not knowing what the future would bring. Remember mentally ill in 1776 is just as mentally ill as 2013 but with just a lot more firepower. I don’t want you to lose your Second Amendment rights, just remember musket 1776 assault weapon 2013. Also remember the right to life and the pursuit of happiness with your children, that’s another amendment. May we all comfort those who today do not have that right, which they lost on 12/14/12. God Give Them Peace.

  5. You can call me catty if you are so inclined, but Ms. Dean looks like she could have qualified as one of the cross-dressers who were partying at the St. Augustine rectory with the perverted Monsignor Meth.


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