Nardozzi: I’m Not Resigning–Angry Cops Feel Assistant Chief’s OT Cuts

James Nardozzi
James Nardozzi

A day after news broke about The Bridgeport Police Hispanic Society demanding the resignation of Assistant Police Chief James Nardozzi for racial slurs a college professor used in the context of ethics training, Nardozzi announced during a meeting of police command staff “I’m not resigning.” Some department members say the criticism directed at Nardozzi is more about his efforts to slash police overtime than a college academic making a point.

“Call my mother anything you want but don’t take away my overtime,” is how one police department member described the anger police officers have toward the overtime cuts made by Nardozzi who invited an academic affiliated with the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York to school sergeants and lieutenants in ethics training last month. Hispanic Society members claim Nardozzi stood by as the college professor William McDonald used racial statements to make a point. The words were insensitive remarks, but in the context of training.

Nardozzi was brought in about a year ago with a specific task to cut out-of-control overtime. And he apparently has done just that, reducing overtime costs by millions of dollars.

In fact when Mayor Bill Finch announced Nardozzi’s hiring last November he specifically cited overtime issues: “Dr. Nardozzi will be an excellent addition to the force, working with the Chief to rein in overtime and reduce expenses while ensuring the officers are deployed in the most efficient manner. His extensive police management experience as well as his work as a consultant to many Connecticut police departments makes him especially suited to assist Chief Gaudett in the day-to-day management of the department.”

Nardozzi is viewed by a number of department members as a hatchet man brought in to do the overtime dirty work. So, is the criticism directed at Nardozzi by the Bridgeport Police Hispanic Society legit? Or really more about the overtime issue?

Here’s the news release issued last November on Nardozzi’s hire:

Police Chief Joseph Gaudett today announced the appointment of James F. Nardozzi, Ph.D as the Assistant Chief of Police. Nardozzi, who most recently served as the Dean of Post College and Director of its Master of Public Administration degree program, retired in 2007 as Deputy Chief of the Waterbury Police Department, where he served since 1989. He will serve as second-in-command to the Chief coordinating daily business, operations and administration of the Department.

“Dr. Nardozzi will be an excellent addition to the force, working with the Chief to rein in overtime and reduce expenses while ensuring the officers are deployed in the most efficient manner,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “His extensive police management experience as well as his work as a consultant to many Connecticut police departments makes him especially suited to assist Chief Gaudett in the day-to-day management of the department.”

“I look forward to working with Dr. Nardozzi on moving the Department forward in a positive manner, keeping an eye on overtime and assisting me with the day-to-day operations and administration,” said Chief Gaudett. “He has a stellar track record in organizational effectiveness and policy development, which will be of great assistance here.”

While serving as Waterbury’s Deputy Chief, Nardozzi reduced departmental overtime by $2 million annually, implemented new fiscal controls and monitored systems and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness of various department programs and operations.

Nardozzi was chosen from among the top three finalists presented to the Mayor after a nationwide search conducted by Randi Frank Associates. The Assistant Chief position was approved and budgeted by the City Council in the 2012-13 fiscal year.

Nardozzi’s appointment is provisional pending his recertification by the Police Officer Standards and Training Council; he will be paid $113,220.

Dr. Nardozzi earned his Doctorate in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University. He has a Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia and graduated from the University of New Haven with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Senior Professional Certificate in Forensic Science. He also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, the FBI LEEDS program, and the Connecticut Municipal Police Academy, and is a Certified Police Instructor in the State of Connecticut.



  1. This protest sounds a bit shady and more geared to overtime than racism.

    John Jay is world renowned. Hard to believe NYC, which is even more racially sensitive than Bridgeport, would put up with a racist instructor.

    Sounds like Nardozzi is running things in a business-like fashion with efficient allocation of personnel to avoid excess overtime.

  2. The Bridgeport Police Hispanic Society complaint legit? I tell you what, let someone call a Hispanic Police officer that name. I’m surprised nothing happened in that classroom.

    1. Ditto … This is not a kindergarten classroom. If any Hispanics were offended, they could have stood up then and there. Nardozzi could address it in a letter and copy all officers. It is definitely about the cuts. Senator Ayala had to address it with Finch? Really? Imagine all the characters involved and turn them into six-year-olds. No other important issues to discuss?

  3. *** (example) Hey Nardozzi, as a police sergeant in this training class, I’m getting a bit offended as well as other officers by the use of these racial slurs this instructor is continuing to use to get his point across during this ethics class. You may not realize it since it seems to be a part of his lecture and all, but we don’t like it and feel it should stop! Now at that point if Nardozzi does not agree and lets the class continue forward without pulling the instructor’s coat, then I can see there’s a problem no doubt and would understand why the officers present would be calling for his head! Again this is my outside the box, rumor type, blog news read opinion concerning this incident. And understanding there are always two sides to a full story with the truth (sometimes) being somewhere in the middle. *** So far it sounds a bit extreme, no? ***

  4. This BS from the Hispanic society is meant to discredit the chief. If the S word were used as a training tool what is the big deal? Are they going to tell me they are not called the S word and worse while working the streets? There is more to this story than we are being told.

    1. Andrew C Fardy, what’s BS are YOUR COMMENTS! Are you kidding me? There are other words that can be used to make a point. And I’m sure if an officer were being called that word in the street it’s on the way to the lockup! Or from some THUG! Not a professor conducting a so-called class on Ethics.

  5. Call me a mick, a kraut, a Republican, a Democrat, an overachiever, an underachiever. I don’t care. It does not take away my respect for Dr. Nardozzi. He didn’t call me names and if he did so what! Someone else did. I call you greed infested. I no longer want my taxes to go to your overtime, get a side job teaching “how to scam the system.”

  6. Why didn’t they express their objection to the use of that term on the spot? Why wait until now if it was felt to be offensive while the discussion was taking place? For those of us who were not in attendance, can we get some clarification as to in what context it was said?

  7. Did you folks bother to read the CT Post article? He also made an insensitive remark about African Americans during Vietnam. Seems like you only read OIB’s Finch comments. How can you defend the instructor’s techniques?

    1. I’ve heard from a number of cops of all backgrounds in the past day since the story appeared on OIB that this is about Nardozzi cutting overtime. The cops are upset he cut overtime. Now maybe if Nardozzi issued a statement explaining the context of what the professor was doing and apologized if anyone was offended, the issue would go away? Or maybe the cops who’ve lost overtime will find something else to gripe about or manufacture an issue?

      1. Lennie,
        Please clarify your post. Are you saying racial and ethnic insensitive comments were not made and the Hispanic police organization is making this up?
        Or are you saying they were made but it’s no big deal?
        And you know where I am coming from.

        1. The insensitive comments were made in the context of a training session. Some members of the department have blown it out of proportion. They are fabricating an issue as revenge for Nardozzi cutting overtime. This isn’t just my observation, but also the feeling of numerous police officers I spoke to directly or heard from about this matter who said the cops doing the bitching told them they were going to turn this into an issue because of the overtime. As for how the remarks were presented, if they had an issue with how the academic handled the session, so be it. Calling for Nardozzi’s resignation is way over the top. Does Nardozzi have any history of racial or ethnic insensitivity? When you had your issue with Evette Brantley a few years ago you were trying to make a point. Some of your political enemies and the Connecticut Post jumped all over you, even calling for your resignation. You’re a gigantic pain in the ass, but you’re no bigot.

          1. Lennie, the Conn. Post stated, “During at least one of those sessions, they claim Nardozzi stood quietly by as the professor–William McDonald–used the word “spic” repeatedly to refer to Hispanics,” and you said, “Calling for Nardozzi’s resignation is way over the top,” so what do you think should happen to Dr. Nardozzi?

            What background and expertise does Dr. Nardozzi and his associate have in ethics training? It’s obvious it was a big deal to both of these men and especially Dr. Nardozzi because he didn’t open his mouth to it or to correct his friend in what he was saying.

          2. Ron, based on what I’ve read and heard and discussed with cops of all backgrounds, nothing should happen to Nardozzi. This is a fabricated revenge issue. If I were advising Nardozzi (I’m not), I’d tell him to explain the context of what he was trying to accomplish during this training session and apologize if anyone was offended. As for questioning the background of Nardozzi and the academic’s credentials, this is someone Nardozzi brought in, perhaps he knew him from his days as an administrator at Post College. If the “offended” police officers want to challenge the academic’s credentials go right ahead. I’d be happy to publish that point of view challenging his bonafides. Even if the guy’s a charlatan the complaints by the cops were motivated by revenge, not racial/ethnic indignation.

          3. Lennie,
            Please pull out some of Bill Finch’s quotes when he was going after me. Something like I HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR ALL CITY EMPLOYEES WHEN IT COMES TO ACTIONS LIKE THIS. Now mind you my comments were a private conversation when I was speaking to my elected council representative conveying my displeasure with her remarks in committee.
            I was an elected official, not a city employee. The Assistant Chief was acting in his official capacity. He is the number two in command of a multi-racial multi-ethnic police force. He is charged with guaranteeing the public safety of a city that is one third African American and one third Latino. And he is charged with with enforcing the law with respect to that community.
            I do not care if the basis of this complaint is from officers who are upset over reductions in OT or not. If it is true then severe disciplinary action is called for.
            I am not suggesting termination but if there is more truth than not in this story a minimum one month’s suspension without pay is in order.
            Tell me Lennie, if this were training on Sexual Harassment would grabbing a little T & A by the instructor be permissible as a means of presentation?

          4. Lennie, is it okay to call someone or group out of their ethnic identity? Dr. Nardozzi is representing the police chief and the mayor with action as the second in command. As Bob Walsh said, “does Nardozzi (and his friend who kept saying the racial slur) have any history of racial or ethnic insensitivity? By the way Lennie where are the written apologies for this incident?

          5. And Ron, for the record:
            1) Before anything was public in my case, I had already called and left an apology on the phone. Her comment was it was not sincere enough.
            2) After that was not sufficient, I e-mailed her a written apology and offered to sit down with either the current council president or a former one that we both served with to iron out any differences. That was not acceptable and deemed insincere.
            3) Finally I apologized in public at a City Council meeting. And yes, Lennie. Bill Finch was the one continuing to fan the flames so let’s see what the mayor does here. ZERO TOLERANCE. LOOK IT UP.

          6. Lennie, the Post article stated:
            “In a letter sent to Mayor Bill Finch, the Hispanic Society claims Assistant Police Chief James Nardozzi asked a graduate faculty member for John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York to conduct several ethics training sessions for sergeants and lieutenants last month.”

            “During at least one of those sessions, they claim Nardozzi stood quietly by as the professor–William McDonald–used the word “spic” repeatedly to refer to Hispanics.”

            “Right now we’re not asking for an apology,” said Juan Santiago Jr., president of the Hispanic Society. “We want him to resign or for the administration to fire him. How could (Nardozzi) not say anything?”

            “Santiago, a police officer, said he was told about the training session by many very angry members of the police force.”

            Now Lennie you are saying, “Some members of the department have blown it out of proportion. They are fabricating an issue as revenge for Nardozzi cutting overtime. This isn’t just my observation, but also the feeling of numerous police officers that I spoke to directly or heard from about this matter who said the cops doing the bitching told them they were going to turn this into an issue because of the overtime.” Really, so now you are saying that Juan Santiago Jr., president of the Hispanic Society letter is a lie and the members who reported told lies? Well, if that’s true then where are the charges against Juan Santiago Jr. and those members? Lennie let’s see those who made this charge against Juan Santiago Jr., and the Hispanic Society come forward and make this charge.

    2. For the record, I’m not defending the instructor. I just find it unbelievable an entire class of adults just suffered in silence while he made these comments. Why didn’t anyone step up to the plate? Why fault Nardozzi for failing to say anything when no one else did either? And now hold him responsible for failure to comment on the racial slurs, everyone had the opportunity and yet said nothing to indicate to the speaker he was being offensive. If I were at a lecture and the speaker was making offensive comments about my ethnicity or cultural background, I would certainly have made my displeasure known right then and there.

  8. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” You know this saying if you are an adult, right? Parent to you? School? Playground? Kids are kids, and some kids never get to adulthood so slang tags representing a disrespect of others continue to be used … in Bridgeport … and occasionally in Only In Bridgeport … and sensitivity is raised and context is important … maybe, adults can get over it. OK?

    Perhaps it is the ‘benjamins?’ Bpt Police Department has budgeted overtime for years, internal and outside overtime. Nothing special about that until the 2011, 2012 and 2013 years closed with OVER expenditure of the police overtime line items in the millions. What happened? Storms? Street construction? Yeah, but nothing to account for the swelling and excesses noted in the monthly financial reports as well as in the list of overexpended line items in the CAFR, the external audit!

    What happened last year to explain the overtime mess? The police, following the fire department, signed a new employment agreement with the City and pension benefit payments were switched from City Plan B Pension (for active public safety personnel) to CT MERF, run by the State. Did it change the 50% income benefit at 25 years for a patrolman earning $61,000 for a regular week pay? No change in the % benefit, but the City Plan B did not include OVERTIME in the 50% pension calculation. THE MERF PLAN WITH THE STATE DOES. So a patrolman performing overtime hours of an extra 15-18 per week for three years (among his 25 years of service) where he might be earning around $120,000 annually currently could use those high three years of income as a base for the 50% benefit and earn $60,000 in retirement. And if he does not live in Bridgeport today nor in the future when retired, does he care about the financial issue?

    Call me a financial watchdog! Call me an old, bearded, potbellied, four-eyed white guy from Black Rock! Call me what you will, but the facts are the Mayor never told us or bragged about this CHANGE and he never called it a success. He basically did not raise the subject. (Police officers know about it but because many of them live out of town, they are not worried about its effect on pension liabilities.) The CT Post did not report on this to any extent. And when the Mayor did say anything about ‘public safety pensions’ he sent money to Hartford for active former Plan B officers from our Plan B assets. He never talked about the potential for increased liabilities. Why not? Who was he kidding? Has the City Council seen any projections of pension obligations expected with the overtime inclusion?

    If external overtime is the offending area, why not revoke the 40-year ordinance that provides police with overtime. Let’s train some civilian flagman who will provide a less expensive alternative after training, probably, and put some people to work, instead of the overtime extra percentages plus retirement plan credit.

    Do payments from firms to the City for outside overtime fully fund current deployment of the officer as well as the extra pension costs anticipated because of MERF? Anyone know? Not likely is my guess, but if they do, are the current receipts for outside overtime going to MERF currently and directly, or spent by the City in other areas? How can you tell? Check out the monthly financial reports for a start. If they are prepared accurately and on time, and these have been problems, you may have a problem of oversight. Time will tell.

  9. John, you really need an editor. I agree with everything you say, but I didn’t like reading “War and Peace,” I was lucky I could. Please put aside your preaching stuff and have pity on us who have to translate that stuff to ourselves. I guess I am lucky I never took that YALE invite; no money man; hire me to translate you for these “poor unwashed” myself included. “e.e.commingsandgoings,” you are still great.

  10. My friend,
    All you have to do is say you understand what I am saying. If you said it first, fast and with fewer words, I would not be writing about it. I’ll do it my way, thank you. And thank you for understanding what I am saying.
    H my friend, from what you say we each had a New Haven invite. I was excited with a widowed teacher mom with no money but I found Yale fronted me the money with loans, scholarships and work so it became affordable. Imagine that? So why not drop that subject. Property taxation, with poor representation at the budget table and with no City office doing oversight or timely accurate reporting makes all of us poor. And with the WPCA Board headed by a City employee who lives in New Canaan and rates increasing by significant amounts, perhaps we will all become less washed. Time will tell.

  11. The real scammers in the PD contract are the higher-up officers. They come in for a meeting or special event for 15 minutes and grab 4 hours inside overtime.

  12. Bob, I remember when Mayor Finch said, “ZERO TOLERANCE,” and that’s what the voters should get, “ZERO TOLERANCE.” What is Mayor Finch’s position and once again, where are the letters of apologies? Where are the voices of the elected Bridgeport Hispanic leadership and the religious leadership, are they not offended?

  13. Follow The Money,
    You’ve got that right.
    Lennie, make a list of all the police officers telling you it’s no big deal and then check them against the list of the top-paid city employees the next time it comes out.

  14. *** Management officers (Sgts and Lts) in an ethics training class who might have been tied and gagged in their seats hoping for APC Nardozzi to come to the rescue or at least provide earplugs, no? Sounds like much to-do about nothing but another subject matter and a false cry of wolf! ***

    1. Mojo,
      No official response from the public safety spokesman. No official response from Finch or Ficarra.
      If there were nothing wrong everyone would be saying so. Sorry, been around the ‘port for long enough. There is enough smoke for this fire.

  15. Since the Mayor’s name has come into this at several points, where is the Mayor’s new ETHICS initiative? Is there a Committee appointed? Who’s on it? Is there anyone unconflicted in the ways most are in this City? What is the basis of disclosure? How often must you post? How often will it be evaluated? Who will keep track? Who will call for delinquent postings? What are the consequences? Does your head hurt yet? How badly does your head hurt with the number of “ethical” issues popping up in B’port weekly? Time will tell.

  16. My sources tell me not only did this guy use the S word multiple times, he also made some connection to African Americans and a drop in crime due to the Vietnam war. Also, he made not-so-nice remarks about The City and the only reason he was even in this City was because of his friend Chief Nardozzi. So maybe it was his attitude coupled with the use of these derogatory remarks that upset these officers.

  17. Raymond Lopez, what you wrote is the same information I was being told and Hispanic officers were mad and waiting for Juan Santiago Jr., president of the Hispanic Society to do something. Dr. Nardozzi seem comfortable as did William McDonald who used racial slur “spic” because nothing was said or done to explain or apologize for using that word and as of this day there still has not been an apology for saying “spic” so I guess it’s okay for any police officer to use that word while working with other police officers and with the public.

    1. Yes Ron, the word I got was they sat there kinda in shock waiting for Nordozzi to say something and then a sergeant had enough and got up and said something and he and the instructor had words because it seemed this guy didn’t want to hear it. But what bothers me is how easily others use the overtime issue to dismiss the whole thing. Just because Overtime is an issue doesn’t mean this did not happen the way it was told to me by good reliable people without an agenda.

  18. Ron, they can use it all they want but it is outdated. The new label is Latino. That’s a Latin (Italian, Greek, etc.) with a zero on the end to let you know what you’re worth in their eyes. If that doesn’t upset you why would a word that was used to describe your way of spicking, I mean speaking …

      1. Any word used to describe another that has not been chosen by that person or a loved one is derogatory. We were at one time referred to as Latin, which made sense since our language is Latin-based. It became an insult when they added the o.

  19. I would love to hear my so-called Puerto Rican leaders’ views on this incident! Besides, the word Latino being as bad as the word spic! WTF!!! I don’t need a history lesson to know the how vulgar and insulting the word “spic” is!!!

  20. To professor Hector A Diaz, I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. But could you please address the issue and stop what appears to me as a dodge with the history lesson? Puerto Ricans did not fight like hell for representation because they were being called Latino. I never heard of a Puerto Rican getting into a fight because someone called him a Latino!

    1. Raymond, that’s the problem. You and I should never let anyone call us out of our name, we shouldn’t pick and choose which ones we find acceptable … bottom line they Are ALL UNACCEPTABLE. When someone addresses me as Mr. or Dr. (Die az) I correct them and tell them it’s pronounced (Dee az) the same should happen when someone addresses my origin. As far as the issue, wasn’t there a law passed a few years ago about HATE crimes and wouldn’t any of this racially charged dialog by the NY Professor fall into that and if it did why didn’t any of the officers present CITE him?

      1. Hector A. Diaz, thanks for the history lesson. Now let’s talk about current events, the article in the Post stated “During at least one of those sessions, they claim Nardozzi stood quietly by as the professor–William McDonald–used the word “spic” repeatedly to refer to Hispanics.” Now Hector, what is your position on NY Professor William McDonald making that comment and Dr. Nardozzi sitting there and not saying anything?

        1. Ron, was William McDonald (I’ve known some) a Puerto Rican and in what context did he make those comments? I will not rely on the press (CT Post, etc.) to inform, it is generally way off base. I would bet my last dollar Manny Cotto Sr. was not in attendance. If any of those who were there want to have a discussion about this they can call me at their convenience and meet. (203)727-4085 cell. I have always stood up for my brothers and sisters be they Black, White or Candy Striped!!!

          1. Hector A. Diaz, there is only ONE context he or anybody else who is NOT a Puerto Rican can use that word and that is him telling the class YOU CAN NOT EVER USE THAT WORD. Hector, you have been doing a lot of dodging on this topic, you’re acting like a professor. Now you don’t trust the Post and the reporter, okay then where is the mayor, the police chief or Nardozzi’s statement this whole thing is a lie.

  21. At the very beginning of this story, I had said if there is any truth to this then a minimum unpaid 30-day suspension would be in order. Caught the following off of the CT Post website:

    Ansonia employee claims supervisor used racist slur
    Staff reports
    Published 10:08 am, Monday, October 21, 2013
    ANSONIA — A city public works employee whose supervisor allegedly used a racial slur to refer to him may file a criminal complaint, the Valley Independent Sentinel is reporting.
    The employee, Timothy Holman, said the 30-day unpaid suspension Mayor James DellaVolpe meted out to the unnamed supervisor is too lenient, the Valley Indy reported. Read the full story here:

    But Only In Bridgeport is it apparently OK for the second-highest ranking member of the B’port PD stand by as it happens. And Lennie it is NOT all about OT. And if cuts in OT were the problem then Nardozzi should have anticipated things like this.

  22. *** The word “Latino,” whether offensive to some and not others is merely by individual choice and has never in my years been meant to be or used in a way like the derogatory word or slang that “spic” is used towards Spanish-speaking people. If true, why the officers stayed in the classroom waiting on something to be said by Nardozzi and did not walk out regardless, is beyond me. ***

    1. Mojo, what the Officers did or didn’t do is irrelevant. If we are going to judge the group then every officer regardless of race should have stood up. We must avoid the tendency to blame the victim. Many of us when faced with bigotry and injustice have failed to act. It does not make the act less offensive or unjust.

      This incident should be judged by the acts of the perpetrators and not the reaction of the Victims. What we as People of Spanish decent or however we choose to address ourselves should be addressing is how others on OIB somehow justifying the use of the word “spic” as okay or no big deal whether it was a training exorcise or not. I did not read a response from you to Andy Fardy’s comments on this incident I found offensive and addressed and it’s beyond me no one else did!

      If the City or the Chief find no grounds for discipline and the Hispanic Society lets the issue die then that’s gonna make me go hmmm. Because if the accusations are true this should not go away until justice is served.

  23. *** So you’re saying it’s not up to the victims or those who find it offensive to react, it’s up to those in the room who are in charge even if they don’t feel a personal reaction or find the word offensive themselves. I don’t think so! It’s almost like spotting a potential fire starting and waiting for someone else to maybe react and yell fire and call 911! And as for Fardy’s blog on the subject, what did you expect? *** ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO A STORY AND SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE YOU MAY FIND THE TRUTH ***

  24. Wow, Mojo! Your lack of understanding of Chain of Command and enforcement of rules and regulations is surprising. It is my understandinge a Sergeant did stand up and confront this instructor and words were exchanged. But put that to the side for a second. Chief Nardozzi is the second highest ranking officer on the PD. The PD is governed by rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of everyone, in particular the officers in charge to enforce those rules and regs.

    Within those rules and regs are strict rules against the use of inappropriate and offensive language or actions. This is not the 1950s, there are classes given on diversity and sexual harassment on a yearly basis. So EVERYONE!!! knows what is offensive and unacceptable behavior. SO YOU CAN’T PLAY DUMB!!!

    Example: you are the officer in charge of a group made up of men and woman of different ethnic backgrounds. Some of the men are talking and one happens to mention where everyone can hear “I was on the highway and this BITCH! cut me off.” Everyone hears this. A female in the room says nothing. Are you saying the officer in charge of that group has no responsibility to address this clear violation of department rules and regulations because the female did not complain?

    If this female went home talk to her husband and told him the story and at that point she realizes she has to do something about it and files a compliant. The first thing that will be asking in a investigation is what did the officer in charge know and what did he/she do? And if he/she did not do his/her job which is to enforce the rules and regs governing these issues, THEIR BUTT IS TOAST!!!

    In the PD’s case what did the highest ranking officer in the room do? It is interesting to note if the above example happened on the BPD Chief Nardozzi is in the position of recommending discipline for the officer who witnessed this violation YET DID NOTHING!!!

    As far as what did I expect from Fardy’s remark? I expected so-called Hispanics, Latinos or whatever we want to call ourselves to put him in check and let him know the use of that word is offensive no matter what the context!

    What I got was typical fence-sitting bull from people who should stand up for what is right and just. Some people don’t want to burn any bridges just in case they need something like a JOB!!! So they sit quiet while their brothers and sisters face the firing line!

    Sorry but the “THERE ARE TWO SIDES OF A STORY LINE “smells too much like” I don’t want to touch this with a 10-foot pole because I might offend someone I might need something from in the future!

  25. *** So if the HOIC does not react then everyone else who may feel offended has to sit there through the entire class and complain later? What would happen if the officers offended or anyone else for that matter who felt it was wrong got up and walked out? Would they get written up and if so, “so what,” no? They would stand on principle alone never mind what’s right or wrong and deal with the matter I would think! Everyone does not react the same way on anything at any given time, right or wrong. As far as Fardy’s opinion blog is concerned whether I agree with it or not, does not mean I have to blog a counter response every time he blogs something stupid or not well though out or when his real negative ethic feelings are expressed, which is not the first nor last time it’s happened. Your argument or opinion on a subject (right or wrong) is not automatically my argument or opinion too unless “I” choose it to be. As far as my lack of understanding of the chain of command or fence sitting; after three years in the Army and 17 years in the N.G. also 22+ years as a corrections officer who’s dealt with real prison racial tension that bleeds red not some B/S opinions on a blog, and my early teen years learning experience of a long time ago backing my brothers and sisters as a Jr. Young Lords Party Member, all has left me to believe only me, myself and I will decide when and where I will face the firing line! Maybe someday you will come to realize there really is two sides to a story and which side you choose to believe is entirely up to you! *** Patience in Understanding the Enemy and His Ways Leads You Farther Than Reacting To His Every Move! ***

    1. I was enjoying this little debate but let’s leave it there. I’m not your homes but I’m also not your enemy. I respect and agree with a lot of what you’ve said in the above post. Yes, there are two sides to every story. I choose to believe the Officers’ account. Based on the fact my source does not have an agenda and just said what happened. Let’s hope the truth comes out.

  26. *** P.S *** Oh and by the way “homes,” I got a job and it’s not working for the city either! Also, they’ve run out of 10-ft poles at Home-Depot so the reality of this story once all the “real facts” come out might lead to a closer look and understanding with a 6-ft pole, no? *** WHEN IN UNKNOWN WATERS, ALWAYS JUMP IN FEET FIRST, NOT HEAD! ***

  27. *** The OIB “Great Debate” concerning one’s choices of when to “agree to disagree” has left me with a “touch” of Latin bloggers’ hand cramps and web-monitor screen blindness. So I too must say it’s time to say goodbye to all my OIB musketeers, until we blog again! *** VAYAN CON DIOS, AMIGOS ***

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