Musto Endorses Brown In State Senate Challenge Against Moore–Serving As Campaign Treasurer

Marcus Brown
City Councilman Marcus Brown

Former State Senator Anthony Musto, who lost his seat in 2014 to Marilyn Moore, is supporting the candidate challenging her in a Democratic primary, City Councilman Marcus Brown. Musto is  serving as Browns’s campaign treasurer.

“I’m thrilled to have Anthony join our team as we ramp up our efforts to connect with voters and share our vision for the district,” said Brown in a news release.”Our campaign is focused on building a strong coalition with the skills and experience needed to deliver real results for our community. With Anthony’s support, I know we can make sure that Bridgeport, Trumbull, and Monroe finally get the representation they deserve.”

Democrat Anthony Musto, left, defeated Republican Rob Russo in 2008.

“We’ve waited six years for results from Senator Moore, but haven’t seen any,” said Musto. “I know Marcus’s vision for the district involves bringing our fair share back to Trumbull, Bridgeport, and Monroe. I feel confident that he has the intelligence, the work ethic, and the determination to lead the 22nd district. I’m proud to serve as the Treasurer of his campaign.”

Musto, an attorney who also serves as town treasurer of Trumbull, represented Connecticut’s 22nd Senate District for three terms winning in 2008 during the Barack Obama presidential victory that generated huge turnout in Bridgeport. Moore defeated Musto in an August 2014 primary.

Brown, who is backed by Bridgeport’s political establishment, needs political support in the suburbs to build his name recognition in Trumbull and Monroe.

Brown, like Moore, is raising money via the state’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races. The party endorsement will take place in May, followed by an August primary.



  1. No surprises here, as does Lil Steve A, Mayor Ganim and Mario. Anthony has a lot of time on his hands since the voters kick his ass out of Hartford. C’mon Musto, you don’t want this ass whipping by proxy!

    1. @Donald Day

      I support Senator Moore,
      I am also a friend of Anthony Musto. Your lies must be refuted and you should retract them.
      Musto finished his term as State Senator and less than a year later win election as and was sworn in as Trumbull Town Treasurer. So, in addition to his full time law practice, he replaced one part-time paid elected office for another (he has been re-elected twice since). Musto is not sitting with time in his hands. He is also involved in community life.
      I am proud to serve with him on the TDTC.
      The D 22 Democratic candidate choice is a matter of personal choice. The TDTC is currently taking a hands off stance. There are members supporting both candidates and we don’t subscribe to block voting. This was evidenced at the 2018 State Democratic convention when we cast 6 votes for Ganim and the balance for Lamont.
      If Brown loses it will because Moore is the voters’ choice. It will not be a loss by proxy for Musto.

  2. Mario and Joe will take the band off of Little Stevie A on this election especially with Little Stevie A. “hero” Anthony Musto supporting Marcus Brown and Little Stevie A hatred of State Senator Marilyn Moore for kicking Musto’s ass and taking Musto’s State Senate position away.

  3. Marshall, what lies did I tell? Did the voters not vote him out of office and not running to Hartford for meetings leave time on his hands? By virtue of his support of Marcus Brown when he losses don’t Anthony lose as a proxy or supporter of Marcus?

    By all means support your friend, but there were no lies in my post thereby nothing needs to be refuted and no way in hell will I retract my sentiments or opinions.

  4. Musto & Brown, really? That’s like Tom & Jerry, no? *** I personally like Moore & feel she’s been doing a good Senate job! Now’s not the time to move & change towards more “uncertainty politics”. ***JUST-SAYING***


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