Must Watch–Amped-up Bradley: We Have To Get Pissed Off! Beware Of The Infiltrators, Stumps For Newton-Martinez City Council Reelection


State Senator Dennis Bradley, under federal indictment for alleged campaign finance violations, let off a lot of steam a few days ago at a fundraiser for East End City Council incumbents Ernie Newton and Eneida Martinez who are being challenged by Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski.

Bradley spoke of the “infiltrators” which can be viewed on a number of levels infecting Bridgeport politics.

Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski.

Back to the local race: Newton and Martinez, well financed against Simmons, a veteran establishment fighter, and newcomer Majewski, will be hard to take out.

Says Newton: “Those are Maria’s candidates,” a reference to Upper East Side Councilwoman Maria Pereira up for reelection herself but not immune to crossing district boundaries if it suits her recruitment-controlling tendencies.

One of the few who showed up to a recent Simmons-Majewski fundraiser was former Public Facilities Director John Ricci who aligns with Pereira to lead the local chapter of the National Enquirer. Gossip is their daily hobby.

Added Newton who noted the Ricci-Pereira would-be insurrection: “Can Majewski find her way to Newfield Park?”



  1. There’s no way in hell that incumbents Ernie Newton and Eneida Martinez who are being challenged by Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski can lose this election. The question is does Newton and Martinez have a candidate to challenge Councilwoman Maria Pereira? Dennis Bradley was preaching to the choir at the fundraiser and was probably working on a closing statement for a case he’s working on. Question, is Victoria Majewski relate to the former owner of the gas station on the corner of Connecticut Ave. and Central Ave?

    1. Comrade, Sen. Bradley was probably working on his closing statement. LOL 🙂

      That white girl doesn’t have a shot, but Wanda might.

      Considering the current state of politics, Martines is vulnerable after what happened at Keystone. Which would leave Wanda and Ernie, two sides of the same coin, that tantamounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face in representation.

      Swapping Mosses for Wanda is not that far off base consider the disses in recent days. She does seem to have an agenda in keeps the community litter-free. The state of the current politics is calling out a racial systemic system, however. While the city has rolled in keeping your community clean and free from debris it falls more on the community itself. JS

      If You See A Cup Pick It Up

      However, if you have to discard 5 lbs of weed, make sure it not a cup 🙂

  2. *** You can tell that there’s a city elections coming up with all the B/S going around, after the elections its time for the old “WAR” song, “Why can’t we be friends”? *** BPT. POLITICS ***

  3. I’m tired of Dennis Bradley and the bull he spews.

    He’s tired of the after hours places and he supports the queen of after hours Eneida Martinez.

    He’s tired of the infiltrators from the Working Families Party, yet he sought and got their nomination when he ran for BOE. They wised up and when he wanted their endorsement for state senate they said no.

    I’m tired of hearing the next con (vict) D23 State Senator supporting the Ex-Con (vict) State Senator from D23.

    The only truth to come from Bradley’s mouth is that the people of Bridgeport deserve better.

  4. C’mon Man, I found this righteous indignation from the senator appalling and reprehensible considering his rise in Bridgeport politics and how his rise was more important that the best interest of the students of Bridgeport. No senator I think people are best served letting your deeds speak for you rather than your words!

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  6. He’s got one thing right. The opposition is infiltrators. Here’s my favorite definition of infiltrator (noun an intruder (as troops) with hostile intent). Infiltrate the machine, break the machine. Break the machine to free the city from the matrix.
    Wake up Bridgeport and vote for the infiltrators break the machine.


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