Murphy Wins Senate Race–Obama In City 32,135; Romney 5168

Statewide totals for President and U.S. Senate here.

From the Hartford Courant:

After Connecticut’s most expensive and bitterest political campaign, voters on Tuesday chose Democrat Chris Murphy as the state’s newest U.S. Senator, once again rejecting multimillionaire former wrestling executive Linda McMahon, the Republican nominee.

McMahon sunk nearly $44 million of her vast fortune in her quest to win the open seat–on top of the $50 million she spent on her unsuccessful 2010 Senate bid–but all that money was unable overcome the structural disadvantage faced by Republican candidates in deep blue Connecticut.

The race will go down as the costliest campaign in the state’s history. In addition to McMahon’s hefty investment, Murphy raised about $10 million and outside groups flooded the state with an addition $10 million. Much of that money was spent by labor unions, abortion-rights advocates and national Democratic groups who backed Murphy, but McMahon also benefited from ads bankrolled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other conservative groups.



    1. She’ll make that money up in two years. Surely you will still be a horribly miserable woman 20 years from now. It would be nice if the likes of you and those you support went away ASAP. Did you know Blumenthal is worth $75 million? As long as he doesn’t spend his own money, he is cool in Godiva2011’s world.

  1. Lennie points out the 5168 Republican votes for Romney. He leaves out the impact of the Bridgeport Republican votes on the charter question. Looks like Bridgeport Republicans saved the day for the NO supporters and Hispanics all across the nation saved Obama from his one-term Presidency. It should be kiss a Republican and Hispanic month around here.

  2. Joel, I continue to be informed by your reporting; however since not every party was wearing their respective Blue or Red colors yesterday (as a matter of fact most signs in this election cycle failed to identify party affiliation), it is only when you know someone and they begin to share thoughts with you that you begin to understand not all Republicans were for NO on the Charter.

    I can think of three specific GOP folks who shared their willingness for Bill Finch and future mayors to have the power to appoint. Their logic seemed to be once and for all the Mayor would be found guilty of being unaccountable and turned out of office (perhaps only to have another member of the same party do the same thing and be voted out in four years).
    I found it hard to believe but I guess that’s the way politicians think. My own naive view is any Mayor worth his salt, when encountering criticism about the educational system is going to point and blame the State for its failing ECS funding, the Superintendent for failure to follow the plan, inflation for increasing costs, the Federal government for cutting back on grants in times of future trouble, right?
    Mayor Finch and others like him are never going to say, “Yes I am not accountable for what I led you to expect. We did not deliver as we promised. The buck stops here. Fire me. I resign.”
    C’mon people, let’s stay real. Get the BOE and Super. Vallas to outline the metrics and goals. Let’s set up a scoreboard and review it quarterly or however appropriate. Kids grow up fast. Remember, it’s about the youth! Time will tell.


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