Municipal ID Cards Delayed

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim’s administration has found a new reason to delay issuing municipal identity cards to undocumented immigrants and others who call Connecticut’s largest city home.

President Donald J. Trump.

Last November–with Trump headed for office–City Hall announced the ID cards were delayed by a redesign to ensure they could not be used to vote. The cards were supposed to be available to any citizen, but are considered a way for undocumented residents to participate in the community and even open bank accounts.

Full story here.



  1. I suggest everyone read the CT Post story. Done? Now, read City Ordinance Chapter 2.126 – Municipal Identification Card Program. (Lennie, can you attach?)
    Is the CT Post story about the ‘program’ that was adopted as an ordinance in July of 2016?
    Apparently not.
    It is an attempt to suggest because Donald Trump is now President, holders of the card who are illegal aliens will be searched out and deported and the City may lose federal funds.
    To receive a card “an applicant must establish proof of identity.” Illegal aliens rarely have proof of identity, they are ‘undocumented.’
    To vote, one must present identification.
    Rather than consulting a registrar of voters or Secretary of State representative to clarify the need for identification to vote, the CT Post includes comments from so-called ‘immigrant’ groups who try to push their agenda for ‘sanctuary city’ status.
    This is not ‘fake news,’ but the CT Post article made a story that misdirected away from the point that these ‘municipal identification cards’ are not a form of identification and, for example, cannot be used to vote.

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