Mud Wrestling At Seaside, Plus: Congress Bails And Zoning Regs

Slammin’ pageview day on OIB Wednesday. I might have to feature The Troll (City Councilman Bob Walsh) more often. Maybe Ken Hayes from Gathering of the Vibes can enter a new band into the mix this weekend called The Trolls. Bobby Walsh on bass, State Rep. Rapid Robert Keeley on drums and backing vocals, State Senate candidate Marilyn Moore lead guitar. All we need is a lead singer, someone that can hit a high-octane octave. I got it, State Rep. Chris Caruso!

Backstage we’ll have Auden Grogins, the blonde banshee from Black Rock, manning the sound system. She’d love to turn The Great Caruso and Keeley into sopranos. Wait ’til Phil Lesh & Friends and the Counting Crowes get a load of that group. During act breaks maybe I can persuade Auden and Keeley to have that mud-wrestling match in Mummy Pond. Mayor Bill Finch and Yahooy can serve as special guest referees.

I’m looking forward to the Vibes. It’s a nice thing for the city and I’m glad the mayor inked a five-year deal to make Seaside Park the venue home.

Where’s Don?

Has anyone heard from new Economic Development Director Don Eversley? He occupies a super-high-profile position and he hasn’t touched base with most City Council members. How about a community meet and greet with the development czar? “Wake up, little City Hall … Wake Up.” All right, that was a lame attempt at a Don Everly song, but the mayor should host a schmooze session of community leaders to introduce Eversley.

Speaking of his honor I see where he and Attorney General Dick Blumenthal have declared war on Wall Street. They claim bond rating agencies have short-changed municipal bond ratings that cost cities millions. A rating agency spokesman says the lawsuit is a stick-up to get them to artificially improve the ratings. Hey, if the lawsuit helps the city, why not? Of course, with the litigation, there’s always the chance when the city moves for an improved rating Wall Street could stpck it up their butt.

News release from Congressman Christopher Shays

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Christopher Shays (CT-4) joined 17 Democrats and all Republican members of Congress in opposing a motion to adjourn the House for five weeks in August and September. The motion, which passed the House by a vote of 213 to 212, means Congress will adjourn for five weeks without taking action to lower gas prices and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

“At a time when energy costs are so high, Congress should be working overtime to reduce demand, increase supply and address speculation in the oil futures market,” said Shays.  “Instead of adjourning, Congress should be taking up comprehensive energy legislation which promotes alternative and renewable energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels; increases supply by building new nuclear power plants; and allows for the drilling for oil and gas off our coasts.”

Shays has also introduced H.R. 1945, the Energy For Our Future Act, a comprehensive bipartisan energy reform bill which has three principal goals for our national energy policy: improving the fuel efficiency of passenger vehicles; incentivizing the purchase of energy-efficient appliances; and repealing extraneous tax breaks for industries that are very profitable and have plenty of incentive to develop additional supply.

News Release from Mayor Finch

Draft Zoning Regulations Available for Public Inspection and Comment

Guidelines for How Property May Be Used

BRIDGEPORT, CT (July 31, 2008) – A draft of proposed new zoning regulations – strict guidelines for how property in different areas of the city may be used  — are available for public inspection in City Hall Annex, City Hall, and at the five branches of the Bridgeport Public Library.

“These draft zoning regulations are tremendously important. If ultimately approved, they will be the blueprint for where different types of land uses can be located in Bridgeport . They will basically define what our city looks like for many years to come,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “I urge every Bridgeport resident to take the opportunity to view them and provide us with appropriate comments.”

The draft zoning regulations incorporate the major themes identified in the new Master Plan of Conservation and Development that went into effect in March. Among the many changes being proposed are:

The addition of a new zone called “Mixed-Use Light-Industrial” (MU-LI);

The addition of five new zones downtown that are “form based” rather than “use based.”

The formatting of the draft zoning regulations for ease of reading to eliminate duplication.

The public is invited to view copies of the draft zoning regulations at:

The City Clerk’s Office or the Zoning Office, both at City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace;

The Office of Planning and Economic Development, City Hall Annex, 999 Broad St .;

The five branches of the Bridgeport Public Library; or

Online at



  1. And Auden can lip sync because she is a real air head.

    Her campaign doesn’t even know about about Federal Copyright Laws. Nice picture of Keeley in her last negative piece. Too bad they didn’t get permission from the photographer to use or pay for the right.

    Furthermore on her tax and education record. Auden talks about how she voted for all these balanced budgets. Another falsehood that will be addressed further down the line on her education claims.

    Well duh! Have you ever heard of anyone voting for an unbalanced budget? One of the main things the vote for the budget by the City Council does is establish the mil rate for taxes. This brings about her claim of not raising taxes. False. The City and the City Council failed to vote for several years against the state statute to implement new revaluation. To be fair, a couple of years made sense because property values had been so decimated by the real estate collapse of the late 80’s and early 90’s that many people had negative values on their homes. To assess at below the 1983 market value would have really sent the mil rate through the roof thus stagnating commercial development. However by 1995 things had shaken out and we were in a boom economy. Implementation would have increased the Grand List and lowered the mil rate thus stimulating commercial development. Also Joe Ganim was positioning himself for a gubernatorial run in those days. Part of the political reasoning for the 4-year mayoral term was to cement Joe’s incumbency and prepare him for a 2002 gubernatorial run, because they knew taxes were going to skyrocket when they finally had to implement the reval.

    So for Auden to claim that she never raised taxes is a falsehhood. In fact she flipped out when her own home’s taxes jumped to over 14 thousand dollars.

    Guess What?
    She sold her home because the taxes were so high and rented for a couple of years. It was an economic move that she had to make and that is understandable. But for her to claim that she never raised taxes is incredulous. Her signs say “Tax Relief”. Her “Tax Relief” solution was for her to sell and bail out of her tax burden.

    During Auden’s years on the City Council she always voted against the budget (part of her fallacy) balanced or unbalanced solely because of education costs. She based her budget vote pandering to her overtaxed Black Rock constituency. In fairness she did this as a symbolic gesture, her vote had no effect on the budget or education spending control, to be able to say to her electorate that I’m with you.

    In 2003, Auden knew she couldn’t win re-election to the Council. That is when she decided to run for the Board of Education. Also a political move for a judgeship. Now mind you, Audie very rarely crossed the Rubicon to other areas of the city. If you told her about McKinley School she would have thought you were talking about McKinley School in Fairfield. In fact we used to laugh saying she would need mapquest to find the schools.

    She is now crowing about her Education Record! A failed record to our kids and taxpayers. I will give her a hall pass on her education votes on the council. But for her to proclaim about the performance of the education system during her 4 years as President of the Board of Ed is ridiculous and insulting to the taxpayers of this city.

    Our children are being left behind. Sorry to say this, but so should Auden.

    On a more postitive note. Great radio spot on WICC by Sly Salcedo.

  2. Tommy Kelly

    You sure are working hard to ensure that Keeley pollutes the state house for another term as an ineffective representative caring more for for his well being than for the needs of the constituency he shames.

    Can you tell me and my fellow OIB literati (and illiterati) why you think he is the right choice. I will grant you that Auden Grogins is hopelessly under qualified. So this come down to which pile do you step in and which do you avoid.

  3. Yahooy

    You answered the question: “I will grant you that Auden Grogins is hopelssly under qualified.”

    If he is such a buffoon and shames his constituency then why did Speaker of The House, Jim Amann, reward him with the bonding chair position?

    I enjoyed the walk down memory lane yesterday.

  4. Yahooy, glad you picked up the info on Thrasher. Keeley is not my favorite, he needs to put in more effort, but his position is worth preserving. If this election is a wake-up call and whoever goes up there (I’d like to Sly S. get elected) actually worked together he has the potential to get results. Ayala is also a decent guy, Keeley should work with him if goes back. Stafstrom may back Ayala, but he is better than Lydia, she had her chance and she didn’t leave a great impression at the Capitol. Ayala isn’t in lock step with Stafstrom.

    Grogins is part of the Stafstrom, Finch group, she will do whatever she is told, (Santiago will be a robot too). I can see her leaning over the Judiciary Committee bugging them so she can get her judge appointment. That means she will be schmoozing, not working and based on her personality and past legislative experience in the council, she will turn off other legislators. At least Keeley and Ayala have the attention of leadership as evidence by Chris Donovan’s support of them. It is always wise to choose the least wormy apple as someone said. Auden has the most worms. Although the sight of Grogins and Caruso beating the crap out of each other on the House floor may drive up ratings on CTN.

  5. Property revaluation was delayed several times because the STATE PASSED LEGISLATION TO ALLOW the municipalities to delay the mandated re-evaluation.

    and Keely voted YES each time to allow the cities to delay

    i guess you forgot that part

  6. Pat
    Great point. They did allow it but that didn’t mean you had to delay. I guess you forgot that part.

    You’ve know what my position was on this for years and you always laughed it off saying a reval wouldn’t increase the taxes. You did an outstanding job as Chair of budget committee.
    I guess I didn’t forget that part.

    You were right about Joe Falco’s Panama Inn. Good porchetta too.

  7. A primary has the same usefulness as mandatory retirement: it prunes the deadwood and allows the young turks to move up. Keeley is outdated, obsolete and ineffective. He is also hopelessly corrupt, a holdover from the “pay to play” days of Bridgeport’s political past. Amann gave Keeley the bonding committee chair, and it was a quid pro quo deal, most likely.

    When confronted by the homeowner, Keeley admitted to removing Grogins’ lawn signs from an address on Park Avenue. Not only has he admitted to taking the low road, he incriminated himself.

  8. Hey Kid

    Apparently there’s a whole bunch of people getting together to write letters to the various people in New London warning them about Joey “I only wanta bring poor people the arts” Celli.

    You in?

  9. While I welcome the Vibes to Bridgeport as an opportunity to enhance the arts scene and showcase our city to out of towners I don’t feel we are getting enough money for Seaside rental. This year the eastern section of the park used for the festival was fenced off and closed to the public on Monday 7/28. This means 7-8 days of loss of use. It seems to me that is worth more than $40K. I understand the promoters do a lot for area non-profits and scrupulously clean the grounds after the festival ends, but as a beleaguered Bridgeport taxpayer, it doesn’t seem to be enough $$$ for me.

  10. Yahooy:
    Whereas I’m not endorsing Keeley or Grogins, there are degrees of “pollution”.

    Pat Crossin:
    A vote to delay re-valuation is a vote to increase mil rates and in doing so you deter commercial and residential investment in the City. You’ll recall how our failure to re-valuate raised the mil rate to 65+ during the years of the Ganim administration. We might have had some commercial development (alibi corruption) during those years if the mil rate weren’t what it was.
    Re-valuation “should” result in an equitable distribution of taxes although I have reservations about that within our fair city.

  11. Pat,

    That is a fait accompli, as the French say. I’ve emailed some relevent documents to the New London mayor’s office, the city council, and the editorial staff at the New London Day. There are several others that have been doing this. It is already causing problems for Mr. Celli. (Members of the New London City Council are questioning why this position was created specifically for ol’ Joe without any oversight by the council.)

  12. Aman, just spoke glowingly about Keeley on WICC, guess they are going to the new firehouse for a press conference with Keeley. He voted to give the option to the municipalities, not to mandate them. The blame is with the City and Mayors who didn’t want to raise taxes so they could get reelected or elected to a higher office. Keeley voted with the vast majority of the House. Grogins would have if she were there. Again I have no great praise for Keeley but better than the likes of Grogins.

  13. Keeley is running scared. Amann’s presence at the podium is not going to help him. All of this chatter about who belongs (or is beholden to) which power group, Stafstrom/Finch, Testa, Sneezy/Dope/Grumpy, Donder/Blitzen/Cupid, etc., it doesn’t matter. The REAL issues in this town are jobs, education, law and order, and jobs.

  14. Kid, who was beholden to who sure mattered to you before. But your right the real issues are the economy, jobs, education, health care, but not one candidate including Grogins is putting out their positions. I wonder if Grogins is going to try to pass legislation to give the Cities the ability to do a homestead exemption. Finch could never even give that exempton ($600.00) unless legislation was passed to authorize him to do it and he knew it. There was a bill that almost passed this last session that would have let the Cities give the exemption. Is Grogins going to go up there so the adminstration has the ability to someday live up to their promise? Or will she just try to save face for the Mayor?

  15. On a more serious note, did anyone see the article in Monday’s Connecticut Post concerning Don Sal DiNardo’s attempt to evade the decision of the Town of Fairfield but was rebuffed by the Superior Court. I’m pleased that his action to turn wetlands into a cranberry blog was rejected even after he had the chuztpah to proceed with his plan when the Planning and Zoning Commission had issued a cease and desist order. Congratulations to Fairfield.
    Why doesn’t Bridgeport have similar courage?

    How many of you noticed that yesterday the U.S. Senate defeated an attempt by the Democrats to pass an anti-energy-speculation bill. It was a vote along party lines and whereas a majority voted in favor of the bill it didn’t get the super majority required. Wall Street was so pleased and relieved that the thieves reappeared on the trading floor and the price of oil rose over $4.00 a barrel yesterday.
    My understanding is that the House will be proposing a more comprehensive bill next week and I would suggest that everyone bombard Chris Shay’s office with a demand that it pass.

  16. How many of you saw the New York Times arcticle about Ted Stevens, R-Alaska? The national Democratic Party is poised to retake nine seats in the U.S. Senate this November, giving the party a filibuster-proof majority of 60.

  17. One of the points I keep forgetting to make on this blog is that, somewhere along the way, the DTC lost sight of the ideals of the Democratic Party. More than a little of the dialogue here misses that as well. We are so concerned with who is associated with who that the greater issues are overlooked or forgotten completely.

  18. We need to improve the city’s woefully inadequate school system. It has been proven that an educated population results in lower crime rates and greater prosperity.

  19. BTW,
    Auden Grogins will not do anything to save face for the mayor. She has her own mind.

    And what ever happened to Up Yours Bridgeport? Did he run out of sophomoric rebuttals?

  20. Johnb,

    I must admit that the personal relationships of the candidates (and the other players in BPT politics) was becoming important to me, or at least a topic of discussion. Everyone has a digression now and then, no? I’m nt really up on the national race, the Obama/McCain thing. At this point it is still a toss-up. All it took for me to come back to reality was a busride down State Street. From Commerce Drive downto Lafayette Boulevard it looks like Dresden after World War II. Too many signs promising something “coming soon,” signs that have been there for at least five years. Too many garbage-strewn lots, grafitti, convenience store offering Newport cigarettes, malt liquor, and lottery tickets, and declaring “We take EBT/WIC.” Between Black Rock and downtown there is a lot of despair and resignation. It’s great that we are able to excercise our first-amendment rights here on this blog, but what about the poor folk living in neighborhoods like the one I just described? What are we able to do for them with all of this freedom of speech?

  21. Re: Joe Celli
    Bridgeport’s gain, (voodoo Joe leaving here I hope)
    Is New London’s loss.
    What is the story about the row house Joe Celli owns on Myrtle Ave (I think that’s the street, behind Conties (sp) and has converted to an illegal three apt. rental property.???
    I think Joe Celli and Sal DiNardo were seperated at birth.

  22. Tom Kelly // Jul 31, 2008 at 8:16 am (3)

    Concerning your comments about Auden Grogins and her years on the City Council, let`s not forget that her voting record was the same as Pat Crossin during those years and those were two votes that Joe Ganim always had in his pocket.


    Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, a legendary political figure closely tied to the rough-and-tumble history of his home state, and who wields outsize influence over federal spending, was indicted on Tuesday on seven felony counts of failing to disclose gifts that he received from an oil services company.

  24. The Republican Party is on the way out, at the national and local levels. There are too many people getting lost in the shuffle, people that the GOP doesn’t care about. Not everyone is a member of a country club, sends their kids to ivy league schools, winters in Boca Raton. America is not a homogenous country or society. We come from many economic and ethnic and religious backgrounds. The Democratic Party was (and still should be) a moderate party representing the broader spectrum of society. The GOP is the party of presumed moral superiority and mean-spirited fiscal policy.

    Ol’ Joe “gimme a massage and a bottle of French wine” Ganim may have been able to count on Grogins and Crossin, but he had them both fooled. They thought he was a standup guy, same as the rest of us. Now Ganim is in the joint. The city is a better place for it. Ol’ Bob “what cellphone ban?” Keeley is a crook; he ought to be jailed, if only for playing the voters of his district for suckers. Grogins will prevail on August 12th. She is not beholden to greed or special interest. Not even Tom Kelly is willing to make that claim for his candidate.

  25. from The Stand for Something or Fall Behind Dept:

    there a lot of great people on this planet — some are OIB Bloggers and some are running and gunning for political office. Joel Gonzalez and Sylvester Salcedo are doing both. Joel specializes in fast, opinionated multi-postings while Sly does so many curbside reports you’d think he needs a new pair of shoes. Both are tireless campaigners (wink) with primary concerns.

    It’s still July but I wish BOTH of them the best i

    Memory from Second OIB meet-up @ Captain’s Cove —

    At one point I joined a conversation on the deck with Sylvester and Joel — TWO future candidates — talking together. I did something that upset Joel and he made my drink disappear (laugh). He was skeptical and uninterested in the OPIC idea, too.

    Next day, Sly passed on an e-mail idea I thought would’ve helped his cause.





  26. Bribes! Retaliation! Going on at the Health dept!
    If anyone missed my last post here is the dirt that is going on. Chris Reale President of Local Liuna Union and also a manager at the Health dept hired her nephew Donnie as a driver for the needle exchange program which is kind of ironic since he has been caught more than once “nodding out” while on the job! Another Health Dept employee actually snapped a picture of this man “nodding out” and brought it to the attention of the Director of Health who instead of reporting this to upper management called in Noddy’s auntie Chris. Word is that The snitch is losing her job soon and so may the noddy driver. Auntie and Val Sorrentino called them all in the office and even though both employees are Liuna members the two queens of Liuna only stated they were representing Don and that they were taking this personal.
    (How dare anyone snitch on a crony!) only a handful were questioned by Labor and today FLOWERS were given out to someone or persons who didn’t snitch on the two queens! This is so shady. We don’t get paid enough in our field to go through this nonsense! We are here to help the public and this should be investigated!

  27. Well well…look who’s popped up…

    If it isn’t old Ron “I am going to primary you because you voted against my contact” Mackey.

    What’s that you say Ronny boy? All those votes you got in your BIG primary tell you that? I remember the look on your face when they told you you had 22 votes to my 370-something. What an ass kicking I gave you! Beating your sorry ass was one of the times I had the most fun.

    How’s your buddy who ran with you? You remember, you ran with a guy who didn’t even live in Bridgeport. Now that I think about it, have they put a GPS on you too big fellow?

    And however I voted, it seemed to be good enough to get elected 5 times and beating your sorry ass was one of my most savored wins.

  28. Outreach Worker,

    I have been waiting for someone to bring this out! I tried to over a week ago, but couldn’t catch anyone’s attention. These two union officials are way out of control with their intimidation tactics and the only way to get it to stop is to document and bring to the attention of the Int’l and Labor Relations. My understanding that the intimidation is so intense, that those that have come forward are now in fear of losing their jobs and were told if they did they would not be entitled to union representation! These members also need to come forward and make other members awae of what has transpired. I also understand that the chief steward (who by the way ran against the Business Manager of this union) received a letter that her services are no longer required. For running against her? Doesn’t everyone have the right to run? Just more retaliation in my book! Her and her posse (executive board hand picked by her) continue to protect her instead of speaking out about the injustices going on. All members who are being intimidated need to bring this out to the entire membership and the membership along with the executive board need to put an end to the current regime. These two officials have been out of control for quite some time and are constantly cutting side deals for their benefit and not the benefit of those they are supposed to be representing! The biggest joke here is that they are constantly preaching dedication, loyalty and honesty. LET’S GET REAL HERE!!! Should we all BARF now?

  29. Although now that I think about it ronny, you may be a piece of shit but at least you have the balls to sign on here under your own name when you’re bad mouthing me

    Not like some of the others here… like my buddy Andy

  30. What the hell is going on over at the health department? Who oversees that the CAO? They should clean house starting with that god awful Health Director Evans.

    Evans couldn’t catch a cold if she was skinnier than emaciated shit.

  31. Baldness involves the state of lacking hair where it often grows, especially on the head. The most common form of baldness is a progressive hair thinning condition called androgenic alopecia or ‘male pattern baldness’ that occurs in adult male humans and other species. The amount and patterns of baldness can vary greatly; it ranges from male and female pattern alopecia (androgenic alopecia, also called androgenetic alopecia or alopecia androgenetica), alopecia areata, which involves the loss of some of the hair from the head, and alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, to the most extreme form, alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body.

  32. Bill Hicks,

    I can’t believe I am agreeing with you on something, but I actually am. The problem is you have a few menopausal woman whose hormones must be out of whack! The CAO does oversee the health department. The CAO who was just let go was the one in charge of overseeing the administration there, and always protected one person in particular.

    My understanding is that the person in charge of running the department is playing a big part in the intimidation process over there and is willing to do anything to protect the two union officials in question.

    To bad, people had hopes for her. Her downfall is she put her trust in the two people who are probably working behind the scenes to see her demise.

    Maybe if she was in town more often instead of leaving these two union officials in charge of the day-to-day operations she wouldn’t be in this predicament now. Rumor has it that one of these union officials is also out right now, probably trying to protect her nephew!

    You are right, they should clean house over there since these women don’t seem to be any good at keeping the place clean!

  33. The City Should hold its Hazardous Waste Day over at the Health Department. All they have to do is throw out everyone who works there.

    The scuttlebutt around the health department is that Doctor Evans takes huge dumps and doesn’t even flush or wash her hands. The City is in good hands.

  34. LMAO! You are onto something here, although there are some workers who are doing a good job. Some of the workers are very committed to the citizens of Bridgeport and put their heart and soul into providing much-needed services.

    Maybe we should call the guy in charge of Hazardous Waste. Problem is we would have to flush him too! I think he voted for the gals over there!

  35. Pat

    I know of many of your positions and they weren’t always right. Maybe at the time they seemed right. However, you and others allowed themselves to be manipulated by Joe Ganim and got burned at the stake.

  36. I am sure that the people that actually put in a hard day’s work over there don’t mind my comments at all. For all we know LBMST you might be one of those good employees.

    Everybody pull up a chair I will break down the Health Department for you.

    Dr. Evans – Don’t do Shit (apparently she doesn’t wash her hands when she does)

    Val Sorrentino – Looks like that kid rocky from the movie Mask.

    Chris Reale – Don’t know much about her so that means she isn’t worth the 1-ply toilet paper Dr. Evans uses.

    Warren Blunt – How do you go from being an All Star Athlete to a Walking Massive Heart Attack? Ask Warren.

    I hope I covered some of the key offenders over there. No wonder the city is infested with bedbugs. CAO please show these people the door.

  37. Bill Hicks – LOL!! I really like reading your postings, you are really funny. Even though I don’t know most of the people you write about, you seem to know what’s what.

  38. Bill – if you don’t mind me asking, what’s up with the posting on pattern baldness, you described them to a T – I’ve seen a lot of that.

  39. As I rub my crystal balls i see my predictions are coming true:

    Gomes of the Red Rooster fame was hired as CAO and also in charge of Finch’s Citistat. Let’s see what he has to offer.

    Charlie is the kingpin of Public Facilities and Parks. Hope he has big balls because he’ll need them to manage all of that.

    Tony “license to steal” DePrimo has now enjoyed two months of a paid summer vacation. Only in Bridgeport. I predict that he will be returning soon to the foreman’s position in sanitation. It’s a small pay cut but he’ll still be a supervisor and still be able to assign overtime including his own. Nice deal for someone who blatently stole time and allowed out of town illegal dumpers into our transfer station.

    I am convinced more than ever that Tony, Larry Osborne and the supervisors union all share the same bed. And speaking of bed, Tony’s girlfriend, that safety chick who works in city hall, meets him regularly at the dunkin donuts on Lafayette Blvd next to Bob’s when she should be working. Why isn’t anyone watching her time?

    I predict that the taxpayers will have a tax revolt over this travesty of justice and refuse to pay their taxes until this scum bag is gone for good and Osborne and the safety chick too. Good employees are betting laid off and these beaters continue to beat the system and collect a paycheck. Makes me want to vomit.

  40. Lennie wrote:

    I’m looking forward to the Vibes. It’s a nice thing for the city and I’m glad the mayor inked a five-year deal to make Seaside Park the venue home.

    Nice thing for the City? Do you mean New York City?
    The security detail at the Pipes festival consists of New York City Police Officers. Bridgeport Police officers were passed on and left out of the security plan. The owner of the Pipes is offering a reduced price for Bridgeport residents by avoiding paying overtime to Bridgeport Police Officers. The majority of the vendors are from out of town, But I’m sure that when the visitors start to experience the effects of the drugs and alcohol, they won’t be taken to a hospital in their town. Bridgeporters should expect a longer wait at the hospitals. It would be a good idea if our OIB election reporter goes to the hospitals and give us a count of hospital emergency visits.

    Is this the kind of nice shit that the City has to endure for 5 years? The mayor is not allowed to serve a term that long in office.

  41. Crystal Balls,

    What do you have against this chick? What do you have against him? Did it ever occur to you that this chick could be on her lunch hour and not city time? Look a little futher into your crystal ball because obviously it must be cracked like you!!!

  42. Awww joel, come on, the Vibes was great last year, the dopers are few and far between. It was fun, why don’t you go check it out, you’ll see a lot of people having a good time. Meanwhile, I’m headed to Ralph & Rich’s for some apps and an apple martini on their patio. Have a good night all.

  43. Pat Crossin

    Auden Grogins and her years on the City Council, let’s not forget that her voting record was the same as Pat Crossin during those years and those were two votes that Joe Ganim always had in his pocket.

    Pat, perhaps you can show me what is not true in what I stated?

  44. I am truly sickened. A month ago Tony DePrimo was signing a separation agreement with the city. What happened? Does he have so much dirt on people that they are AFRAID to let him go? So we keep paying him ALL SUMMER hoping that people will forget?

    I work in City Hall and I know of at least a few employees who were terminated for much less than what Tony did. I think all the unions should get together and sue labor relations on behalf of their employees who were wrongly terminated. The city just set a new standard. Now you can do just about anything and use Tony as an example of why you should NOT be terminated. This makes NO SENSE to me whatsoever.

  45. Political Addict,

    Who are you to judge? There are a lot of people who know who you are. Word has it that you have been screwing people for a long time in and around City Hall.

  46. I have nothing against the safety chick. Don’t even know her. But I know she spends more time with Tony than she does doing her job. Ever have a workers comp question? She tells you to call Berkley. If you have to call Berkley then why do we need her there? This big-haired heifer and Tony get their kicks from hurting people. They plot to catch the PF guys doing something wrong so that they can be written up. And meanwhile they are two of the biggest abusers going. And what’s her problem anyway? Doesn’t she know he’s screwing that chick from the police dept and the other one from the bagel place? She should cut her losses and find a decent guy. Don’t you know they cheat but they never leave their wives?

  47. LBMST and Trailblazer – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You both have a lot of skeletons in your closets. I suggest you shut up before you are exposed for who you are and what you’re about. Trailer park trash the both of you.

  48. Trailblazer and LBMST I think you both have too much time on your hands. Try getting a real job. I hear the city is laying off another 100 people. I hope you’re both on the list. I’ll put that in Mayor Finch’s suggestion box tomorrow. He’s looking for non-essential positions to cut. You two are as non-essential as they come.






  50. LOL! You are funny Hicks! What isn’t funny is what is going on at the Health Dept! I thought City Hall was bad. Oh yeah we are dealing with the same union. It isn’t only the Supervisors Union who is in bed with the admin. Its a huge orgy with Liuna in the front position! Everybody did know that B Williams protected The Mask. So did others. But in the beginning she was backing Caruso so I wonder how that sits with Finch? There shouldn’t be intimidation in the work place! This creates hostile work environments.

  51. You all have me intrigued tonight. From what I am reading certain people think they have me figured out, but I hate to disappoint yoiu; I am not who you think I am!

  52. Pat Crossin, you Joe Ganim and Auden silence on the asphalt plant was deafening. You ignored the health and welfare of the residents of your district. How much of a political campaign contribution did you get for your silence?

    You said that I am a piece of shit, I tell you what Pat, say that to my face with your punk ass, anytime.

  53. trailblazer is WAY TOO DEEP for anyone to figure out. trailblazer brings a MYSTERY to every post. There’s NO WAY we could determine trailblazer’s identity — uh-uh. Not on this planet; not in this lifetime.

  54. It is very hostile at the health department. Employees here are scared to lose jobs. I don’t blame them. These people have proved that they can get you eliminated. And If you don’t kiss ass and lie to cover up from them then you are out the door.

  55. Wow what’s going on tonight? I haven’t posted in a while, but wow is all I can say. \ I have to say that this transfer guy has really gotten some play on the blog. How many women does he really have, and let’s hear about all the skeletons political addict is talking about. Is political addict talking as a scorned DePrimo lover, or just out of her blowhole…

    Personally, I really want to hear more from bill hicks. I like what you said about the LIUNA Lolita looking like the kid in the movie Mask. You really seem to know your stuff when it comes to the real trash in the city. Keep talking and give us the dirt.

  56. Outreach worker

    I know you are right about people being afraid at the Health Dept. Everyone there is scared to talk to anyone, even in their own building. No one should have to work under those circumstances. What good is this union to these people anyway, not only do they not represent their members, they work against them. EVIL if you ask me.

  57. Wow! What did everyone have to drink tonight? Lennie, instead of Mud Wrestling, it’s more like Mud Slinging! Me thinks a lot of nerves have been touched tonight.

  58. Hey trailblazer…

    Speaking of drinks, did you ever meet with Bill Hicks at the Cafe the other night? I haven’t been posting for a while, but I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading when I get a chance. What was the outcome of that evening?

  59. What to do;

    I was there the other night and was looking forward to having a drink with him, but didn’t see him there. It would have helped if I knew what he looked like. Overall I was there with some friends and had a great time!

  60. Tom, you must have an amazing amount of time on your hands to come up with some of the stuff that you do. If you actually speak with some of the most influential people in Hartford, you would find that Keeley has about the same level of respect as a dust mite. Maybe next time around, Keeley can save us taxpayers some money and not use his “taxpayer paid mailer” as a campaign piece.

  61. Hey Brown Eyed Girl! With the amount of “bull” that Keeley and his supporters throw around here, there will be plenty of “mud” to go around! Actually, a mud wrestling match would force Keeley to actually do something. You can’t “no show” a mud wrestling match!

  62. I think brown eyed girl is onto something here. I’d be up for it too! The only problem here is that people are more comfortable with blogging than in coming out.

  63. I am laughing my ass off at the outrage about who’s screwing who. Government, payback and screwing around are like the three musketeers of politics. Remember Clinton. Not like I care who gets their jollys where and don’t kid yourself if you don’t’ think it doesn’t go all the way to the top. Politicians are power trippers and getting laid whether you’re on the top or bottom is nothing new. I bet you’d find skeletons (or thongs) in many a City Hall Annex closet. Who wants, who gives it, who takes it, who gets to stay or go because of it. It always comes out in the end, even if it is quite a while afterward. Look at Gennifer Flowers, Anita Hill, Donna Rice, Monica, Spitzer, McGreevey, and Packwood. I don’t know who has more sex, politicians or preachers. In this day and age, with e-mail, text messages, cell phones and cameras, phone calls, someone is going to find you eventually. Anyone who is sending e-mail over a public, government, or company computer, they already have you.

  64. Well, well things are getting a bit “hot” on the blog chat box lately. Old political or union wounds or new ones in the making’s, all need to be addressed in a mature adult way. Nothing like a blog couch session to relieve one’s bottled up stress in mind. But keep in mine that there is the “Glass-House” rule in effect. So please, everyone must be wary or sure of themselves before throwing any stones! Thank-You for your attention to this important bit of blog info. Carry On!!

  65. BobBlackRock

    Your pitch about Auden is starting to sound like the old bait and switch line. Like selling a car you are portraying Auden as “Was!”now “Is!!” Does her model come with an Finance & Insurance package too?


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