More Than 1,000 Votes Cast In Bridgeport By Absentee Ballot For Tuesday Primaries

primary ballot
Sample Democratic primary ballot, 23rd Senate/126th State House

If friends, neighbors, family members want to vote in Tuesday’s primaries the deadline for new or unaffiliated voters to register with a party in person with the local registrar of voters or town clerk of residence is noon Monday. You cannot switch parties to vote in a primary. That deadline has passed. Not sure where you vote? See here.

Complete list of Republican candidates on ballot both locally and statewide here. Same for Democrats here.

Absentee ballot voting in Bridgeport has intensified in this sleepy summer primary season. As of Friday afternoon more than 1,000 electors have cast votes via absentee ballot out of nearly 2,000 applications mailed by the Town Clerk’s Office. Hundreds more will likely be added to the count by Tuesday’s vote. The trend in recent years shows that about 70 percent of city voters who request an absentee ballot vote that way, much of the interest driven by political operatives who bank votes on behalf of the candidates they support scouring senior citizen complexes and public housing units.

Absentee ballot voting has emerged as a rite of passage in city elections worked by multiple campaign operatives. The mantra: If they’re working absentee ballots, we need to work it too to compete. So likely based on past turnout models approximately 15 to 20 percent of votes cast Tuesday in Bridgeport will be via absentee ballots, an outlier compared to most of Connecticut.

In addition to the Democratic gubernatorial primary between Ned Lamont and Joe Ganim, two legislative races have stoked absentee ballot interest, the State Senate contest between Dennis Bradley and Aaron Turner for the open seat of a retiring Ed Gomes and the State House battle between incumbent Charlie Stallworth and challenger Shante Hanks.

Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford. Stallworth’s State House seat includes Whiskey Hill and portions of the North End and Upper East Side.



  1. Does anybody think turner has a shot at winning? I don’t think joe will get 30 percent state wide but who ever the Democrat candidate is I will vote for no good options on the Republican side

  2. The complaints I’ve heard about ned is he is a millionaire who does not relate to the common person and this might be a problem Tuesday and even in the general. 0

  3. *** One year after Charlottesville; & D.C will host groups from the left & right protesting Trump, racism, white nationalist, immigration, etc… Some will be there marching & celebrating their right to “hate”, immigrants, blacks, minorities, jews, etc… carrying rebel flags, nazi flags, etc.. flags that this country fought wars over in the past, flags that at one time divided this country & had at times brother fighting brother. Flags that represented, the use of genocide to kill people, in which thousands of Americans died fighting its hatred! Now in this age of modern technology the very hate that America has fought wars over, these flags of hate will be carry by nationalist whites thru America’s capitol. How much further will the blind not see what “hatred” is doing to our America & the world! *** What say you? ***

  4. Mario’s absentee operation is 2nd to none.But let’s not assume all 1000 of them are for Joe,remember Tim Herbst kisses his ring also,Mario,being as power hungry as he is,has Tim as his backup plan.

  5. The number of absentee ballots mailed is nothing but another piece of mail unless they’re filled in and mailed back to the TC’s office. The question is, how many have been returned??????

    1. when are absentee ballots due in the TC’s office? I mailed my absentee ballot application in last Tuesday. I have not yet received my absentee ballot. my concern is that I will not get the absentee ballot in time to return it to the TC’s office for my vote to count

      1. Lisa,stop down Mario’s joint,get one from him,have a pizza,fill it out,and leave it with him,after he looks at,if it’s to his liking,he’ll give it to a cop to bring to the registar;s office,no problem.

  6. I checked with the Town Clerk’s office. I need to go to the Town Clerk’s office and do my absentee ballot there. That kind of defeats the purpose of me doing an absentee ballot. if I had known that there would have been this nonsense, I would have struggled to the polls tomorrow

  7. Lisa, while I didn’t do my usual absentee applications, I did receive a call from five voters, so I mailed them their applications, filled them out with the exception of reason and signature, put my name on the bottom, I also enclosed a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they could mail them to the TC’s office, this was about a week ago, and as of Friday’s report they didn’t show as being received. I know these people very well, they called me so there’s no way they wouldn’t sign them and mail them back. There’s something going on!!!

    1. oh I totally agree that there’s something not right. I called the Secretary of State’s office to see what my options were. I could go to the TC’s office and do my absentee ballot (which I did) OR I could go to the polls and vote in person, since the TC would not have my absentee ballot in their hands. the person in the Secretary of State’s office quietly laughed when I told her where I lived. And for what it’s worth, the TC’s office mailed out my absentee ballot FRIDAY. They claim that’s when they received my application. uh, right! talk about disenfranchising voters…..

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