Moore Urges Voters To Do The Write Thing

State Senator Marilyn Moore is bringing her write-in campaign for mayor to the steps of the Margaret Morton Government Center Saturday morning, according to her Facebook page.

Join us tomorrow morning October 5 at 10 am on the steps of the Margaret Morton Government Center (City Hall Hall Annex, 999 Broad street). Let’s keep the momentum going!

As Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens hears testimony from a lawsuit challenging the results of the September 10 Democratic primary, candidates are going about their business in advance of the November 5th general election.

Left without a ballot spot in November, Moore’s campaign is educating voters about the two-step, write-in process: filling in the write-in line oval at the bottom of the ballot and writing in her name, or some variation of the voter’s intent.



  1. Breaks my heart as to how close we got on September 10. Breaks my heart that the WFP ballot line was squandered away. Precious time and momentum has been lost. I simply can’t believe it.

    1. Frank snap out of it!!! She’s STILL IN the GAME!!!


      The fat Lady HASN’T sung YET!!
      Come on dust yourself off and let’s. Make HISTORY together !!!

  2. Marilyn,tell me why I should support you to run our city,when you couldn’t even run your campaign??..You let alot of people down when you failed to get on the ballot..

  3. I agree with Harvey. Why would we want someone running the city who can’t run a campaign. I understand if people loathe Joe Ganim. Suck it up and do not put self serving interests (hatred of Ganim), before the good of the City of Bridgeport. Moore would be a step backwards. Increased taxes is in our future with her. Maybe if the haters put up a worthy candidate (no RonDon, she is not a worthy candidate), there would have been better results. Let’s move on and move Bridgeport forward.

    1. I question anyone who would back her at this point. She’s mired in the oil dust of a backfire that not even those who knew there was Moore to come ever imagined. It’s very sad that it is worse than I thought. Her misjudgments and mishandling and unadulterated incompetence is at juxtaposition to her supporters wanting this person for change. I thought Finch really took the cake for the most absurdist campaign end. This lady takes the cake on it all. I wouldn’t hire her to manage a department the chief position of a large city.

      Just imagine for a moment her managing the city as she has managed her run. It would be in shambles. I would much prefer a felon who manages the city over a felon (perjured herself) who has shown her complete insane incompetence. At just EVERYTHING campaign. She’s playing her piccolo of complete incompetence and she’s going to be voted out the next election. As she should be. Syonara.

    1. Didn’t you move away? And now you are returning? In order to vote?
      Stevenl, what about second chances for a felon with 16 offenses and seven years in jail and a Plan A Pension history that has failed significantly to do the job without rescue funding every year? Pension Plan A will by 2029, the formal last year of Taxpayer principal, interest and extra funding required to keep the plan on line have cost taxpayers more than $1 Billion dollars. What does that say about administrative and fiscal competence, sports fans? Time will tell.

      1. So far Moore is steadily catching up in offenses. Since both are felons, seems awfully hypocritical of you to ignore the writing on the wall. It’s delusional. We Called this from the start. She’s a joke and she earned it. I am guessing the more they push this the more chance that Moore will be prosecuted.

      2. And I’d support that. Once again, I do not support Ganim. I do support prosecution for anyone who commits election fraud. And she has. It’s going to kill her in the write in. News has spread. This whole thing has become a mess. The real victims are the residents of the city. And the CT tax payers. She’s representing them in Hartford AND THAT SHOULD BE FRIGHTENING TO EVERYONE. Like the website builder who can’t seem to remember the password into the site. Like the person you hire at Staples to print a presentation on high quality paper and they do it on cardboard. Like the guy at the gas station that puts diesel in your car because he’s texting his girlfriend, Incompetence pisses people off. And we don’t want that in our leaders.


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