Moore Requests State To Investigate Keystone Club Shooting

News release from State Senator Marilyn Moore:

Today, State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) requested the Chief State’s Attorney investigate the shooting of 21-year-old Nayir Nixon. Senator Moore sent a letter this morning to Chief Attorney Colangelo asking for his assistance to ensure a fair review of the incident.

Nixon was shot while at a club in Bridgeport Sunday, September 27, 2020. The club, Keystone Social Club, is owned by a member of the Bridgeport City Council. In addition, there is an ongoing federal investigation of fraud in the city of Bridgeport and its police department. Citing these factors, Senator Moore believes the family deserves an independent, non-biased investigation.

Senator Moore’s Letter to Chief Attorney Colangelo is as follows:
October 3, 2020

Chief State’s Attorney
Richard J. Colangelo, Jr.
300 Corporate Place
Rocky Hill, CT  06067

Dear Chief Attorney Colangelo,

With the ongoing federal investigation of fraud in the city of Bridgeport involving our Police Chief and others, I am requesting your assistance. I believe the city would benefit if your office leads the investigation into the shooting of 21-year-old Nayir Nixon who was shot and killed on Sunday, September 27, 2020. The shooting took place at the Keystone Social Club, 1794 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport.

I am also making this request because a Bridgeport elected official is the club owner/manager and I do not believe, based on the recent corruption charges within the Ganim administration, that there will be a non-biased investigation that the family of Nayir deserves.

Please contact my office at the above address or telephone at (860) 240-0425 and advise me of your decision in this matter. Your consideration is appreciated.


Marilyn Moore
State Senator



  1. One would think that such a letter would be promulgated and signed by ALL council members considering the totality of the circumstances occurring in Bridgeport. Well, all but one member I guess. At least Senator Moore took the action.

    1. Quite frankly they should all be held to the same standard as all public servants. Just like we were yelling at cops to speak up a few months ago. We should be doing the same for them. If you can’t hold your own accountable; resign.

    1. Do you really think any of them would speak up against Eneida beside Maria? Lol 😂 they’re all complacent because they all have their own versions of “keystone” somewhere in the city happening.

  2. Why is it that State Senator Marilyn of all of the elected Bridgeport officials is seeking the State to look and take a fair review of this incident because the Police Department is able to do a fair investigation?


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