Moore: Release Internal Affairs Report On Police Misconduct

News release from mayoral candidate State Senator Marilyn Moore:

Today, Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) released the following statement in response to local press outlets reporting that a second Bridgeport police officer involved in a 2017 incident where police broke up a party on Colorado Avenue committed suicide and was found dead in his home on Saturday.

“There is no excuse for this. Two officers have committed suicide, Latinos’ civil rights were violated, and the city attorney is sitting on an FOIA request from the CT Post.

“I am calling for the immediate release of the Internal Affairs report related to the incident on Colorado Avenue in October 2017.

“There is no reason for the City to continue to sit on this report. Two Bridgeport police officers have committed suicide, the victims are waiting in limbo, the level of distrust that the public has with the Police Department grows–and yet the city attorney says they are not releasing the report. Why?

“Release the report today. End the secrecy surrounding this incident and let healing process begin.

“Once again, we see the city attorney’s office ignore state law concerning Freedom of Information. The Internal Affairs report is the public’s information not the City Attorney’s private information. Release the report today.”



  1. How about the selective parking enforcement in Bridgeport? I see cops and traffic enforcement officers ticketing automobiles blocking fire hydrants. They don’t ticket vehicles parked at bus stops if it is located in front of a business owned by a highly placed administration official.

  2. Again, 17 Bridgeport police officers are facing discipline — nine could be fired, this is really big but the suicide of two police officers has bought this problem into the light. This incident happen on Colorado Avenue in October 2017, and nothing has happen with the investigation, the public is still in the dark. This case is nowhere near being bought to a ending because the union will fight for all of those who are charged and then they will continue the fight with their own attorney, then will come the lawsuits from either those arrested on Colorado Ave. or the police officers. Again, this is way over the Bridgeport Police Internal Affair and the City Attorney Office, the State or the FBI must come in and take over this investigation. Now what will Mayor Ganim do or say, he didn’t say a damn word when he was running around the state with some type of fake ideal that he could be the governor.

    1. Check out the CT Post online.
      Senator all’s oncityto release cop investigation report.
      Mayor Ganim says it will be ready tomorrow morning.
      Way to go MAYOR MOORE. Getting things done before she’s even won.

  3. If the administration can’t or won’t release the report either voluntarily or under the freedom of information act the full City Council has, and should exercise, the power to subpoena it.

    1. Phil Smith, stop being a stranger on OIB. You make a good point but this Council is scare of challenging anything without Hamilton Burger, Joe Ganim and Mario Testa giving them the ok.

  4. Also in the story, the man with the gun was in handcuffs before they noticed it!
    But they smacked him around a couple of times just for the hell of it.
    Also the man with the gun had a permit to carry
    Only makes the cops look worse.

  5. It seems as if Mayor Joe has decided to appoint John Ricci as spokesman for his campaign. I guess he’s got a lot of time on his hands since he’s given up a months salary in response to his role in the scrap metal sales. Maybe the cash from these sales went to Joe’s campaign that’s why he has so much money from Bridgeport.

  6. Brick, you are alone in your apoplectic rage about racism where none exists. I defy you with your White-Oppression Complex to detail any racist politics that emanated from Senator Moore. Go ahead I’ll wait.

      1. Actually, I’m the most blue blooded democrat there is and I wholly loathe Donald Drumph. Don, what rage are you talking about? I asked a simple question. The reality (from my perspective) is every time I’ve seen her speak or read and article where she’s quoted or read her newsletter as someone in her district….she’s constantly referring to the black youth opportunities, latinos civil rights, etc….Where-as I think she should be referring to opportunities for ALL Bridgeporters and civil rights for ALL Bridgeporters.

        1. Exactly, I see probably one of the best state senators we’ve had in quite some time. I just think some of the rhetoric can come across as alienating. At the end of the day we’re all in it together. We can rise together as a city or let the rest of the county and state continue to pit various city groups against each other fighting for the scraps they allow us to have.

          1. Brick, power isn’t granted, it’s taken!
            During her announcement speech Marilyn Moore promised to “fight the systems that oppress us”.
            (staring at the sky) I wonder who that remark was aimed at.

          2. No but I thought you were coming out of the closet. I mean when you don’t see the difference between a woman and a man.

  7. What good does it do to release an Internal Affairs report and videos about an ongoing investigation ?

    The FOI request should have been challenged.

    Why not wait for the investigation to run it’s course ?

    This may do more harm then good. Soon enough the board of Police Comissioners will have their say and the fate of these Officers will be known.


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