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 Wednesday August 22, 2018

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Moore Opposes City Slots, Extreme Fighting Approved

June 6th, 2017 · 9 Comments · Analysis and Comment, Development and Zoning, State Politics

Led by State Senator Marilyn Moore’s opposition, a sweetener bill to add slots into state parimutuel facilities including one in Bridgeport is apparently dead, replaced by a demand by urban legislators to back mixed-martial arts in exchange for approving a third state casino in East Windsor operated by a joint venture of Connecticut’s tribal nations. MMA was approved Tuesday night, according to the Hartford Courant.

A dizzying swirl of deal-making is underway in Hartford as the state legislative session comes to a close Wednesday night. The big-ticket issue of the session is the tribal nations proposal for a third state casino in East Windsor to counter MGM’s nearly $1 billion casino under construction in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The sweetener for slots in Bridgeport to satisfy some members of the city’s legislative delegation who rolled craps following opposition from Moore who says slots in the Shoreline Star OTB facility on the East Side would do little for economic development for the city and exploit her constituency.

Moore, too, is an opponent of mixed-martial arts citing health concerns and lack of regulation. She voted against the MMA approved bill. Moore cites the benefits of union jobs for a third casino and preserving money for Bridgeport from the state’s slot compact with the tribes. Under the gaming compact the state receives 25 percent of the slot take in a monopoly agreement with the tribes. It has meant millions of dollars to the city each year for 25 years.

Some members of the city’s legislative delegation, including State House members Chris Rosario and Ezequiel Santiago, assert extreme fighting is a new big-source of business for the Webster Bank Arena and bolsters support for the local hospitality industry. They are proponents of an open, competitive process–opposed by the tribes–for a third state casino.

So even within the city’s eight-member legislative delegation, positioning and deal making are coming down to the wire in the legislative session.


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  • Jeff Kohut

    “…Moore, however, is weighing the benefits of union jobs for a third casino and preserving money for Bridgeport from the state’s slot compact with the tribes in potentially relaxing her opposition to MMA. Under the gaming compact the state receives 25 percent of the slot take in a monopoly agreement with the tribes. It has meant millions of dollars to the city each year for 25 years…”

    With even Bridgeport legislators voting against Bridgeport’s long-term interests in favor of the too-long mismanaged tribal-casino monopoly and “union jobs” (a lot of bs — there won’t be any significant number of Bridgeport workers represented in any East Windsor casino- construction labor force or in the later, casino-workers union labor force…), one might be inclined to wonder whether the tribes have been buying security in the form of tribal campaign contributions and promises of the creation of “union jobs” for union supported legislators… There’s a corrupt odor coming downwind from the reservations… (However, the “slot compromise” is also bs and, in and of itself, would be counter-productive for Bridgeport…) As is often said on OIB, one should “follow the money” in order to rationalize the issue positions and voting behaviors of politicians…

  • Marshall Marcus

    The days of ‘follow the money’ when it comes to campaign contributions for state legislators in CT are long gone. Candidates need merely raise a small amount in small amounts and qualify for public funding of their campaigns.
    This is what JG is fighting for, he is disqualified under the law from receiving public funds for a Gubernatorial race and would be the type of candidate to seek those types of contributions that might have influence strings attached.
    Senator Moore, OTOH, can raise a few thousand dollars in under $100 amounts and then run a state funded campaign for reelection.

  • Jimfox

    No Moore Wampum for Bridgeport teepee’s, Gomes speak with forked tongue!
    Chief Running Joe, up river with no paddle.

  • Grin Ripper

    How can Senator Moore or Less vote against gaming in Bridgeport, when she supported a casino for East Windsor.

    Ed, Going, Going, Gomes, who claims to be this big labor guy screwed his own district out of jobs.

    Then again, it was Gomes, the steel union thug, that caused Carpenter Steel to steal away with hundreds of jobs to Pennsylvania.

  • Jeff Kohut

    Marshall: Let’s not be naive… Politicians will always pad their war chests with PAC-money and good-will deals with the unions… Who do you think does the real leg work for these guys in Bridgeport? And the neighborhood allies recruited with PAC money jobs are crucial to the gotv effort … The “clean election funds” are really just pump-priming cash for these guys… There are always multiple income streams… You’re from Trumbull. You don’t want a Bridgeport
    Casino or resurgent Bridgeport. Your perspective is biased… Let’s be honest here. Marilyn Moore is Trumbull’s lackey, so of course you support her and her Bridgeport betrayal…

  • Marshall Marcus

    you couldn’t be more wrong about me if you tried.
    I would love a resurgent Bridgeport. We own property and pay taxes here. Senator Moor is NOT Trumbull’s lackey. In fact she regularly is accused of pandering to Bridgeport’s interests above Trumbull and Monroe. I was a delegate to the 22nd D nominating convention. I did not vote for Moore, I supported the incumbent, Musto of Trumbull. Moore won the primary, losing Trumbull. In the general election, if the D22 candidate carries Bridgeport they win….that’s just based on the number of registered voters in each municipality.

    As for casinos, I don’t support or patronize them. If Bridgeport wants one and can raise the money without taxpayer subsidies I have no objection. I won’t be a patron, as I am not at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun and won’t be in East Windsor if built.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    I will not vote for moore or Gomes again

  • charlie

    Wait till city funding is cut, what then o mighty thieves.

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