Moore Named Chair To Key Legislative Committee Assignments

From State Senator Marilyn Moore:

State Senator Marilyn Moore (D-Bridgeport) has been named Chair of the Human Services Committee, Chair of the General Bonding Committee, and Vice Chair of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee in the Connecticut General Assembly. Senator Moore was appointed these roles on Friday by Senate President Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven).

“I am humbled to accept these positions and be able to lead each committee in the upcoming term,” said Sen. Moore. “I am thankful for Senator Looney for allowing me to fulfill my passion with helping others who are in the greatest need especially during this health crisis; to overlook many state assistance programs to better our state and quality for its constituents.”

“Senator Moore will continue to be a great asset leading the Human Services committee and the General Bonding Committee,” said. Sen. Looney. “I am excited to work alongside her as she oversees very important issues in our state.”

The Human Services Committee has cognizance over all matters relating to the Department of Social Services, including Food Assistance (SNAP), Cash Assistance, Medical (Husky, Medicaid, Health Insurance), Medicare Savings Program (MSP), and Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS), and the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Rehabilitation Services.

The Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee has jurisdiction over all matters relating to finance, revenue, capital bonding, fees and taxation. The committee also has cognizance over employer contributions for unemployment compensation and all matters relating to the Department of Revenue Services and the revenue aspects of the Division of Special Revenue.



  1. Although I am delighted that a Black Woman is now leading these roles, I certainly hope that Senator Moore remembers that she is a Black Woman and that she should remember Black Woman as well as the constituents that she normally represents. I hope she is not reminiscent of Obama during his years of not helping black people move forward. That would be down right shameful! Would someone please remind Senator Moore that…..#BlackWomensLivesMatterToo??? Just asking for a friend.

    1. Queen Princess, please stop. Lennie has a policy of allowing persons who are in a public position to post under fictitious names.
      You are obviously a member of the Ganim Admin. Bad mouthing Sen Moore with nothing more than rumors and innuendo.
      Please be specific as to when Sen Moore did not represent Black Women. And just as a reminder, Sen Moore is in the position that she is BECAUSE of her constituents, Blacks, Latinos and Whites, men and women, young and old.
      If you refuse my request I will ask Lennie to bar you from posting under any name but your own.

  2. Senator Moore like President Obama were serving All of their constituents, not just Black! You hide behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability while casting aspersions on a lady who put her personal life on hold to serve the people of Connecticut. Queen Princess, Senator Moore doesn’t owe you shit and as long as she’s doing good for one race or ethnicity, then all ethnicities benefit. Don’t like that then run for office or shut the fluck up.

  3. Marilyn,
    Congratulations on the impressive array of appointments. They attest to the fact that you have kept winning your State Senate elections since the first win, as well as the competence and spirit you display in seeing the story told and the project completed. The facts that you are a woman of color with urban and suburban voters and that your Democratic party support comes from an independent arm of the local party in the State’s largest City. The dramas that you faced during the mayoral challenge indicate that there were men and women of all colors who supported you and others of all colors who saw it in their interest ($$$) to support the Testa/ Ganim machine even if there was a strong “white supremacy” flavor to the group. (What has the Bridgeport DTC done to create opportunity long term for City youth and to provide public services to ameliorate conditions of systemic or structural racism? Time will tell..

  4. Many that make commentary on this blog are extremely close-minded in nature. The utilization of old tactics to steer others away from real issues is downright “Hiding of the Hand” syndrome. The commentary here, clearly identify why corruption and lack of integrity issues plague The city and the State of CT. There are few commentators on this blog that I actually respect and follow, others utilize vulgarity and slander to get their points across. The changes coming to this state will be swift and painful for the ignorant, hide behind keyboard, do nothing commentators. We are ascending into the New Year, please reflect on ways in which to get your point across without the utilization of vulgarity and name calling. If you are unable to disprove a theory, then I suggest that you move to the next post!

    1. Hey Queen Princess, who the hell do you think you are trying to lecture someone on ethics when you said “although I am delighted that a Black Woman is now leading these roles, I certainly hope that Senator Moore remembers that she is a Black Woman and that she should remember Black Woman as well as the constituents that she normally represents.” Queen Princess you are nothing but a fraud, with your bogus name and most of your comments.

  5. Queen Princess, you have the temerity, no the unmitigated gaul to say, “people on this forum hide behind keyboard and are nothing commentators while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity and inscrutability? You have some nerve and if you are offended by the words shit and/or Fluck then may I suggest that you find another forum because the Freedom of Speech is alive and well on OIB or put your big girl panties and act like you’re a grown woman whether you are or not.

    You can’t come here and lecture people of decorum and appropriate language while hiding your identity. If you want someone to respect you or your opinion quit hiding behind a pseudonym and then and only then will someone give a hoot about what you have to say. Is that better, I wrote hoot, but I was thinking DAMN.

    Finally you say President Obama did nothing for Black’s yet large disparities in health insurance coverage related to race and ethnicity was changed when millions of Black’s received health care under the ACA or Obama care. The same with Senator Moore, anything she brings to the City of Bridgeport will benefit Black’s as well as everyone of her constituency irrespective of race or ethnicity or the other cities in her district. As Black people we have been fighting for hundreds of years just to be treated the same as our white counterparts and now you are saying Senator Moore should do what we’ve been fighting against, just hook up Black folks and the hell with everyone else. It’s obvious that you are asking for a higher level of expectations from the Black woman than you ever did the white men that served Bridgeport, in the past as well as today. HATER!


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