Moore Mailer Highlights Reform And Results In Battle Against McCarthy

Moore first mailer page 1

State Senator Marilyn Moore’s first mailer of the 2016 reelection cycle hit mailboxes this week in an appeal to traditional Democratic voters as she tries to fend off party-endorsed Tom McCarthy, president of the City Council, in an August 9 primary. McCarthy’s first mailer is scheduled to hit in the upcoming week. Connecticut’s 22nd State Senate District is arguably the most diverse in the state taking in about one-third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a piece of Monroe.

As primaries go this is among the most watched legislative races because it’s considered a swing district based on the city-suburban demographics. That means Trumbull Republican Elaine Hammers, who served one term in the State House, will face the winner in the November general election.

Moore, founder of the Witness Project, a non-profit engaged in the early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer, is also the only African American woman in Connecticut’s State Senate. She won the seat two years ago knocking off three-term incumbent Anthony Musto in a primary on her way to a general election win. She stitched together anti-establishment pols and government reformers running up large pluralities in Bridgeport voting precincts to counter Musto’s strong suburban base. Moore is not a political suck-up to the party establishment and as a result finds herself in a primary. “Marilyn is dedicated to honest and transparent government,” declares the mailer. “She stood up for our right to vote against unethical, business-as-usual politics that would eliminate public control over the local Board of Education, and has worked to make registration easier.”

Moore and McCarthy have both qualified for Connecticut’s Citizens Election program of publicly funded races that will avail them about $100,000 to spend on the primary. Mail is generally the largest campaign expenditure in state legislative races.

“Marilyn gets results on the issues that matter to us,” declares the mailer. “In the last two years alone, Marilyn fought to improve breast cancer screening, raise the minimum wage, expand access to child care, increase education funding, reduce opioid dependence and overdose, protect voting rights, provide paid family leave, end end hunger in Connecticut.”

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  1. I am hearing Bass Pro Shops is doing really bad. They cut staff hours. Their restaurant is doing even worse. The store stays empty. And I heard they may close up in six months. I don’t really believe the last part about six months but it’s not looking good. Has anyone heard the same? Just imagine if they had to pay rent. Anyone hear anything?

    1. Yes, it’s true. Walmart signed a 20-year deal. The neighborhood wanted it. Beats driving to Shelton and Stratford. It will be the largest Walmart and Nathan’s will be operating the restaurant, only hotdogs and fries.

      1. Lennie Grimaldi, I would be remiss if I didn’t leave you with positive parting words. I want to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday. I do hope it was happy and you had a good time with friends and family. Wishing you many Moore.

        Congratulations to Moore and Gomes for receiving the WFP endorsement. The same group that though Dennis Bradley was the second coming! Kudos to you!

        Tom McCarthy, the future State Senator, Get busy. Still waiting for that amazing pic! Also I think it is awesome that Pete Spain had the balls to write comments on McCarthy’s State Senator blog. I guess a tit for a tat is in order!!! Not by me. I would not lower myself to write something Negative on Marilyn Moore’s blog. I am sure somebody will, just to show equal treatment. Steven Auerbach signing off for awhile as if anybody could care less. Best wishes to all especially the anonymous bloggers who get away with unprovoked negative comments. You drain me!

        1. “Also I think it is awesome that Pete Spain had the balls to write comments on McCarthy’s State Senator blog.”


          Steve, you’re as daft as ever. I’ve written no comments on any blog set up for the McCarthy campaign.

          1. I can’t find a single mention she is seeking to be re-elected as “State Senator.” Am I missing it?

        2. Steve, the brilliant Dennis Bradley scared the living daylights out one of my elderly and disabled voters on Friday night.

          This morning she called to ask me if I had sent someone to her home. I said “no, why? She said a large black man was pounding on her door last night and it scared her. She can’t even get out of her chair without assistance.

          I sent a volunteer and canvasser down to her house and they found the literature in her door.

          It read “Hola Lucy, Por favor I vote port mi! Gracia DB ie, Dennis Bradley.”

          There’s only one problem. She is an elderly Italian lady, not Spanish.

          Thanks to “DB” I got her AB application for Ed and me. I had lost her number.

  2. The food at the restaurant is not all that good. It’s the novelty of it all that brought people in. As you know, we are a seafood state; you can’t bring in that frozen crap and pass it off as fresh. A lot of their side dishes come pre-packaged as well.

  3. Lennie,
    You write:
    “Moore is not a political suck-up to the party establishment.”

    And so, you mean to contrast her with McCarthy, so go ahead and add:
    “… as opposed to Tom McCarthy who is a suck-up.”



  4. A neighbor’s daughter was hired as a cashier. In the beginning, she was averaging 28 hours a week, they recently cut her down to 20. They were expecting a huge summer season, it hasn’t happened. Uhh ohh.

  5. *** After the something “NEW” novelty wears off throughout the tri-state area concerning Bass Pro, you’ll see them laying off right ’til Nov., and right before Christmas time hire new temp holiday workers, no? After that it’s a crap shoot on what happens; however if they last five years in Bpt, I’ll be shocked! *** JUST BECAUSE YOU BUILT IT, DON’T MEAN THEY’LL COME! *** AIN’T THAT RIGHT THERE, “BOBBY-JOE, BILLY-JOE AND PEGGY-SUE?! ***

  6. What is it about Bass Pro that draws such antipathy? Is it the brand? The sales of guns? The size? The tax abatement? The Finch/Ganim provenance? The loss of housing?

    Most any other blog would be brimming with suggestions on how to improve the business. This blog community wants a huge investment to fail. Why? To say, “I told you so!?” To perpetuate the hard-luck civic story? To gloat that pessimism wins again? Why?

    What would IMPROVE the situation? How about completion of a development conceived as a unitary system, not as discrete pieces. Maybe when everything is in place? Maybe the best days haven’t yet been seen!

    1. Doug,
      I don’t know that antipathy is the correct word. I believe for most urbanites and many suburbanites the correct descriptive word might be disinterest.
      This demographic is not the outdoorsy, camping, hunting, fishing, purchasers of large quantities of expensive equipment for those uses.
      My teen-aged child and many of her friends have made one visit to see what it’s about, but she made her only purchase at the adjoining Starbucks.
      The sporting gear, sports equipment, apparel, etc. likely to be purchased in this area will come from an Eastern Mountain Sports, Olympia, Eblens, Modell’s or Denali (in the Trumbull Mall). A store the size of Bass Pro is not sustainable in this market and will likely fail even with government incentives.
      The novelty is worth a very occasional visit, period.
      In retail, as in real estate, it’s all about Location, Location, Location. A space in the largest city in Connecticut is not the best choice for Bass Pro. They belong in shitkickerville.

        1. Ron,
          I grew up in CT retail, my family had 15 clothing stores, started one of the regional mass merchandising firms (selling it off to Stop & Shop back in 1962) and have continued as a management consultant in the industry in the 1990s and 2000s.
          Those in power who didn’t see the store was doomed to fail were Bass Pro execs who were sold a bill of goods about the draw from many areas via I-95 and RT 8 from the Naugatuck Valley (a true shitkicker demographic) and the tax and other incentives offered by the politicians. Chances are these Bass Pro mid-level execs will lose their jobs if they do not have 8-10 real winners to offset this loser in a given time period.
          Meanwhile the local politicians can boast to their constituents they developed this wasteland, brought in a huge national big-box theme retailer and cannot be responsible the retailer failed. The politicians will claim a win.

          The big question is who will occupy this monstrosity after Bass closes? Do we really need another gym, the current use for most failed big-box retail locations? Regal Cinemas in Stratford, The Edge at the Dock, LA Fitness at Trumbull Mall.

    2. Doug, Bridgeport is still caught up with the promises of Steve Wynn and Donald Trump and casinos saving Bridgeport. Bridgeport for too long has been looking for that one big project to solve their problems. There is no vision.


  7. Despite its location, Greater Bridgeport isn’t the primary market they are looking to serve. Like their competitor Cabella’s, they like to be near highways and seek to create an experience that will attract people as far away as 60-100 miles. For example, I believe the Bridgeport store is the only Bass Pro store between New Jersey and the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border.

  8. I have to agree with Steve. A Walmart seems to be better for poor urban cities. It’s not going to be easy to transform Bridgeport’s image to those outside of Bridgeport’s politics considering what they see. This city has reelected a mayor who was convicted for robbing the city. No matter what Bass Pro’s future is, it’s a corporate win or lose as much if not more for them than Bridgeport. Not sure how much Bass Pro pays their employees and what kind of benefits they receive compare to what Walmart gives their employees, but the type of businesses, pay and benefits to its employees are going to be a major factor in rebranding Bridgeport’s current image. It’s not going to be easy to bring these types of businesses back to Bridgeport. Just ask Derecktor Ship Yard. I would like to see a 21st Century Outlet retail store and entertainment, residential, commercial complex on Steel Point. I will part with Steve; Bam I’m out. See you in the next Mayoral race and JML, Time will tell. PS Ron If Nixon almost destroyed democracy by his actions than Hillary Clinton’s action did. Day watch out. For Doug, Maria and Lisa best wishes in Bridgeport’s politics, and Fardy keep that positive attitude. If I didn’t mention your name it’s probably because I really don’t care to take the time to acknowledge you. Bam, I’m out.

  9. The reason why things that won’t work are being created at Steal Point is because the intent was never to a create a successful, jobs and tax base boosting venture for Bridgeport at that site, but rather to create a situation ripe for exploitation as a down-county commerce booster.

    Recall the laser-like focus on freeing-up I-95 for the Stamford workforce commute. Recall Dan Malloy’s plan to get the trucks off I-95 between the Bridgeport servants quarters and Stamford through the creation of feeder-barge ports in Bridgeport, New Haven and New London.

    From and earlier post–

    BLD is anticipating making a killing on the land they own at Steal Point when the shipping and trucking companies start positioning themselves as players in Dan Malloy’s feederbarge-port development scheme. Around the time the Seaview Avenue Connector project starts to get underway, the freight transport players will start to knock down BLD’s door to secure that land. BLD knew that from the get-go. In a few years, the East End will be transformed into a noisy truck depot/warehouse-zone serving a noisy, diesel-barge port. Don’t worry. The labor force will be small due to automation and the ease of loading of freight containers onto trucks; so Bridgeport’s labor force will still be free for exploitation by Stamford.

    [The whole Seaview Avenue Corridor scheme is just that, get approval for a road between I-95 and 25-8 through the Remington Woods in order to accommodate Stamford-serving traffic from the Train Station and Feeder-barge port. Package the scheme in terms of proposals that make it look as if the state is actually trying to help Bridgeport create jobs and lucrative tax base in an aesthetically pleasing, 21st-century context. The tip-off this isn’t the case is the placement of the no-destination train station and then creation of a “high-end” development where it just can’t work in terms of things that just don’t make sense (Bass Pro).]

    Steal Point is a huge fraud, which is why I believe the whole project must be abandoned and new plans for real development drawn up from scratch.

  10. Jesus Christ, hey Bernie Sanders of OIB, you claiming Dan Malloy and Stamford are exploiting Bridgeport for low wage labor and Steel Point is a fraud because they’re developing “high-end” developments so it can fail to be redeveloped as a low-end depot to serve Stamford. SMH. You want them to abandoned the high-end development plans because it’s a fraud, it won’t work, and doesn’t make sense. What development works and makes sense to you? Please give specifics. I’m having a hard time understanding your logic, other than Stamford and Malloy are the Bad guys.

    1. Through time, your posts no matter who’s mayor, even the current mayor whom you have supported, have stated Bridgeport’s woes are due to Malloy and “The Gold Coast.” You have to place some blame on Bridgeport leaders and those who are supporting them. The so-called Gold Coast can’t keep Bridgeport down without Bridgeport’s help keeping itself down. I do understand you blame Malloy and Stamford for Bridgeport woes. What I was asking you to help me understand is your post on if high-end development won’t work and doesn’t make sense in Bridgeport and your prior posts claimed Malloy and Stamford “The Gold Coast” are keeping Bridgeport down by preventing high-end development in Bridgeport. I asked you a specific question. What development do you think works and makes sense at Steel Point? Personally I think you want Bridgeport to be Stamford’s depot based on your unwillingness to answer a simple opinion question. PS, if Bridgeport becomes a depot due to Malloy and “The Gold Coast” it’s because Bridgeporters sold out their city and just watched it unfold. Not sure what you’re selling but it’s not a prosperous Bridgeport. I hope the Gold Coast is paying you well. You are a charlatan selling Bridgeport out to the Gold Coast. Just my opinion, though.

  11. Robert: I have clearly stated, many times, over a period of years (in very clear, definite, specific terms) what I believe is needed and appropriate for Bridgeport in terms of development/redevelopment. Do some research on this blog and online. If you approach the task correctly, you’ll find many articles going back several years.


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