Moore: ‘I Know We’re Gonna Take Them Out In September, I Know It, I Know It’

About two weeks from the September 10th Democratic primary against incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim, State Senator Marilyn Moore on Saturday touched on populist themes at the grand opening of her East End headquarters on Stratford Avenue.

Moore’s campaign operation is kicking up its visibility during the homestretch against a well-financed incumbent.

Moore hit upon many of the same themes as Ganim during his comeback to the mayoralty four years ago promising a city that works for everyone. Moore as well sounded a message of inclusion against the establishment.

Seeking another four-year term Ganim must now defend his record as mayor challenged by an insurgent.

Moore told the crowd, backed by her citywide primary slate, “I know we’re gonna take them out in September … I know it, I know it.”

Check out her remarks in the video above.

Moore has two bites at the election apple. She will also appear on the November ballot as the mayoral candidate for the Connecticut Working Families Party, a political organization that has taken on an active role in her quest to become the city’s first black mayor.



  1. What a great ticket Senator Moore has, the best people in the City!
    Governor Ganim has the cheaters and thieves on his team!

    A new broom sweeps clean!
    It’s time to retire Joe Ganim And Mario Testa!

    1. Don, some ask, what would Marilyn Moore do if she’s becomes mayor, well let me stop there, let’s look at Joe Ganim has done as mayor. Do you feel safer, has crime and killings gone down, are your children getting a good education, do you feel good on how the olive department is being manages during the past three years that Governor Ganim has been in office? Oh, I’m sorry, I mean since he has been mayor and do you really want four more of Joe Ganim, I haven’t even mention the on going scandals that are going on in Bridgeport, really.

  2. What a great video. Moore is my State Senator and I am proud of that. However,this video shows that Marilyn Moor will be a great Mayor of Bridgeport. The economic/business conditions will not just suddenly turn around. But I feel that Marilyn Moore is speaking to ME.

    1. Harvey,

      I see a logic to her campaign. Little Joe raised a lot more money but then he’s good at retail campaigning. If he loses the election Werner Erhardt will give him a job selling “me ness” to unsuspecting suburnbanites.


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