Moore Hands In Plenty More Signatures In Quest For Primary Approval

State Senator Marilyn Moore on Wednesday submitted to the Registrar’s Office roughly 3,900 presumed signatures from Democratic electors in the city in her campaign to qualify for a September 10 primary against incumbent Joe Ganim. She’ll need roughly 2,500 validated signatures, representing five percent of registered Democrats, to make the ballot.

A number of the signatures will be disqualified because signers were not registered Democrat voters, but this total generally represents a sizable cushion to qualify for the primary.

State Senator Marilyn Moore with town clerk candidate Chris Caruso drop off petition sheets in Registrar’s Office.

Moore dropped off a majority of the petition sheets joined by her candidate for town clerk, two-time mayoral candidate Chris Caruso who will serve as a campaign watchdog given his anti-establishment leanings in his four-decade political career.

Over the next several days elections officials will match the petition signatures against voter files for approval. If petition canvassers fish where the fish are–armed with voter registration sheets going door-to-door–it produces a higher percentage rate than, say, perching in front of a supermarket not knowing what you’ll get.

Even if 25 percent of the signatures are invalidated Moore’s campaign has presumably provided a deep cushion to make the ballot.

Political warriors Bob “Troll” Walsh, a former city councilman, and former State Senator Ed Gomes support Moore.

The campaign season has now entered a sensitive timeline administered by the state election calendar.

Absentee ballots, by state law, become available August 20 so that means the candidate ballot order must be set by late next week.

Absentee ballots will play a major role this cycle, particularly in districts featuring high senior citizen and public housing residents such as the West End, West Side, South End, East Side and Upper East Side neighborhoods.

Ganim’s political forces are proficient scouring serial absentee ballot electors to bank votes going into primary day. This requires Moore’s campaign operation to churn out a primary-day vote to withstand the absentee bulge.

Moore submitted her petitions as a slate including candidates for city clerk, town clerk, Board of Education and sheriff slots.

Elections officials will also review challenge petitions submitted by City Council candidates.

Moore’s camp issued this statement:

“Bridgeport needs a mayor who is willing to put forward a bold plan to revitalize our city and restore the confidence of voters. And that’s what I believe these petition signatures demonstrate. We collected more than 3,900 signatures in less than two weeks. This shows that voters want a new administration that will transform Bridgeport into an open, welcoming, vibrant city that we can all be proud of. I have been humbled by the support of our city.

“The success of the petition drive is the result of the hard work by dozens of committed volunteers who talked with voters across every district in Bridgeport. This is a significant milestone, not just for our campaign, but for thousands of Bridgeport residents who want a new direction for our city.

“We want Bridgeport to be a place open to everyone, where every worker has an opportunity to succeed and thrive. Bridgeport residents have had enough of an administration that has neglected our schools, mismanaged the police department, and has sat quietly as public safety has worsened over the last three years. Enough is enough. Bridgeport government should serve all residents, not just those who are well-connected with this administration.

“This is a fight for justice, integrity and the future of our city. We can’t get it wrong. We need a mayor who will get it right. That’s why I am running for Mayor of Bridgeport.”



  1. I dropped a volunteer at Stop & Shop near P.T. Barnum and there was Joe Sokolovic circulating her petition.

    I was incredulous. I asked him what he was doing. I also stated this is the worst way possible to get signatures. He stated he was figuring 50% would be discarded

    There were people circulating petitions on McLevy Green during the Thursday night concerts.

    Remember that Ganim turned in close to 36,000 signatures to qualify for the gubenatorial primary. Over 15,000, or close to 50%, of them were not deemed as qualifying signatures and were thrown out.

    In the end what counts is how many are legitimate signatures, not the amount submitted. Marilyn cannot afford to have 50% of her signatures disqualified.

    We will have to wait and see.

    1. For the record about half of the 150 signatures I collected came from stop and shop. The rest were doors. I mitigated the possibility of discarded signatures by asking voters their party and residency. Only one in about 75 had an address out side of Bridgeport. I know it’s better to hit doors but my time was limited outside of residents being home. So I figure very worst case scenario at most 15% of my total signatures will be no good.

        1. Maria,

          This may be part of a bigger strategy. Chris Caruso is on board. He is an expert on parliamentary procedure and election law. This may be designed to land the Ganim administration in court which would be more than a little embarrassing.

      1. Joe, you are an advocate for STEM.

        What kind of math are you doing?

        You stated you turned in 150 signatures. 75 came from standing in front of Stop & Shop. You specifically told me you knew approximately 50% of your Stop & Shop signatures would be deemed invalid.

        50% of 75 is about 37 signatures.

        If 37 of your signatures are thrown out that is a rate of 25% not 15%.

        I have never advocated for the grocery store, CVS, McClevy Green signature drive method. It is too unreliable and you cannot engage most signers in any meaningful way.

        We needed 267 valid signatures. We turned in about 370. Pat told me we had about 338 valid signatures, however we had voter registration cards that were not counted.

        Even with the Registrars attempt to block valid voter registration cards we still only had a 9% failure rate. My guesstimate is our real failure rate was in the 5% range.

  2. There’s no way she’s not going to be on the ballot. Wasn’t there always a question as to if Sen. Moore would primary Joe or go on a three party ticket? Maria you posed a question to Moore not submitting the signature as she goes, and it was a risky tacit. The word here is tacit. If she doesn’t qualify she goes on a three party ticket with minimal damage with the D label for abandoning it, and she can blame the machine for disqualifying valid signatures because of the new register thing that was mentioned in the CT Post article. When she runs in the general. The question is where does Moore’s team feel she has a better shot at beating Joe in the general with or without a primary? If the primary is weaker than the general she would want to by pass it and take Joe on in the general. To win the office you have to win the general. The general would be harder to win if she lost the primary challenge. Chris understand the primary game when he lost to with Finch, you’re welcome bill

    donj that is not a lot of signatures for the players on her ticket. JS

    P.S Maria I’m going to vote for you, and I don’t even live in you district 🙂

  3. Lennie……State Senator/Mayoral Candidate Marilyn Moore wrote an editorial and it was in the Connecticut Post. It is about gun violence which is s highly relevant issue in Bridgeport without even considering the politics. Can you consider posting the editorial here on OIB. Thank you.

  4. Ms. Moore will certainly be on the primary ballot. Chris Caruso knows first hand the tactics Mario and his merry band of orcs use to guarantee victory. This could well end up in Superior court. It would serve Testa, Ganim, et al, to let the chips fall where they may this time around. The people of the city of Bridgeport want honest leadership in City Hall, not the same old wine.

  5. Nessah Smith Karen Jackson and their treasurer are flagrantly violating elections law.

    They held a fundraiser on August 1, 2019 at Vazzy’s. Mayor Ganim and just about every city employee snake was there.

    The SEEC requires ever candidate to file their first candidate finance campaign report with 48 hours of expending or receiving any funds on behalf of the campaign.

    It has been a week and Nessah Smith and Karen Jackson have failed to file their campaign finance report as required.

    Get your report filed ladies. I feel a SEEC campaign complaint brewing in my bones.

  6. Amazing conversations with voters tonight.

    The most repetitive comment around Joe Ganim NOT funding the education of our 20,400 students from voters is about the $2.5 million for the tiger exhibit but nothing or little for our public schools.

    I only put the nail in the coffin by reiterating the Beardsley Zoo is owned by the state and Bridgeport taxpayers have no obligation to fund the zoo with their municipal tax dollars. That only pisses them off more.

    Tax payers have NOT forgotten the 2016 tax increase. Period.

  7. I felt so supported tonight. One male voter told me “we need your voice, Maria.” He further stated you not only speak out you also back it up.

    Truth to power every day all day.:)

  8. Must read. A very poignant and moving op-ed by Marilyn Moore in the CT Post that personalizes her stance on gun violence.
    Far more personal than Joe Ganim signing a silly letter.

  9. I read also in the CT Post that Norwalk had its first murder in two years the other day. There is much truth to what Marilyn writes about the economic influences in violence but DO NOT underestimate the police department’s role in combatting gun violence.

  10. Proud of all the petition volunteers who went doors bringing in 3k+. 3030 Park also has lots of enthusiasm for Marilyn. Thanks to all who gave shoe leather.


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