Moore-Hammers The Featured Race Among Legislative Races

Five weeks from the general election with Hillary and The Donald the featured attraction in an historic race, but closer to home we have eight legislative races with Republicans mounting full slates against incumbent Democrats.

The highest profile battle is between Democrat Marilyn Moore and GOP challenger Elaine Hammers due to the nature of the 22nd State Senatorial, a split city-suburban district that covers about one third of Bridgeport, all of Trumbull and a piece of Monroe. Moore comes off a big August primary win against City Council President Tom McCarthy. Hammers, who has state legislative experience, is chair of the Trumbull Board of Finance. Both have qualified for Connecticut’s Citizens Election Program of publicly funded races that will allow them to each spend roughly $110,000.

The other legislative races are problematic for Republicans due to the major Democratic voter registration advantage.

Bridgeport’s other Democratic Senator Ed Gomes is challenged by Republican Town Chairman Mike Garrett. The 23rd District covers about two-thirds of the city and a piece of western Stratford.

State House races by district:

124th, incumbent Democrat Andre Baker, Republican Jose Quiroga.

126th, incumbent Democrat Charlie Stallworth, Republican Anthony Pizighelli.

127th, incumbent Democrat Jack Hennessy, Republican Ruben Coriano.

128th, incumbent Democrat Chris Rosario, Republican Ethan Book.

129th, incumbent Democrat Steve Stafstrom, Republican Peter Perillo.

130th, incumbent Democrat Ezequiel Santiago, Republican Melissa Borres.

Among the Republican State House candidates, so far Book is the only one to qualify for public financing. He’ll have roughly $33,000 to spend.



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